taurus tina feyThe Taurus Horoscope, highlights the second sign of the Zodiac. A Fixed/Earth Sign, negatively charged, and feminine, it is ruled by the planetVenus. Its symbol is the bull, and key phrase is “I have.” Known for finishing what others start, Taurus have the stamina and drive to succeed, while others give up. By taking advantage of the practical nature and determination of their Taurus horoscope, they can achieve their goals. When they have faith in something, they stick with it, plodding on. They plan ahead when others with less patience and acting on the spur of the moment lose interest and move on to something else.

Taurus is the Greek word for bull, a sign known for its stubbornness, and the source of many expressions such as “bullheaded” and “stubborn as a bull.” In many ways, their success depends upon knowing when to hang on and when to loosen their grasp. Associated with the throat and neck, Taurus often has a beautiful voice, though prone to sore throats, thyroid disorders, and other neck problems.

Taurus is often said to have been the bull that kidnapped Europa. As the story goes, the god Zeus saw the princess Europa frolicking with her female attendants on the beach and was so filled with love by her great beauty that he transformed himself into a magnificient, white bull, mosied into the group of females, and laid down among them. He presented such a powerful but peaceful appearance that the ladies couldn’t resist climbing onto him. As soon as Europa mounted him, Zeus rose up and carried her into the sea, eventually depositing Europa on the island of Crete. There the bull mounted the young girl satisfying both their lusts. The story recounts that he gave her a “spear”, a dog, a guardian, and three sons.

taurus cherLike Zeus, sensual Taurus are fond of beauty, beautiful surroundings, and the good things of life. Similar to the bull in the myth, they are often stikingly handsome and peaceful, and perfectly content to lie around and be “petted”. They enjoy receiving massages more than any other sign. Normally calm while others panic, they can explode into a rage when pushed too far. Though slow to anger, they have the fiercest temper in the zodiac when provoked. Like the dog in the myth, Taurus are “doggedly” stubborn, pursuing their goals in the face of all odds. And like the guardian to protect against strangers, Taurus prefer the tried-and-true over the new.

One way in which astrology summarizes sign and planet traits is by key words or phrases. Taurus key words are gentle, loyal, amorous, artistic, quick-tempered, self-indulgent, domestic, patient, persistent, proud, conservative, retentive, sensual, thorough, steadfast, argumentative, stubborn discriminating, determined, and materialistic. Taurus are known for being slow moving, patient, and careful. They love to savor and prolong their enjoyment. Desiring ease, comfort, and warm surroundings, they must be careful of becoming self-satisfied and placid, and overeating. They need to be challenged (very tactfully) in order to grow and mature properly, even though they would rather avoid any trying situations. Even-tempered, affectionate, and slow to anger – when they do become upset, they are also slow to forgive and sufficient time must pass before their calm returns. They demand real, concrete results from any situation – abstractions are very hard for them to grasp. Very artistic, they love to shape and mold things with their hands.

Taurus posses an earthy, physical sexiness that people find seductive. Steadfast and patient, they are capable of tremendous dedication, endurance, devotion, and constancy. The faculty to follow through and stick with a project is one of their greatest assets. Once the course is set, they pursue it with single-mindedness until it is completed – obstinately resisting any attempts to divert them from their purpose. With a very practical nature, they must see tangible results from their efforts. They are not tempted to spin wild dreams that are doubtful of success. Most of their dreams have to do with well-being, security, and material achievements because of a great love of the physical world and a need to enjoy and experience it to the full.

Though persistent and hard-working, Taurus also have a strong comfort-loving, sensual side, that wants to enjoy what they have worked for. In fact, they can be famously lazy at times with an inclination to overindulge in fine food and other earthly delights. Loving the beauty of the natural world, they prefer a pastoral country setting rather than the noisy city life. Their needs are simple which makes them easy to please. With a strong desire for stability, security, and peace, the bull will rarely make changes unless forced to do so.

Although not very demanding emotionally, they do crave lots of affection and physical contact. Because of their emotional steadiness, faithfulness, and gentle strength, others look to them for support. They can maintain their poise and tranquillity, through sudden changes and upheaval.

An innate sense of accommodating nature, allows them and the things around them to unfold and grow in their own time. They will patiently nurture something into being, whether a child, a garden, or some creative project. They make excellent parents, especially when they follow their intuition more often than “the experts.”

Taurus are known for 3 negative traits – bullheaded obstinacy, an aversion to abandon safe, familiar routines, and a bent to always undervalue the theoretical, imaginative, and fanciful. They insist upon realism, and lack the ability to play with possibilities and ideas, or open their minds to the new. Calm, ease, and naturalness are the spiritual mantras of the Bull. Silence also, but not just a dislike of noise. Taurus silence goes deeper. It’s a quiet soul that takes the time to feel the wind in their hair, the appreciation of the physical body and the naturalness of its rhythms, the easy rapport between muscles and cells. Getting more present, more grounded, and more receptive to immediate reality are lessons that the Taurus horoscope teach.

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