virgo man womanThe Virgo Man and Woman (Aug. 24 -Sept. 23) is blessed with an eye for specifics that many would love to have. Ruled by quick-witted Mercury, the Virgo horoscope reveals a feminine (Yin), negative, mutable, Earth sign. Diametrically opposite is the emotional basket-case Pisces.

Virgo lives life wholly on a pragmatic, somewhat hard-headed level, and has little use for fairytale romance. Their idea of love is synonymous with duty. Physical expressions of love, and syrupy romance is not in the “play-book”. Self-discipline is part of the maiden’s nature. Once the mind is made up, it’s time to move on, no matter the consequence. Emphasis is placed on intellect, ethics, courtesy and good citizenship. There’s also a inclination to be too critical, to expect too much too soon and to be too strict.

Bashful, but possessing all the necessary wiles and weapons of ruling, trickster Mercury in the search for romance and love, commitment is, nevertheless, a basic part of the Virgo man and woman character. In love, there is a determination to make it work. But, if unsatisfied in a relationship, the door won’t hit them on the way out. Boringly practical and divinely romantic at the same time, Virgo sign traits include a perfectionism that is famously critical of everything and everyone.

Capricorn may be their ideal mate on the roller-coaster ride of superior taste and perfect order. Where romance is concerned, Virgo has the discipline and patience to wait and watch, because falling in love for them means falling hard. Being a perfectionist, and governed by the 6th house of “service”, the Virgo man and woman aim to please, and their beloved is one happy customer. Reliable and steady, they are devoted in any relationship, and strive for the perfect connection. Feeling genuinely repaid when the one they love is willing to give them time in the affair. Independent, they may seem frigid on the outside, but their powerful appeal will mesmerize a worthy partner.

The Virgo personality is health-conscious and something of a clean freak, with an attention to detail that will rattle many. But, patience will be rewarded with quality love in return. Impatient with immaturity, keeping pace with the Virgo wit and intellect can be a challenge. One should demonstrate their appreciation to Virgo in small measures, as it may be shrugged off. This self-reliant sign often pretends it doesn’t need it. But, wait for the magic to happen, since trust does not come easily to the shy maiden. But, once gained, their partner is guaranteed security and undivided attention. Anyone requiring the Virgo man or woman to be at their beck and call can forget it. However, as the sign of service, Virgo is always eager to lend a helping hand. Don’t lowball “the cool ones” passion. Perfectionism carries over into every aspect of Virgo life, including relationships.

Hyper-critical, they have thin skin themselves and like to believe that they are first to notice and correct their mistakes. Call attention to an error, and watch them brood. Don’t get slack with your cooking, as good, healthy food is expected on the menu, and every bite goes under the microscope first. Their beauty and age-defying magic is due to the meticulous regimens that govern every aspect of life. Attention to detail is what keeps them looking great. A look in the medicine cabinet, will reveal quality products for every conceivable need. This is the secret of their healthy, fresh appearance. Light scents, and soft, muted earth tones that compliment a practical attitude and self-confidence are lethal combinations make this “classy” zodiac sign irresistible.

Their gem is the Emerald, lucky number 15, color earthy browns, and lucky day pays off on Friday. They simply love to analyze and mosh things around and are bound to come up with the right answers. A talker and a helper, they like to provide solutions as a service to others. Even so, the Virgo man and woman crave independence and space of their own. Never laying all their cards on the table, emotions, and resources are held “close to the vest” – some things are best kept private.

A career guide might include:
Bus boy
Computer analyst
Copy editor
Data operator
Dental hygienist
Information processor
Personal assistant
Record keeper

Sensible and self-reliant, they manage money (theirs and others’) very well. As becomes a cautious and reflective nature, they thoroughly investigate and analyze any situation first (making them a good partner in any business venture). Inveterate worriers, they will mind the store (in spades), and the accounts will always be in order and precise.

Basically, the Virgo man and woman is frugal by nature, and can really stretch a buck. Money in the bank leaves you with a lot less to worry about, right? Besides, “the best things in life are free” and they really believe it. Not big spenders (except on quality “necessities”), they hate to borrow, and hate to lend money even more. Fun for Virgo isn’t spending money, it’s in acquiring less tangible assets such as knowledge and friendship. That’s real treasure to the Virgo man and woman.

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