tiger horoscopesTiger Horoscopes belong to those born in 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, etc. The imperious Tiger will either lead or rebel, since it hates to take orders and resents those in authority. Tiger horoscopes are Yang most closely associated with the Wood Element. The Sapphire is the gemstone that makes this kitty purr.

Those born in Tiger years are powerful, competent, charming, courageous, fierce, sensitive, emotional, aggressive, unpredictable, stubborn and mistrustful of others. Tiger astrology shares traits with Aquarius. “Lonely at the top” is a saying that applies all too well to the self-sufficient Tiger, especially in the realm of the heart. Its absolute independence and inner strength can cause many difficulties in the “take-no-prisoners” arena of sex and love.

The extremely autonomous female tiger is not a lady that men ever hear the call to rescue. She oftens comes on too aggressively and sends many would-be lovers running for their security blankets. However, weak and fainthearted men who are searching for someone to take care of them are fascinated by this maneater. She will, of course, never respect such a man and quickly become tyrannical, overbearing, and romantically disgusted. The adventurous man who succeeds in capturing a Tigress’s heart will need a potent libido, good character references, and some breathtaking talents. If you think that you’ve got what it takes, step right up, she’s accepting applications as we speak.

Life with a Tigress is never easy, even under purrfect conditions, but if she does not admire her partner in every respect it quickly becomes a battlefield. This self-confident and proud woman needs a strong, outspoken and authoritative man whom she can respect unconditionally, and a lover who is not threatened by her arrogance, as she can never feign to be less than what she is. The exceptional man who domesticates this high-powered woman will be lavishly rewarded. There are few differences between the sexual psychology of male and female Tigers. However, the tigress is a feminist to her very core, and she resents the authority that her masculine complements wield. If there is a fracture in the sexist male armor, this lady who will find it.

Compared to other signs of the Chinese horoscopes, a higher percentage of lady Tigers select other females as lovers. Her honesty is rarely questioned, in love, but it is her freaky methods that raise eyebrows. Supremely wilful, she definitely must be the captain of her ship in every shape, manner and form. When she determines to give her heart and love, she does with her total being and demands the same from her mate. Conventionality and passivity are death-blows to her passion. Despite her own passionate nature, she may have difficulty abandoning herself to ecstasy. This is because of her pride, her unconscious reluctance to submit to feminine stereotypes, and her external toughness.

Tigers are better able than most in their capacity to make a clear separation between love and sex. Because they share a passionate encounter doesn’t mean they anticipate (or even welcome) a ring on the finger or a commitment from a partner. Sexually, they exhibit their wants and needs in a forthright, blunt manner, are lively in bed, and quite determined to take the lead. Tigers need to conquer sexually, and the demand for new triumphs and passion can result in a turbulent love life. Independent, impulsive, and impassioned, Tigers recognize their sensuality early in life. Both male and female Tigers expect a soul mate to be content, ready, and eager to follow their lead, but at the same time someone that they can respect. Not an easy task, and one that often leads to disappointment and loneliness.

Sexually possessive and romantically ardent, Tigers flourish on risk and are likely to pursue provocative partners and lovers. The need for independence is the same for both male and female Tigers. Tigers value faithfulness, but should the affair turn from attachment to confinement they are well disposed to moving on and starting over. The self-possession, strength, and passionate prowess that Tigers enjoy explain why they are natural leaders in the game of love. As well as rule, these majestic cats want to be adored, therefore they may test their lover from time to time just to prove their desirability. This creates a love life full of sexual stress and anxiety. Even so, the Tiger’s generous, dignified, and giving nature will assure their lover that they are special.

The male Tiger’s personal magnetism and sexual machismo is unrivaled. He elevates testosterone to new heights. A man thoroughly capable of being totally carried away by his emotions, and falling enthusiastically in love, it’s all or nothing once he scores a love connection. He will deliver himself body and soul. For the lady who wants to be swept off her feet, Tiger man will not let her down. He loves a challenge, and women who are just a bit out of reach fascinate him. Exotic interesting, and even dangerous women hold a compelling attraction for him. Reckless, mysterious women turn him on. Love is a most enjoyable state for the Tiger, as seduction, pleasure, and the thrill of the chase are all states in which he thrives. The Tiger possesses enormous physical stamina, and marathon sessions of lovemaking are his forte. However, his jealousy is as intense as his need for independence. It is foolish to provoke this emotion with a Tiger.

Tigers likes watching themselves (as they like being watched), so a few well-placed bedroom mirrors will fire those romantic embers. Always ready to gamble and take risks where romance and love is involved, the idea of “losing” never enters their mind. In sex and love the Tiger believes in seizing the moment; and once interest is kindled, the fireworks will fly. The Tiger is a passionate lover who knows how to turn up the heat. Celebrity Tiger horoscopes include Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Hefner, Queen Elizabeth II, and Joseph Stalin.

Magnetically charming, inclined to great love, highly respected and entertaining, the feline’s primary interest is following its dreams and maintaining control – which means going it alone most of the time. Lasting friendships are rare with the big cat. Tiger horoscopes are most compatible with the Horse Horoscopes, Dragon Horoscopes and Dog Horoscopes. Explore Tiger Compatibility and Love Matches.

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