taurus womanTaurus, April 21 to May 21, is a Fixed, Earth, Yin sign and represents loyalty. Her colors are pink or green, birthstone Emerald. Taurus shares traits with Chinese Snake Horoscopes. Although not the most passionate sign, the Taurus horoscope is the most sensual, and hopelessly romantic of the zodiac, with a strong and deep sexuality. And, thanks to its ruling planet Venus the goddess of beauty and desire, it has a marked fondness for all pleasures of the senses.

Eating, making love and sleeping are all favourite Taurean pastimes, and not necessarily in that order. Breakfast in bed and sex in the kitchen are as natural to this beauty as, “Who’s for lunch”. Our Taurus woman is sensual and seductive. Under a cool, calm, and intellectually aloof exterior, the Taurus woman possesses a whole arsenal of tools designed to attract her man and keep him. From the bedroom to the kitchen, she seems to hold in her genetic code total memory of things eternally female. Little wonder she is often called an Earth Goddess.

Everyone is aware when she enters a room. Radiant, beautiful, and magnetic, she often wears the finest perfumes, clothes, and jewelry, displaying herself with considerable poise. Besides her bodily attraction, she seduces with a resonant, rich voice, like the Siren, she captures and enfolds with her musical intonations. The eyes of Lady Taurus send messages that mesmerize and captivate a man with promises of earthly delights beyond the pale. With the grace of a dancer, she cares for and loves her own body well. A master illusionist, she is in control of herself, and will create the perfect environment necessary to execute the fantasies of her loved ones.

The need for physical contact – to be touched, fondled, and needed, is important to Taurus who expresses much of their caring through sex. Never in a hurry, they expect the very best in sex and love, and never settle for less. The unconditional love and acceptance that dogs give to humans is the kind of loyalty Taurus is famous for. No other sign is as loyal or loving.

They prefer their own environment and enjoy entertaining at home. Epiqurean, they are often a gourmet cook, and their parties feature the best food, the most exciting people and the finest accessories they can find, all indulged in a luxurious, relaxed atmosphere.

Fixed Earth Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. Being fixed gives them persistence, tenacity, obstinacy, dependability, and sometimes a self-righteous, rather pompous air. Earth imparts a conservative, solid, materialistic quality. This “salt-of-the-earth” creature is sensual and a bit bawdy. Taurus is ruled by the vibrations of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Luxury without guilt gratifies the Venusian nature.

Taurus types have the sun or other planets in Taurus or the second house (the house of Taurus), a powerfully aspected Venus or a Taurus ascendant. Taurus is characterized by a duality. The ideals of spiritual beauty and the pursuit of material gain often cause inner conflicts. A constant war between body and soul exists, since the joys of sex and the good life often receive a inordinate amount of energy. Compulsive spending needs to be controlled so that deeper spiritual values aren’t sacrificed. Harmony and balance between these forces must be present for Taurus to be happy.

Taurus lives a complex yet simple life, unlike their Scorpio counterpart, who lives on many hidden levels. Taurus is very up-front about their life and about what and who they enjoy. Simple pleasures appeal to them – good food, good sex, and good company, often in that order. Venus is the planet that rules love and Taurus is the sign that governs money. These two characteristics may not be as unconnected as they first seem to be. Love is what we feel for the people and things we desire to have closest to us. Money enables Taurus to possess the many things and travel to the many places they hold dear.

Concern for possessions colors the fabric of their life. The wrath of the bull will descend when even their smallest possessions are threatened. One may imagine, the fury when someone tries to take their mate – their most treasured possession.

With a knack for manipulating the world’s resources for their own personal use, their talents, looks, and the things they own are all assets that can help them achieve what they desire. The greatest challenge for Taurus is to step outside themselves and beyond their possessions. The love of comfort and luxury generates selfish tendencies that cannot realize the needs of others. Taurus is strikingly alluring, in a imposing way and are a great catch for anyone looking for a secure, solid and long-lasting relationship.

There is a profound mystery at the heart of Taurus. A feminine sign, ruled by the seductive love goddess Venus, the bull is a symbol of fertility, and possibly the most masculine image in the entire zodiac with two distinct faces – masculine strength and feminine beauty. While every person is a combination of good and bad, positive and negative are more polarised in Taurus. This may have something to do with their resolutely fixed nature, which makes them inclined to stick with the devil they know.

As balanced Libra knows, there are always two sides to everything, but bull-headed Taurus doesn’t see it that way. As far as they’re concerned, their minds are already made up, and they’ll stick to their guns, no matter what. This gives them the reputation of being insufferably stubborn, but it also means they have the required persistence, endurance, and stamina to attain success in any field. Never giving up or in, their tremendous resilience and determination make them the most tenacious sign of the zodiac. Practical, patient and resourceful, they can make a little go a very long way. Though conservative and often agreeing with the majority view, they have no hesitation in standing up for themselves, their opinions and their loved ones even when they are in the minority. Taurus won’t flinch, even for a second in their convictions.

Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein were both Taurus, which shows what can happen when the dark side of this sign takes over. On the other side are the truly beautiful Taurus people of the world – graceful Audrey Hepburn and charming George Clooney for example, who know that real beauty is not just skin deep but comes from deep within the soul.

Taurus is compatible with its own sign, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

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