zodiac loveZodiac Love and questions of compatibility, romance, and marriage enter into (if not dominate) everyone’s mind at some point in time and life. The biological urge to complete the cycle of existence by the selection of a suitable partner is built-into the very structure of our being. So completely is this the case that for most living beings the urge assumes the compulsion of an obsession, and nothing of greater urgency compels youth as when astrology and horoscopes assert their biological imperative.

Zodiac love compatibility spans Universal consciousness from the trivial and abstract to the ultimate sublime, and we come to the conclusion that the hunger of the soul for its complement in nature, and its material manifestation is at once an animal instinct and a spiritual quest, natural to the impetus of life toward actualization. We are convinced from all experience of marriage as a social contract, that it is fitted to fulfilling the highest purpose of man and of summoning the worthiest of his powers, especially when he assumes the responsibility of fatherhood. Concerning woman, there is little doubt that the proper function in life disintegrates if she fails to realize the supreme glory of motherhood. However, the condition of parenthood is not all that compatible zodiac love intends for either male and female.

The existence of what is called Soul and the drive toward personal development along finite lines brings to mind a natural question as to the cause of all individuality. Tracing several generations of family members we find many characteristics which are more or less evident, but these marks of nature do not in themselves establish character, much less individuality. Despite the characteristics found in common, it will be noted that two members of the same family, fed at the same table, reared under the same nurturing care, educated in the same manner, and limited to the same general surroundings, can be as distinct from one another as night and day.

These observations raise important questions when we come to ponder individuality and the profound chemistry of life found in the blending of relationships. Zodiac love signs teach that what we refer to as character is the representation of the soul, seen through the mask of personality. The word personality, in fact, is derived from “persona” (mask), for its purpose is to hide and disguise the individual rather than reveal it. However, the soul cannot be separated absolutely from the body, and as light is refracted by the lens through which it passes, and water takes the shape of the container which holds it, so to does the soul reveal itself in the physical body in which it resides. Compatibility astrology deals with this.

At the moment of birth, cosmic forces are uniquely established in the kaleidoscope of the Universe. These positions of planets, stars, and indeed all bodies of creation are intimately connected. Properly understood and interpreted, these aspects and forces define the physical structure and the conditions under which the individual will be obliged to express and function. It necessarily follows that others with whom the individual comes into relations with are similarly endowed with their own unique, cosmic signatures. Associations must result in highly interesting astronomical effects. Love compatibility zodiac signs attempt to interpret what those effects might be, and determine how fate, destiny, risk, and free-will may apply to the happiness and success of an immediate, intimate relationship as well as to untold generations that will follow.

Zodiac Compatibility, and love astrology and horoscopes draw on ancient wisdom in the matter of pairing and marriage. Comparison of compatibility horoscopes are considered as the basis of a preferred union, when the compositions are such as to bring the principal factors into agreement. Obviously, it is possible to find horoscopes which disclose harmonious alignments that when compared distinctly signal that marriage is a risk in which there is not much promise of success. People in this case, may consider a Platonic relationship without any other attachment than that which Nature and the Cosmos has predetermined. A marriage contract and the enforced compliance to the conditions of that compact could result in malefic tendencies to one or the other of this union. While they might be great friends, marriage or the product of a commitment whereby they are bound to each other perpetually would only lead to one of two conclusions – rupture of an otherwise congenial and rewarding relationship, or the exit of one of the parties.

These are circumstances which one would hope to avoid, and for this reason it is essential first of all to research the unique aspects of serious relationships. When the prospects in both cases are however assessed as good, and the horoscopes of those concerned are also judged to be in harmony, nothing but the best outcome could develop from a union, for not only would the fundamental characteristics of both horoscopes be wholly expressed in the children, but they would express themselves without obstacles. They would, in addition, be a constant source of shared happiness in the lives of the parents. It is to the personal horoscope then that we must first focus in order to determine whether happiness is in the stars, or not.

Harmony and happiness exist in the natal horoscope of birth when the Sun and Moon are supportively configured, that is to say, when they are positioned in sextile or trine aspect to one another, or in the same sign with an agreeable aspect. These terms, clear enough to those who are familiar with the elements of compatibility astrology, require a bit of clarification to the casual reader. If the Zodiac Signs occupied by the Sun and Moon in a person’s natal chart are in “good aspect” to one another, that is, 60° (two signs) or 120° (four signs) apart, that person will be successful in marriage and will favored with the friendship as well as the support of his/her partner. The zodiac signs in sextile or trine to one another are: Aries to Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Leo; Taurus to Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, and Capricorn; Gemini to Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius; Cancer to Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. This allows anyone to discover whether this congruous configuration of the Sun and Moon exists in his birth chart or not. However, this lack, does not mean that the chances of marital happiness are eliminated, for very much Zodiac love is calculated on other conditions at the time of birth, such as the “House of Marriage” also known as the House of Contracts. Explore Zodiac Compatibility.

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