virgo wedding-dressVirgo, August 23 to September 23, is the only Zodiac sign represented by a female. Lying between Leo to the west and Libra to the east, it’s one of the largest constellations in the sky. A Yin, Mutable Sign, and Earth Sign, their color is blue and birthstone Sapphire. The Virgo horoscope shares traits with Chinese Rooster Horoscopes.

Virgo Personality has been associated with nearly every goddess in history including Ishtar, Isis, Cybele, Virgin Mary, Athena and Astraea the goddess of justice. Extremely health conscious and a storehouse of information on diet and hygiene, exercise is elemental to this lady’s nature. Ruled by that swift-footed bundle of energy Mercury, the Virgin is in overdrive most of the time, both physically and mentally.

The Leo phase of life, as exuberant and joy-filled as it is, is like an over-excited youngster tearing open birthday presents, left and right. While totally self-absorbed in the excitement, everything gets carelessly strewn about, making a considerable mess. In fact, most festive occasions are like this when Leo throws those super-blasts they love so much. But then, there’s always lots of trash and clutter left for someone to clean up afterwards. Leo is not much interested in doing what’s required to restore order. The Zodiac’s specialist for that job is the tidy Virgo Man and Woman.

This is the second earth sign in astrology, symbolizing other aspects of utility and practicality – mutable earth. Mutable energy grants a degree of flexibility to earth, something as yet undiscovered in fixed Taurus (but we keep looking). Much as potter’s clay, mutable earth is somewhat heavy and solid, but malleable. Clay can be formed into a great many shapes, and fashioned into a variety of useful items (think of Aquarius’ big water jug).

One of the Virgo sign traits is a versatile and pliable response to all that necessity imposes on the here and now. Life calls for constant (but usually small) adjustments that demand common sense and level-headed thinking. The Virgin provides all this in carefully measured amounts, tackling life as a high-maintenance job requiring much thoughtful planning and patience. Putting life in working order is job #1 for Virgo. This is astrology’s most precise and neatest sign (their spice rack will be arranged in alphabetical order). This ultimate analyzer is always looking for smart ways to spot and clear up problems before the next disaster strikes. Why wait for circumstances to spin hopelessly out of control when a little analysis of things that can (but, may never) go wrong can forestall an actual crisis.

Leo views life as a beautiful and bold adventure in self-discovery. However, turning our Leo-inspired creativity into productive advantages that will enable society to achieve a more organized level of complexity, involves paying conscientious attention to the details of daily living. Virgo does this by drawing on Taurus’ steady, patient focus. The Bull’s message to Virgo is to slow down and do things right, that a job well done takes time. Virgo scraps the speedier, less-prudent styles favored by Aries and Gemini (while the Ram, at least, will start a project, the Twins can be exasperatingly non-committal, often all talk, with lots of options (but no action). Virgo shares Cancer’s need to nourish life in a caring careful manner, but the Crab’s emotions get in the way of making pragmatic, hard decisions. The Analyzer finds its own sober demeanor the most effective and appropriate, since it understands that Leo’s extravagant behavior is poorly suited for the not so glamorous and humble tasks that everyday life demands (like taking out the trash). Leo doesn’t enjoy the ordinary tasks and dirty jobs that demand keeping a low profile.

A good way to know the details of something is to first take it apart, and this is what Virgo likes to do – deconstruct. Break things down into their various interrelated pieces, and studying each piece intently while discovering how that particular part is supposed to function. What actual purpose does it serve, and how does it do its job? Next, Virgo puts everything back together again, hoping to restore things to their original healthy state. The Analyzer also see what can happen when parts don’t interact well, and how this can lead to an overall breakdown. Virgo is the first sign of the Zodiac to notice the consequences of such friction – a theme that carries over into Libra and Scorpio, the following two signs.

