zodiac fashionsZodiac Fashions express your astrological uniqueness and verve. Each of the Zodiac Signs has their very own style and preferences when it comes to outerwear, underwear, and accessories.

Bold, arrogant and confident Aries is not afraid to flash a little leg or flaunt a low-cut top. When talking fashion, Rams are the leaders of the zodiac who love sexy, flashy, and glamorous clothes. They are the first to don the latest trends. Perfectionists who resist the impulse to debut a new outfit until it has been equipped with all the right accessories, they love expensive designer rags but their frugal side will settle for a adequate imitation of Gucci or Prada. Vivid silks and plush velvets in yellow, red, and gold suit the ram’s view of herself as “royalty.” On the job, lady Aries likes to stand out in a crowd by combining a pair of sexy stockings or high-heels to an otherwise respectable looking suit. They love the mode of the forties with its details such as, kick-pleats, piping and rounded collars. They also adore long wool coats paired with a pair of high heel leather boots as well as pea coats. The flash of rubies and diamonds is made to order for this demanding fire sign who is fond of watches that display two time zones, even though they are not “jet-setting”.

Taurus are homebodies that don’t intend to splurge their family budget. Their closet is often full of clothing that reflects their love of practical activities such as, cooking, gardening and home renovation. They are fond of utilitarian, inexpensive clothing such as sweatshirts, khakis, jeans and easy-to-care for fabrics that can just are tossed into the wash. As they enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors, their closets are often jammed with hoodies, ski-jackets, and work-boots. Lady Taurus dresses more informally than anyone else in the office and think little of wearing the same thing to work every day. A comfortable sweater worn over a pleated blouse with a knee-length skirt is her particular outfit. As Taurus tends to be more substantial than most women in the Zodiac, they wear their share of “slimming black”. Their simple tastes in lingerie lead them to consider a white, long cotton nightgown to be just a sexy as any article purchased from Victoria’s secret. In more formal settings, bulls look best in empire style gowns that accentuate their ample busts and conceal their tummies. Taurus dislikes wearing a lot of jewelry, as it gets dirty or lost, however one piece that loyal bulls never take off is their wedding band.

Lady Gemini, sexy, smart, and cerebral, changes her mind about what to wear every day. Their well stocked wardrobes will have an appropriate outfit for any occasion. This unconventional sign faithfully scans the fashion magazines and is always current on the latest trends in the fashion world. For casual wear, they opt for clothes with subtle, yet uncommon touches – an unexpected ruffle, velvet cuffs on shirt, or a touch of antique lace on a collar. Gemini has a keen sense of style, and when in the business mode, they prefer to trick-out as the office “queens” complete with pearls, power suit, and expensive watch. Their favorite colors are pink, lavender, navy blue, silver and gold. Loving to dance, they attire themselves in loose fluid clothing of cottons, silks, and satins that flow with them as they swing. They also enjoy the cheap street chic of a purple vinyl mini-skirt, and the surprise of wearing a bright saffron sari to a garden party. Rubies, turquoises, pearls and citrines are favorite stones. Free spirits that they are, they also like natural beauty, and are not beyond tucking a fresh blossom behind their ear.

Lady Cancer dresses according to her mood. Being insecure when it comes to their bodies, they often buy get-ups on impulse that are never seen beyond the dressing-room doors. Driven by their emotions, Cancers are not the most practical consumers. Although they assert a people-pleasing, button-down exterior most of the time they privately lust for platform heels, risqué lingerie, plunging necklines and showers of sequins and chiffon. They will collect scores of designer shoes which they are too insecure to wear in public. These shy, charming individuals at work like to play by the rules and wear traditional suit with hemlines below the knee. They love the military look and prefer gold buttons on their navy suits. With secret fetishes, they hide kinky costumes in their closets. Cancer is fond of comfortable, loose, casual wear and often conceal their bodies in black tights and overly large men’s shirts. For dress up, they rely on that old stand-by the little black dress. They love collecting costume jewelry and their wrists, fingers and ears, will often jangle with charm bracelets, stacks of Indian bangles, cubic zirconias and large pearl rings.

