tiger horoscopeThe Chinese Tiger Horoscope is determined by the year of birth in 60 year cycles (5 Elements of 12 Signs) is Yang.

1962 Feb 5 to Jan 24, 1963: Water
1974 Jan 23 to Feb 10, 1975: Wood
1986 Feb 9 to Jan 28, 1987: Fire
1998 Jan 28 to Feb 15, 1999: Earth
2010 Feb 14 to Feb 2, 2011: Metal

The Water Tiger is an empathetic, humanitarian soul, and has a more serene and sedate nature than other Tigers. These are the dreamers and the artists of the Tiger kingdom. Their manner is less brusque and their edges are not as rough as their Tiger counterparts. They are blessed with judicious insight—many with a “sixth sense”—into human nature. The Water Tiger is exquisitely sensitive, and many pursue positions of spiritual leadership.

The Wood Tiger is a more sedate personality who isn’t as impetuous as other Tigers, preferring instead to look before she leaps. Impartial and a good judge of character, Wood Tigers are intellectual and understand the importance of a team effort. Group efforts bring them great popularity. Wood Tigers will have a diverse selection of friends, some from unusual or eccentric lifestyles. Moving ever upward, the Wood Tiger outgrows positions and changes professions frequently.

The Fire Tiger has been blessed with extraordinary leadership aptitude. Fire Tigers are volatile and passionate in life and in love. Patience isn’t their strong point, so the Fire Tiger may find it hard to delay gratification. Always up for a new adventure, the Fire Tiger is action oriented, extravagant, and expressive. Rather nomadic by nature, Fire Tigers enjoy frequent changes of environment and are rarely content staying anywhere for too long. These are the most independent members of the Tiger’s pride.

The Earth Tiger looks for practicality in everything she undertakes. The Earth Tiger is not as hot-headed as other Tigers, and possesses a more mature temperament. The Earth Tiger nurtures small helpless things like babies, stray animals, and sad friends down on their luck. They are deeply conscientious and humanitarian in spirit. A fair-minded leader, the Earth Tiger makes an excellent counselor and judge.

The Metal Tiger is glamorous and distinctive in appearance. This Tiger has much ambition and is fascinating to those around her. Although goals may change from time to time, the Metal Element bestows perseverance to this Tiger. Metal Tigers will be unbending as well as daring in expression. For greatest success, the Metal Tiger must be able to compromise with those who are in a position to benefit her.

Tiger horoscopes radiate gifts, luck, and often beauty. A remarkable leader, with a liking for grandeur and a lot of style, Tigers lack elementary self-control, and do not like half-hearted people. Explosive, proud, rebellious, and madly reckless, it fiercely enjoys its independence. Extremely demanding, it cannot stand treachery. With a thirst for adventures and exploits, the passionate attitude of the Chinese Tiger horoscope borders on self-destruction.

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