A Virgo-Virgo Love Match is two sharp minds working in similar manner. Assuming that perfectionist compulsions are able to coexist, this can be a healthy, happy union. Unfortunately, Virgo never seems to understand that human perfection is impossible. To continually strive for it is fine, but to constantly demand it of oneself and from others is a waste of time and futile, as well as energy depleting and emotionally exhausting.

There’s no reason why Virgo-Virgo shouldn’t be able to enjoy, rather than destroy, each other. It will help if their Ascendants and/or Moon Signs are compatible. It will also help if they can both relax and accept the disappointments of life’s little tangles and snarls a bit more casually, with a pinch of humor and a grain of salt.

Virgo must stop judging others and themselves so compulsively, and leave the more complex analyzing to meticulously programmed computers and robots, which are not as disposed to the belly aches of stress. Virgo is far sexier than the their symbol and reputation suggests, but with idealistic standards set so impossibly high, mere mortals have a hard time making the cut. If someone does prove themselves worthy, the Virgin is warm, devoted, worshipful, and helpful. Unfortunately, the Zodiac’s best analyzer often must learn the hard way that well-meaning advice and suggestions, no matter how calmly delivered, pack a nasty punch.

You’d imagine that a sign supposedly as critical as Virgo would find it difficult to make friends. But this isn’t the case. Virgo excels at analyzing other people, loves to converse, enjoys exploring new ideas, and maintains a multitude of interests. Conversations with Virgo are never dull. Virgos bring DVDs and chicken soup to ailing friends, remember birthdays, and generally extend themselves. So she never lacks a busy social life, even if she is a little excessive with the advice from time to time. In a committed relationship, Virgo is most comfortable when her responsibilities and role are clearly defined. If she doesn’t know what to expect or when those roles are shifting under the pressures of circumstances, she becomes insomniac, jittery, withholding, and her worst mistake — controlling. She doesn’t mean to be, she just wants to make sure that everything and everyone is on course.

Virgo has a powerful sense of the way things ought to be, and when reality conflicts with her impossibly high standards, she slip into a state of denial and only sees what she wants to see. When breakups occur, she’s stunned. For all her famous good sense, a broken-hearted Virgo is a pathetic creature indeed. Fortunately, she isn’t one to spend much time sobbing into her imported lace hanky. Inevitably, she finds a way to turn things around. She has no trouble attracting admirers, and can be incredibly seductive in spite of her virginal image. Famous Virgo sex symbols include Sophia Loren, Sean Connery, Greta Garbo, and Richard Gere. But that’s not what gets them through tough times. It’s their celebrated mental ability to reframe any predicament. Sure, the situation may look bad from one angle, but Virgos know that everything can be viewed from many different angles.

The success of Virgo-Virgo compatibility horoscopes will depend largely on this couple’s ability to spot their own flaws in the reflecting mirrors of each another, and rectify them, and to recognize their own virtues mirrored in the other’s attractive manners, then express them, frankly and proudly. After all Virgos do possess many qualities that endear them to other people, qualities that should delight both in this relationship as well. Both in this union are graced with intelligence, natural courtesy, twinkling humor, an indefinable gentleness, and a purity of spirit that shines softly through those steady, clear, beautifully placid eyes, and each will cheerfully listen while the other talks, and to work while the other plays. Back to the top of Virgo-Virgo astrology.

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