susan miller family astrologySusan Miller horoscopes ( exhibit a unique and poetic style.

“Venus and Neptune will waltz across a star-studded sky on February 14, and it will be a sight to behold! Venus will wear her most shimmering, glamorous gown and glitter brightly in the evening sky! Surely, this will be night for candlelight, for walking under the honeysuckle and for exchanging rings and promises.”

Her tone, which is friendly, chatty and just plain soothing keeps her 17 millions readers coming back for more.

“Your chances for promotion and an increase in status have never been better! My goodness, your career will be on fire from end-of-September though mid-May!” she’ll say, or: “Dear Libra, you’ve not had an encouraging romantic picture for a long time, but as you see, all that is changing now, at long last!”

Susan Miller’s grandfather arrived in New York City from Sicily in 1898 and opened an Italian deli. Later, he purchased a building with three apartments into which he moved his store, his family and some friends.

Much of what follows is Susan, in her own words, for a 2001 Barnes & Noble interview. -

“All my relatives — aunts, uncles, my sister, mother and others — lived in that building on Second Avenue, and after all this time, 100 years later, we all still live within two ZIP codes (about 30 blocks) of where Grandpa built that store in Manhattan.”

Susan Miller was born with a severe birth defect that steadily worsened as she grew older. During one of her many surgeries for the defect a nerve was severed, paralyzing her left leg from the knee down.

During a yearlong hospital stay after the surgery she wrote a letter to Dell’s horoscope magazine asking about her chances of recovery. The answer came back that she would walk normally again. At not yet 15 she felt a surge of hope and a desire to know more about what her chart said about her.

In Susan’s words, “My mother is very interested in astrology and has been since she was a young girl. At home, she never encouraged her children to learn astrology. The books were on the bookcase, but she never actually sat down to teach me or my sister.

After each operation, I had to spend months, at times years, away from friends and family and in physical therapy. Unable to walk, I begged my sister to search the house and bring me books to read, and that began my lifelong research into the subject.” To Susan, astrology books became a source of comfort and bonding with her mother.

“Nobody in my family wanted me to learn astrology, least of all my mother, who, as things were to turn out, was to later teach me everything I knew about the subject.

Fearing criticism for being knowledgeable about a science that was not fully accepted by the public, my mother never told friends that she knew astrology. She never ever did charts for payment. In fact, while I was still a teenager, she advised me not to tell anyone that she knew astrology either.

She felt that any understanding of astrology would require 12 years of careful study just to grasp the basics, and even then she felt I wouldn’t be scratching the surface. “Better to know nothing at all,” she would say. She was right, of course, but you rarely understand your mother’s wisdom at a young age.

The New A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator by Llewellyn George was my mother’s favorite basic astrology book”. She would say “Susie, if you have this handbook, you won’t need any others. In a way she was right — mothers are, you know. She was my teacher in astrology, so I should have known.

Every astrologer starts off a skeptic. As a teenager, I was my mother’s biggest skeptic.

At age 16 I started college, a sweet prospect because, after two and a half years of home study, I was going to be out in the world with other kids again. I chose to attend New York University, so I could continue physical therapy. I did extremely well, graduating with a B.S. degree in business, and several honors.

My first job was with Life magazine, and I worked with several other magazines, such as Cosmopolitan and Seventeen. Later I became an agent for with world-class photographers. I enjoyed my work — I never had any plans to leave my industry.

On the side, I continued to study astrology and after 20 or so years of study, had become proficient, later taking the test from various astrological organizations and being deemed accredited.”

She started with family and friends whom she did not charge, and made eclipses her specialty.

“One dear friend who worked at Warner Books offered to help me get an interview with the webmaster of the former Time Warner web site, Pathfinder, so that I could write a predictive column on astrology.

Talks went well, and I was able to launch Astrology Zone®, my web site, in December 1995. I expanded Astrology Zone® into a large 450-screen site, with every article on the site penned personally by me. Later, in April 1999, I moved Astrology Zone® to Disney’s When folded in January 2001, Astrology Zone was picked up by another Disney family member,”

She wrote her first book, published by Warner Books, in 1996, and has since written and published 5 more. Two of her books have held number 1 spots for 5 weeks with Barnes and Nobles.

Susan is a regular TV personality, having appeared on 20/20, The View, Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, The CBS Early Show, Fox and Friends, Entertainment Tonight, E! and CNBC’s Power Lunch among others, and has been interviewed by Barbara Walters, John Stossel, Paula Zahn, Harry Smith, Bill Griffeth and Dick Clark.

When asked, what is the book that most influenced her life, she answers, “The Bible, this is my guiding light. My faith in God affects all that I do and all that I am. In times of adversity, I recall the stories I read when I faced hard times.

Family time is very important. I have two children that are the light of my life, Chrissie and Diana. We make time to talk to each other every day no matter where we happen to be, even if it’s just to say “Hi, what’s happening?” I also call my mother almost every day, and occasionally I go over to her apartment to work, just so we can be together. Time flows by quickly — we must always make time for the people we love.

No astrologer believes it is healthy to be obsessed with one’s horoscope. The responsibility for success or failure of a person’s life depends on that person; their chart is simply a map of many paths they may decide to pursue.

On my web site,, I have always attracted a very high male readership (an estimated 47% of readers are male). Being curious about the future is a human quality, not strictly a female quality.

Astrology is a wonderful way to look at all of your options and offers a whole spectrum of possibilities for our lives. Plus, there’s an element of surprise and randomness to astrology and men like this, too.

Astrology is not fortune telling. It is also not a religion and it is not a substitute for religion. It does not rely on chance. Astrology is the study of mathematical cycles, unique for each individual, which indicates areas of life that will bring expansion or constriction.

Each individual has free will. It is very important to remember that fact. I’m not able to predict what an individual will do about conditions being presented.

The more you study astrology, the more you realize the enormous power of the individual, both in terms of their personality and outlook on life. In addition, our ability to help others and make a lasting contribution to the world is truly unlimited.

Astrology chose me, rather than me choosing astrology as a life’s path. Perhaps looking at your own life, you can say that you never chose your current career but that it, too, chose you. Sometimes that happens.

Astrology is not an end in itself. The point of using astrology is to shape a happier, more productive life, to use our talents to their fullest form, and to consider some of the many of life’s rich and varied possibilities.

It is a rare and wonderful feeling to discover choices you never realized were there for you, and later to see triumphs materialize that you never thought possible.

Some things simply can’t be described but must be experienced firsthand, and astrology is one such endeavor. Although astrology may not be right for everyone, it could be for you.

I try to talk to each sign like I’m talking to just one person, like I’m talking to my best friend”, Susan says.

“Little Mom”, who taught her the art of reading the stars over a painstaking twelve year period, always told Susan that she needed to work just as hard on her communication style as she did on making accurate predictions. “You can tell people the right thing in the wrong way.”

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