Lady Leo, the drama queen loves to deck herself out for the purpose of being lauded by all. They have expensive and exquisite tastes in clothing and crave items created by Chanel, Prada, and Ungaro. Their desire not to be on of the sheep drives them to attach a personal twist to an ensemble to make it their own. Only the Lioness dares combine a diamond tiara with a T-shirt and jeans. Confident and unconventional these gals often ignore dress codes and wear whatever they want to work. They jazz up their power suits by wearing fishnet stockings and high heels and shortening their hems. Sexy Leo prefers mini-skirts to any type of trousers. For more formal events, long, flowing robes in silver, red, gold, and orange make them look like the local goddess. Their wardrobes are often designer sportswear, including the latest golf, walking, and gym shoes. Our materialistic kitties believe that diamonds are a girl’s best friend along with emeralds, rubies, and sapphires set in sunny chunks of solid gold.

Virgo, favoured with an excellent fashion sense, is expert at combining individual pieces together to create a formidable, attractive personal statement. Conscientious Virgins store their large wardrobe in perfectly organized closets that are chocked full of classic crisp white blouses, tennis skirts, khaki shorts, navy suits, black cocktail dresses, well fitting jeans, kilts, flowing gowns, open-toed sling backs, and patent leather kitten-heels. At work, it’s well-tailored, conservative suits in shades of beige, white, pink, grey, silver, or lavender. Fussy Virgins wouldn’t be caught dead with a hole in their stocking or a missing button. Although lady Virgo is a killer shark when it comes to business, she likes to temper the impact of her power suits with delicate feminine touches such as a flower, lace hankie, or a chiffon scarf. She collects exquisite accessories such as diamond earrings, pearl studs, tortoise shell clips for her hair, black leather belts with distinctive buckles, silver and gold lame clutch purses, silver conch belts, and functional back-packs. Considering displays of wealth tacky, she sports watches with thin gold straps, demure diamond tennis bracelets, and tiny chains.

Libra, ruled by tactile, sensuous Venus, trusts on a fine sense of touch when choosing clothing, preferring cottons and silks to scratchy wools. Surprisingly finicky about clothing, Libra is the first to visit a tailor if the cut of a dress or suit is not exactly right. Loving balance and beauty, she believes that clothing should perfectly compliment her figure. Power-dressing Libra will select sleek, tailored suits in slimming black or jewel-tones for the workplace. Not inclined to excess of jewelry or frills, she sports simple pearl studs or gold hoops earrings. Well-fitting casual clothing in favorite colors, pink and black are for lounging. Libra loves Capri pants and similar items that are practical as well as sexy. An evening out calls for a simple Libra style of dress in a theme that artfully reminds you of another era, such as the 1950s or the 1970s, or a painted-on, tiny, black, Lycra dress. Libra has a delicate sense of balance and prefers flats to high heels. When it comes to looking good, they definitely believe like Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie O that “less is more.”

Scorpio fashion is ruled by the “dark one’s” moods. Depressed, they will invariably be decked-out head-to-toe in black to reflect their state of mind. Despite the fact, however, that their hearts often overrule their heads, they believe that one should be dignified at all times. At the office, they “dress to intimidate” in solid, primary colors. Lady Scorpio will sex-up a conservative outfit by slipping on a pair of sexy high-heels, or unbuttoning a blouse to display a bit of cleavage. Lady Scorps live to socialize and their closets are loaded with scores of cashmere sweaters, chiffon blouses, little black dresses, and sequined tops. A sweeping velvet cape for formal occasions supplies the drama she loves. Leathers in red and black are favorites, and tight pants, stylish jackets, and long coats made from the finest skins provide just the right image. The zodiac’s most sexual always dresses tastefully provocative. Entranced by the mystical, they adorn themselves with amulets, crucifixes, healing gems, ankhs and five-pointed stars.

