virgo sign traitsVirgo Sign Traits highlight the meticulous Virgin who really likes doing things right the first time, especially work or services that is perform on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter how small or large the task, the Virgo man and woman takes pride in how well the job gets done. Keeping a diary and making lists are common pastimes. Of course having the right pen and paper is important also, so a favorite hangout is the local stationery supply. Virgos are discriminating about most everything, from the best dental floss to the best health club for their money. But, picking a mate is when the microscope comes out.

Burdened by bashfulness in their early years, Virgos shun attention and are quite comfortable in their own company. Their impeccably tailored wardrobe of white, beige, and gray is often overlooked by the casual observer. The preference to remain anonymous is part of the Virgo personality, and having 20 or so email accounts with catchy usernames doesn’t seem at all strange to Mercury. Forever young, growing old gracefully doesn’t appeal to pleasure seeking Virgo.

Unlike the Water Signs, which pick up easily on psychic impressions poorly discerned by reason, Virgo forms reliable instinctive impressions through a powerful gut-reaction. Their energy is seated in the “Chi” (about 2 inches below the navel). They are served well by an ability to analyze complexities and penetrate superficial displays. Coolness of character brings passivity and rigidity. This is less of a problem for Virgo than the other earth signs because of restless Mercury which lightens movement, adds mental flexibility and a sharper reaction than in Taurus and Capricorn.

Down to earth Virgo is ultimately a realist. If they have acquired a reputation for being a perfectionist it is because of their diligence and consistency. Virgos are particularly adept at identifying the most satisfactory outcome for any given circumstance, and to plan and work efficiently at accomplishing a goal. Being of a modest nature they are apt to underestimate their own abilities. Cautious, they rarely engage in the gambles and risks required of entrepreneurial spirits. They cling to convention, preferring to operate within established frameworks where they can evaluate themselves against familiar scenarios and predictable results.

They find contentment, pride, and self-respect in offering themselves to the service of something that appears to play an important role in society. So it is with love. It is often claimed that Virgo’s cool ardor is the result of impossibly high romantic ideals, which few are able to rouse. Virgos avoid passion and self-indulgence where it conflicts with the duties that always come first. Inured by self-discipline, they will yield to the needs of everyone involved, accepting the burden of restraint and denying personal interests.

Inclined to pursuits that integrate mind and body, they are particularly well suited to the study of astrology with its cycles of nature that mesh heaven and earth, herbalism, natural therapies, and homeopathic medicine. Expressively creativity, Virgo puts to good use what is readily accessible rather than more remote possibilities. Their seemingly contradictory definition as a “barren” sign is used in health astrology as an indication of infertility.

Physically, Virgo is of average height, with slender, straight, and angular features. The lips are thin and the forehead may be high, with the eyes small and piercing. The hair is typically dark. Mercury is light and quick in movement. The voice is small becoming high pitched (or shrill) when raised. Their style is neat, discreet, simple, conservative and under-stated. Virgos have a sensitive digestive system, so their natural interest in food and diet equip them well to understand their bodily needs. The digestive system has a strong effect upon their all-round physical health, and worry, anxiety or illness will manifest as stomach ailments.

The Virgo character is famous for investigating and analyzing the smallest details before diving into a project or situation. Gathering all the information necessary to complete a task in the most exact and efficient manner, leaves others who aren’t quite as precise in the way they carry out their own work shaking their heads. With a hawk’s eye that can spot an error a mile away, nothing goes unnoticed by this perfectionist. The wrong hem length or a pant cuff that doesn’t break “just right” may be remarked upon by this sometimes gauche but well meaning sign.

Virgo brings a clear and decisive viewpoint to any matter at hand. Quick thinking and ultimately logical, they also have flashes of intuition that surprise even themselves. Virgo often gets bashed as critical, hypochondriacal, pedantic, frigid and shrill. But this is a sign of rare understanding with discerning mental vision. It is only by applying such traits that we recognize the Maiden in all her glory. “Dryness” of humor inhibits emotional receptivity. Many sun-sign profiles note a passionate reaction and cool response as a character-flaw, and fail to appreciate that the ability to hold emotions in check is essential to the intellectual clarity that sets this sign apart. Inherently gentle and thoughtful, the regard for others is an obvious trait and figures strongly on the narrow list of expectations and demands of those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo.

From the Virgo housewife who makes her way through a room gathering up the clutter as she goes, to the business analyst expert in recognizing where communication flow becomes tangled, Virgos are adept at sorting out the “small stuff” which, unattended, can accumulate to create big problems. Grounded by the earthy qualities of practicality and realism, Virgos have little interest in abstract theories that defy application; nor do they strive towards the unrealistic levels of perfection that many accuse them of. However, the sign would not have the reputation for good judgment that it does were it not for the ability to balance ideals against available time and resources.

