zodiac signs milky way eclipticThe 12 Zodiac Signs refer to constellations of fixed stars behind the “Ecliptic”. The ecliptic is the track of the Sun across the sky. The Moon and Planets also move along this same path, and so “wander” through the various constellations of the zodiac. The Zodiac also refers to the clouds of dust and gases that swirl about the planets and the glow that originates from their scattering of sunlight.

The zodiac signs represented in an Astrology Chart (Sky Chart) are often confused in the popular mind with the actual astronomical constellations . The signs of the astronomical zodiac don’t necessarily correspond to the astrological zodiac. Zodiac Astrology and its “Sun Signs” cycle begins on the first day of spring (Vernal Equinox) when the Sun crosses the equator and passes into the Northern Hemisphere. This is referred to as the Aries Point even though it now occurs in the constellation of Pisces. In 24,000 years, due to the precession of the Earth, the Aries Point will return to the astronomical constellation of Aries.

The Egyptians first noticed that the Sun took roughly 365 days to complete its journey through the heavens. They also noted that the Moon appeared 12 times. In their wisdom they divided the year into 12 parts. It would take the Greeks, who later ruled Egypt, to decide that a circle (orbit) was 360°. Dividing by 12, they arrive at 30° arcs of celestial longitude along the ecliptic. Now, there was no chance that the Sun would get lost. The term zodiac comes from the Latin zodiacus, which is derived from the Greek zoon, and literally means “circle of life”. The familiar symbols (glyphs) for the zodiac signs emerged during the Roman era.

The sky is divided into 12 zodiac signs of 30° each. Naturally, the stars of a constellation are not as precise. Some of the animals of the zodiac are larger than others, and may stray into their neighbor’s field. Although the zodiac remains the foundation of the ecliptic coordinate structure in astronomy, the term and the names of the twelve zodiac signs are today almost exclusively associated with horoscopic astrology. Thus, the zodiac is a celestial coordinate scheme, or to be more accurate, an ecliptic coordinate mechanism, taking the ecliptic as the base of latitude, and the location of the sun at vernal equinox as the foundation of longitude. The Sun moves into a different zodiac sign on, or about, the 22nd of every month. Note: There is a 13th constellation located in the ecliptic, Ophiuchus (The Snake), that is not recognized as a common Zodiac sign.

The Zodiac also includes the the paths of the planets that wander about eight degrees above and below the ecliptic. There is also a “zodiac of the comets” that tracks most short-period comets. Fifty BC, is the first known illustration of the twelve signs of the zodiac. India adopted its own form (Vedic astrology) based on the Hellenistic zodiac during the Seleucid period (200-100 BC), during a span of intense Indo-Greek cultural exchange. The spread of the classical zodiac into India predated widespread knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes, and the Vedic system ended up employing a sidereal coordinate system (as opposed to the Tropical System practiced by the Greeks). This has resulted in a gradually moving apart of the two systems over the two thousand years. Under the Greeks, and Ptolemy specifically, the Planets, Astrology Houses, and signs of the zodiac were reorganized and their applications established in a manner that has altered little to the present day.

Zodiac signs have fascinated man since before recorded history. They open intriguing windows into the human soul and psychology. Zodiac signs reflect major personality and character traits of people. A knowledge of these particular characteristics not only help you understand yourself better, but also the people in your life. Taurus, for example, has the popular characteristics of stability, extreme will power, and practicality. Zodiac signs parallel the qualities and principles of their ruling planets, and reflect that basic human need to organize and pigeon hole. The signs of the Zodiac can provide us great insights into our day to day lives and the many and varied qualities and talents that we posses. Many have found answers to questions in the business world, friendships, dating, and life in general.

Sun Signs are assigned much more significance in astrology today than in ancient times. Earlier, the planet that ruled the ascendant (the rising sign) was viewed as having the most significance. The twelve Zodiac signs comprise “houses” or divisions into which the sky is divided by astrology. The locations of the Zodiac Houses are established by the “rising sign” (the zodiac sign on the Eastern horizon at the time of one’s birth).