Sagittarius fashion sense is youthful, and carefree. Lady Archers choose items that are comfortable and that make them feel sexy. Loose clothing of real and faux fur rather than tightly tailored outfits suits the huntress inside them. In the office lady Saggo is likely found in favorite shades of dark blue, red brown, and emerald green. As one of the zodiac’s busiest signs, they prefer shirtdresses, fuzzy sweaters and pantsuits with lots of pockets to stash their “stuff”. Easy-going Archers prefer casual wear of easy, versatile cotton fabrics in bright colors to match their sunny dispositions. Their eccentric natures love collecting vintage clothes such as collared, satin, Mandarin jackets, Russian fur muffs, and retro-50s cocktail dresses. Formal events call for sleek, Audrey Hepburn style, cocktail dresses, and bias-cut ball gowns. She prefers to wear family mementos or precious gifts instead of flashy rocks, even though she loves gems. To emphasize her individuality, her closet is full of hats perfect for any occasion.

Capricorn is blessed with an eye for quality and durability and natural good taste. They purchase timeless, individual pieces and prefer conservative items that are well-tailored in colors of navy blue, sky blue, rose, grey, and camel. This self-conscious sign prefers high collars to plunging necklines, and long sleeves to short. They love vintage clothing as long as it is in immaculate condition. Capable Cappies will add diamond earrings, antique pins, and other delicate feminine touches to tone down their power suits. Lady Capricorn’s closets are perfectly organized and filled with classic items such as navy suits, black cocktail dresses, open-toed slingbacks, crisp white blouses, patent leather purses, and well fitted jeans. Satin bows and tortoise shell clips accessorize her beautiful hair. They most value classic pieces of jewelry such as diamond tennis bracelets, pendants engraved with their initials, and antique cameos, but also love gemstones in every color of the rainbow.

Thoughtful, graceful and sensitive Aquarius is very concerned about what others think of them. They choose clothes that make an expressive, strong, personal statement, preferring brilliant tones of sky-blue, ruby-red, purple, gold, and emerald green. In the workplace lady Aquarius dresses slightly more quirky than her colleagues. Fond of plaids, patterns, and pinstripes as well as eccentric fabrics of seersucker, herringbone, tweed, and poplin, they have a cheeky sense of style, and will perk up an outfit with a bright hair band, a beret, or a large and unconventional piece of costume jewelry. They dislike extravagance and shop for clothes at vintage shops, flea markets, and retail outlets. Attracted to one-of-a-kind items such as crocheted ponchos, hand-knit sweaters and caps and shawls. They also love the feel of futuristic, polyester blends and tight-fitting Lycra. Characteristically “space-age” in zippered, streamlined, black suits, lady Aquarius will choose unusual items for a night out, such as a purple cowboy ensemble, a white sequined skirt, or a glittering top of mesh, gold chains. They love the look of futuristic and antique jewelry and purchase one of a kind and unusual pieces to compliment their gonzo outfits.

Delicate, feminine, and sensitive Pisces choose sensuous items that appeal to their dreamy sense of romance. They are drawn to the tactile allure of velvet, silk, and satin fabrics that gravitate to “girly” pastel colors. Low cut blouses and high hemlines are normal, office wear. Casual attire is tight-fitted shirts, lace trim blouses, lots of ruffles, and sensuous, cashmere sweaters. Athletic Pisces likes to go fishing, camping, and hiking, so her closets overflow with tennis shoes, sports gear, equestrian wear and golf shoes. Formal events will find the doe-eyed goddess in a long, flowing, chiffon, evening gown. Ruled by the sea, this sign is partial to jewelry made of pearl, seashell, coral, and mother-of-pearl. Dreamily nostalgic and religious, a family heirloom or gift from a lover is her favorite piece of jewelry. Representing the 2000-year epoch of Christianity, Pisces is often found wearing religious jewelry such as medallions of Saints and antique, Roman coin.

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