Details are important to the understanding how life works, and Virgo’s mind is forever organizing them to weed out non-essentials. Gemini finds all sorts of information stimulating but only temporarily, while Virgo processes the info and then devises a rating system for the data in terms of relevancy. The Analyzer’s constant threat is to become over-whelmed by piddling issues, sweating the small stuff. Fussing with trivial details, and getting stuck in irrelevant matters eat up time and energy that can side track the main objective of building the momentum required to successfully move forward in life. Virgo’s challenge is, therefore, to discriminate, to clearly see what needs attention and what can be laid aside for the moment. Being selective about what to focus on is one of Virgo’s primary lessons.

A misconception about the Virgin is her sexuality. Even though many Virgos are cautious about sharing physical intimacies with others, and may refrain from giving in to sexual impulses in careless, pressurized situations, they are nonetheless “earthy” and surprisingly sexual at the proper place and time. Not the big prude that those friskier fire signs make it out to be (whose policy is often to hit anything that moves), Virgo knows that spur of the moment sex can cause problems (venereal disease, unwanted pregnancy, wrinkled clothes). Why allow momentary passion to complicate ones life? The Analyzer reasons. So, Virgo lets the head rule the hormones in this regard. It’s one lover at a time for loyal Virgo, who seeks a relationship based on total honesty. She is compatible with her own sign, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Aries Taurus and Cancer.

The label of “virgin” more accurately applies to this sign’s effort to remain true to her essence – keeping virtue and honor intact rather than permit herself to be penetrated and thus adulterated by the baser energies of others. Virgo doesn’t even feel comfortable around people who sneeze or cough! Inner purity is highly valued (think of it as extra-virgin olive oil). Virgo, following the lead of theatrical Leo, also wants to retain its original, real nature. And, remaining self-possessed is a way to make sure that she stays relatively untarnished.

The Analyzer clearly pays attention as publicity-crazy Leo sells off parts of its soul in return for temporary notoriety. The Virgin doesn’t want to be owned by anything or anybody, and is reluctant about becoming too public a figure. In this sense, she is less socially approachable than Leo. In fact, much of what Virgo is all about is an adverse reaction to the Lion’s self-promotional excesses. Perhaps, its better to say that Virgo is refining (even redefining) much of how Leo demonstrates its ego.

Before the Analyzer came along with her rating reviews, and close-up inspections, all five previous zodiac signs (Aries to Leo) thought they had unlimited freedom to express themselves any old way they wanted to – bad hair and all. Now, their shared moan is, Why did the Cosmos think it had to bring in this outside efficiency nark to do productivity checks on us? Virgo obviously makes these signs very nervous, especially since she always carries her own regulatory manual of modus operandi guaranteed to improve everyone’s life.

The Analyzer thinks it knows a better way to do just about everything, with methods it’s eager to teach others (even when not asked). It certainly feels that the present state of affairs needs an immediate overhaul before the zodiac can effectively progress any further. Virgo believes that all the previous signs have mishandled lots of things in their lives, although it does imagine that Gemini, at least, might be easily re-programmed. Virgo, in fact, reckons that it’s reason for being is to teach a few new tricks to all the signs. The Analyzer just hates seeing any constructive potential wasted due to ignorance, laziness, lack of discipline or training.

Surely, Virgo thinks that these previous signs could do better at channeling their resources, and in more serviceable ways that not only profit themselves, but even others in society. Virgo brings to our awareness a new life concept – a willingness to serve others. All of us can’t be selfishly fixated and expect the world to run as it should. There are many small tasks for everyone to do, but attitude adjustments will be needed to perform those tasks without complaining. And, Virgo is sure she knows exactly where you need “tweaking”!

Some famous Virgos include Sophia Loren, Sean Connery, Mother Teresa, Michael Jackson, Richard Gere, Gloria Estefan, Charlie Sheen, Raquel Welch, Greta Garbo, Mickey Mouse, H. G. Wells, Stephen King, and Bill Murray. Famous people with Virgo ascendants include Madonna, Jeff Bridges, Warren Beatty, Kurt Cobain, Kevin Costner, Tiger Woods, and Woody Allen.

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