virgo horoscopeThe Virgo Horoscope (August 21 to September 20) defines the proverbial “Iron Maiden”. The Virgo personality, true to its ruler Mercury, is analytical, helpful, shy, and perhaps a little naive. Even when their lives are filled up with work, the Virgo man and woman are restless, nervous, and flighty. This Mutable Sign has wings on their helmets as well as their feet.

Virgo, as an Earth Sign, is extremely body-aware. Among Virgo Sign Traits will be found some form of hypochondria. Particular about food, they are unmistakably finicky about what goes into their bodies. Highly structured Virgos often find themselves entrenched in a practical, concrete world of routine. They can discover a lot about themselves if they are gutsy enough to place themselves on automatic pilot every now and then.

The Virgo man and woman are so afraid of their own perfectionist tendencies that they proclaim to themselves and to others that they don’t actually care. They’re convinced that their methods of action are the best – and frequently, they are. Virgos are respected by their family and friends for their loyalty, analytical skills, readiness to lend a hand, and their marvelous powers of observation. Occupied with plenty of constructive projects to keep them busy, Virgos are some of the most delightful, kindest folk around.

Virgos find sanctuary in the minutiae of life. They are happiest when straightening out details. They appreciate clarity, and are most comfortable when not receiving too much attention from the public at large. Often shy and reserved with new people, they are some of the most doubting of people. They are irresistibly driven to poking holes in others’ blind faith. Early risers, ready to attack the day with gusto, they scurry around, staying busy and managing their lives quietly and efficiently.

Their horoscopes display genius at organizing, planning, and executing tasks, their bills always get paid on time. They enjoy learning the details of anything, and don’t shrink from menial chores. Sensitive, insecure and reserved in love, their loner-like nature is part of their appeal. They do these things so quietly that you may not always notice or credit them for all their kind gestures. Virgo can be a challenge to be around. Kindle their anger and they become complaining, hyper-critical nags.

Drawing plenty of energy and life force from whatever they are doing (work, hobbies, projects), they are shy and unassuming in any area that requires letting go putting themselves “out there”. Known for its perfectionism and highly analytical mind, it, in fact, always expects more from itself than from others.

Their astrology is responsible for some of the world’s most amazing, practical and helpful ideas, Virgo can always be relied upon, by stressed-out friends, for immanently, sensible advice . They have a keen sense of duty, get straight to the point, and don’t become hysterical. Rightly adored for their wit, humor, and observational skills., they can be hilarious when zooming in on the tiniest details and expanding them into an over-blown, torrential rant.

Suave and worldly-wise, they are always “put together” to just the right degree – not too contrived, but definitely not “half-baked”. Polite with exquisite manners and social sense, they know precisely how to conduct themselves with perfect cool in any situation, and are the most unpretentious and best-behaved guest in any social environment.

Modest, they turn their analytical penchant upon themselves, often with disastrous effects to their self-esteem. They can’t dupe themselves with the sort of soothing half-truths concocted by others to maintain dignity. They often forget what they accomplish every day – enlightened order in a riotous world. Perfectionist Virgo is everyone’s life coach, with their tricks, motivational tips, and encyclopedia of necessary, everyday trivia.

Whether they’re aware of it nor not, most Virgos imagine themselves to be saints. And their love of natural fibers is really an obvious result of their need for the “hairshirt” to accompany the self-flagellation and the self-denial they suffer to benefit the family. Following martyrs are of course “miracles” such as rising from their sick bed to hang out the wash and cook dinner for visiting in-laws – which brings us to the famous Virgo hypochondria. In fact, the estimated one in 10 people who suffer from this ailment, all happen to be Virgos. Germ phobic, their grumbling, leisure-time deciphering of Physician’s Desk References, and continual surfing of and, make them pathetic patients indeed. Everyone else gets a cold sore. Virgo is convinced it’s Kaposi’s Sarcoma or whatever other horrible disease might happen to be current. Most “normal” people figure that a strange rash will simply go away, but, Virgo can’t help visualizing himself/herself as the mysterious Patient X, cursed with something so shocking that he/she becomes case studies in several scientific journals. Despite what the doctor says, Virgo only has 6 months to get their house clean for the mourners.

Last but not least in the Virgo horoscope is the Virgins’ mastery of the arts of nagging and “guilting”. Unfortunately, when Virgos are finished vexing themselves to perfection for the day, they attack whoever is closest or most vulnerable. They often can’t see anything improper with their conduct. It is just painfully obvious, to them, that they can’t entrust their heart and soul to anyone so imperfect.

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