Another way of classifying the zodiac signs is according to their “Polarity” (Yin and Yang), 3 Modes, (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable) and 4 Elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water). Each zodiac sign has a unique combination of the three, that when combined create life, and the world of astrology and horoscopes as we know them. The Zodiac elements and modes are symbolic of the astrology signs that they represent and give us a greater understanding of people and how they live their lives. Together with the sun sign, these important characteristics and personality traits give us a personal and unique “snapshot” of the individual.

Everyone has varying degrees of all the zodiac signs in their horoscopes, reflecting different aspects of experience and personality, however, the Sun Signs and the Moon Signs are always the most dominant. Knowledge of Zodiac Compatibility can be a powerful tool for fine tuning your personal relationships and love life. Knowing which planets and elements work together and which are opposed can help you to better understand the dynamics of the forces around you.

Each sign is either masculine or feminine – (Yin or Yang). Fire Signs Aries, Sagittarius and Leo are the genuine leaders of the zodiac – playful, curious, and extremely verbal. Geminis break more hearts than any other Zodiac sign. Cancers are the peacemaker (they also constitute the greatest number of criminals). Leo is the leader. Scorpios love and seek power and are considered one of the zodiac’s most powerful beings. Scorpio’s ongoing lesson in life is to channel their powerful energies into positive directions and not yield to the darker forces in life such as dominance and greed. Pisces, the most sensitive sign in the zodiac, is often battling contradictory inner emotions. One can gain a reasonable idea of an individual’s nature by studying their sign, and thus, an insight into what types of person he/she will best get along with, based on Zodiac Signs’ compatibilities with each other. Essentially, every zodiac sign is best suited to a sign that shares it’s element. This does not mean that a Taurus and an Aries can not form a lasting, happy relationship, even though they are considered the zodiac’s least compatible pair. There are many factors which mold the personality.

Compatibility defines which zodiac signs are more of less compatible with each other. Compatibility is not likely unless there are some positive mutual planetary structures, especially in the 7th house (Libra). Zodiac compatibility reports (synastry charts) can give you interesting new perspectives on your family and friends. Compatibility reports can reveal how two people with different and characters and habits influence each other, and get along.

Two zodiac signs that share many more similarities than differences are quite obvious. But, love match astrology between considerably different zodiac signs poses many more contrasting dynamics and challenges in a relationship. Zodiac Love astrology will take you on a galactic date with all twelve of the Zodiac signs and give you an idea if someone you have in mind is worth compromises that you many have to make. Love is necessary for life, and questions of love and compatibility are by far the most common topics when talking astrology and horoscopes with anyone. Similar to Sun Signs compatibility, Venus Signs compatibility homes in on an individual’s romantic side, and can therefore be very enlightening. Sun signs, Moon signs, and Venus signs compatibility take into account only a few of the many compatibility factors, however, all of the forces in the galaxy, especially the planets have a bearing and impact on relationships. The cosmic soup of compatibility is made of many ingredients, and when the seasoning is just right, voilà! So, what is it that can make the recipe “magnifique”?

Sexual compatibility is crucial to the long-term success of a relationship, and the element of a person is the basis to his/her personality and compatibility. Each sign is grouped in one of the four elements that assert certain characteristics in common and create basic levels of compatibility. Compatibility is primarily based on whether horoscope signs belong to complementary or opposing elements. Exactly how these elements relate to each other is vitally important when determining zodiac sign compatibility and a horoscope love match. For example, a person born with their Moon in Cancer (Moon children) is highly emotional and easily driven to tears. Practical, cool Virgo can get downright annoyed with the waterworks because there is no basic zodiac compatibility. In Chinese Horoscopes, the freedom loving nature of Horse horoscopes can make it difficult for this Chinese zodiac sign to do well in conventional careers, especially in an office setting. Chinese Horse compatibility is particularly famous for not getting along with Chinese Rat horoscopes. Interestingly, these two zodiac signs are usually highly attracted to the each other, which is regrettable, as their relationships are generally chaotic and tempestuous.

The oft quoted statements that, “Love is blind”, and “Opposites attract”, are usually harbingers of doom. Love, however, can and does conquer all. With so many variables in compatibility love horoscopes, it’s always akin to Russian roulette, and sometimes the best advice is to just “Take a shot”. The perfect love match will always be a balanced approach to both the negative and positive aspects of two supremely unique individuals and Zodiac signs.

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