They are rarely driven by the acquisition of power or wealth and for the most part take total satisfaction in providing the wind beneath the wings of others. The dry spirit which feeds their talent for analysis rejects public recognition and avoids center-stage at all costs. They hold to responsibility but do not like to assume it. Often dismissed as perfect “secretarial material”, Virgos can and do shine in managerial positions, but usually within the dictates of a large corporate structure where there are fixed procedures and a higher level of authority to bow to. For some this will be a marriage vow, for others the fundamentals of parenthood, or it might be an enterprise, association, charity, religion, political cause, or area of study. A problem is that Virgo is often uncomfortable in love affairs that question the practicality of their everyday life and responsibilities.

Other Zodiac Signs may believe that we only live once and that we must put our own needs first, but not Virgo. The consciousness of being integrally bound to everything, anchors them for better and for worse. With the drive to “do” and to “make” as forceful as their urge to “think” and to “analyze”, Virgos delight in all endeavors where they can apply their ingenuity in creating something useful or beautiful out of raw materials. From the zodiac’s foundation as a device to chart seasonal activity, Virgo’s month has been attached to the business of taking stock of available resources, economizing, and planning for the season ahead when little or nothing is to be expected.

Virgo is a conservative energy applied to every level of self-expression, with methodical ordering an obvious feature of this. Classifying objects and places of storage is one of the sign’s major preoccupations. “Hardening of the spleen” is a medical condition attributed to Virgo; the spleen long regarded as the seat of melancholy and associated with retentive traits.

In Virgo’s mind there’s no point in doing anything half-way. Virgo would rather not do it at all. As time is so important to restless Mercury, it’s unusual to find a disorganized Virgo. Proud of their fine tuned antenna, they pick up on details that fly under the radar of common folk. Virgos are well read on any number of topics, and often consider themselves professional students. What people believe to be the shy Virgo is only a critical observer analyzing the people and situations around them. With a keen intelligence, excellent memory, and a capacity for learning, their judgments are more often than not – accurate. Facts are preferable to assumptions, and anything “undocumented” is just myth to this rational mind.

According to ancient sources the gifts that she bestows are purity and grace, a charming turn of phrase, diplomacy, a mastery of words, a discriminating intellect, propensity for study, a talent for investigation and analysis, skillful creativity, and a keen appreciation of the mysteries of nature. The fundamental characteristics are founded upon the productive creativity and practicality of the earth element, stimulated by the intellectual ingenuity and rapid movement of the sign’s planetary ruler, Mercury. Both element and ruler characterize the sign as “cool and dry”, as does the association with autumn – when nature, having borne its fruit, retreats into contemplation.

Clear reason can only reveal itself when free of the inconsistencies of emotional attachment. Although it has a well deserved reputation for control over passions, Virgo is not an unsympathetic or insensitive sign. The result is a talent for forming good judgment quickly and applying it to practical interests. Having a sense for directness and harmony, Virgos move through their element effortlessly rearranging, organizing, and bringing order to chaos. Uneasy with loose ethics and prepared to work long and hard themselves, they will expect others to do likewise.

With such perceptive insight, purpose, and subtle expression, we might consider this sign especially well equipped for wrangling positions of authority, and securing a wealth of material success. But, that is not in this sign’s nature. A classic example being Queen Elizabeth I who gained great personal honor and held the highest command, but drew her strength from the Virgo objective of honoring her obligations and serving the demands of her country. Natural shrewdness can leave them unaffected by faked personalities that elsewhere attract a lot of attention, but given the right situation Virgo can be as fiery and romantic as any other sign of the zodiac.

The lure may be strong and genuine, and broken hearts may be involved, but of all the signs, Virgos are least likely to give up everything that defines the fabric of their lives in the dream of emotional satisfaction with the partner of their fantasy. Blessed with a innate sense of harmony that could scarcely be demonstrated without an inner impulse towards integration, this sign has a deep connection with the earth. As the messenger of the harvest, Virgo announces the gathering in and the management of the fruits of labor.

Virgo governs the diaphragm, the abdomen, and the spleen. Although Cancer rules the stomach specifically, Virgo has significance there also, and resumes major rulership over the organs that lie below the stomach, including the belly, bowels, and small intestines. “The Blues”, gloom, apathy, inertia, worry, and anxiety are all trademark “Virgo”, and are complaints difficult to identify through reason alone.

All Earth Signs, being of the melancholic humor, suffer from retentive illnesses such as constipation and blockages. It is from this that the traditional medical term ‘hypochondriac melancholy’ arises – the hypochondrium being the abdomen area beneath the lowest rib, including the spleen, which the Greeks originally defined as the seat of the melancholy humor. Hence, hypochondria as applied to Virgos refers to anxieties and illnesses that express themselves through a gut reaction rather than suggesting a groundless conviction that one is likely to become ill where there is no due cause.

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