sun signs shuttleExploring Sun Signs is about as simple as astrology gets. Sun Signs represent the inner self, personality and ego. It is our identity and our face to the world that empowers us with creative ability and the skills and gifts to meet the demands of everyday life. Everything else in Horoscopes and the Astrology Chart is just makeup and wardrobe.

The Sun, a medium sized star, contains 99.9% of all the matter in our Solar System and is the most powerful force in astrology. On its yearly journey through the twelve Zodiac Signs, it spends roughly a month visiting each one. It is the “Ruler” of Leo and the Fifth House. Masculine, hot and dry our star is a positive influence upon every astrological sign.

The nuclear core of our Universe blazes, dazzles, flashes, beams, radiates, glows, glares, gleams, glints, glitters, glistens, glimmers, and shimmers. It is the source of all life, and has been worshiped as a god since before memory. As the source of life, it is the author and protector of our health and well-being. Its golden glow is the essential force which powers us with the energy, strength, and will to prevail.

The Sun’s energy is supreme, and with its fire comes the ability to lead and govern. It has authority over captains, commanders, governors, kings, princes, sovereigns, monarchs, emperors and presidents. All male influences in life, especially fathers and husbands are ruled by the Sun. Through the will of the Sun, we manifest ourselves in the world. It is the Sun that infuses the other Planets with their particular powers and personalities.

Those born under the sign (Leo) or in the house (5th) of the Sun are very much like those born under the “King Planet” Jupiter. When “dignified”, the person is affable, gracious, splendid, liberal, proud, humane, and industrious. When in “detriment” or “fall” the native is arrogant, mean, verbose, and servile – resembling the person “ill dignified” under Jupiter, but worse.

The Sun in Aries is enterprising, breathless excitement, militant, ungovernable, ambitious, quick, self-starting and enthusiastic. This a leader, not a follower, and does well in positions of authority and administration. An excellent craftsman, they like to do their own thing in their own sweet time. Opinionated, arrogant, and insensitive to the needs of others, they seldom hold a grudge. Conspicuous self-confidence hides a deep fear of failing. The aim is energetic supremacy.

The Sun in Taurus is practical, tenacious, fixed and cautious. This is a plodder who requires time to conform to new ideas. Fond of art and music, they excel in these areas. Retentive and staunch, they rarely scatter their forces. They accept responsibilities seriously. They enjoy gracious living and have an internal drive to build firm foundations, focused on financial security. Stubborn, they are slow to anger, but when riled, get furious. Sympathetic and tolerant, they are a trusted friend but an merciless enemy.

The Sun in Gemini is adroit, sensitive, garrulous, indecisive and sympathetic. They must cultivate purpose, or restlessness will obstruct true accomplishment. Variety is the spice of their life. Although they love to socialize, they avoid deep emotionalism. Eloquent, they love to read and have many interests. They are vague and irresponsible and require a steady change of scenery. They should channel their flair and power for communication, so that it does not turn into idle jabbering.

The Sun in Cancer is all about feelings. They are essentially attached to the home and family, and are patriotic, maternal and resourceful. Although quiet, methodical and receptive, they are deeply sensitive with what others think of them. They yearn to feel needed, and through real concern for philanthropy they can overcome their inborn shyness. They enjoy cooking and entertaining, and are enthusiastic collectors. When necessary, they are manipulative in achieving their goal, which is emotional security. They require a quiet retreat, since they respond strongly to pressures in the environment.

The Sun in Leo loves the good life, and is the personification of self-expressive dignity. They are born leaders with many friends – active, generous, youthful and optimistic. Despite their self-assurance and dignity, they have a pronounced fear of being laughed at or humiliated. Affectionate, they are fond of children, and easily display their feelings. Patience is not their forte, and they must learn to control their fiery spirit and overly dramatic attitude toward life. They cannot be forced, but are highly susceptible to flattery. Creative and emotionally flamboyant, they make good actors and teachers.

The Sun in Virgo is conscientious, modest, discriminating, and responsible. Everything they do they sure do well. They show great attention to detail, and often carry this to extremes, becoming demanding, overly critical, and nit-picking. They worry a lot, but are not easily daunted. Once they overcome their sense of shyness, they are very eloquent and express ideas well. They enjoy systems, methods, habit, routine, and being of service to others. Thoughtful and fond of learning, they rarely look their age.

The Sun in Libra is balanced, harmonious and well moderated. Libra believes in compromise, which makes for a good statesman and excellent diplomacy. They love beauty and sophistication. They don’t like to get their hands dirty and avoid any line-of-work that may lead to this. Charming and sociable, they operate best in a one-on-one relationship. They typically marry young and often. They are cordial, gracious, extroverted, and love to entertain and enjoy the pleasures of life. Important to them are peace and harmony, for which they will work hard to achieve.

The Sun in Scorpio is probing, insistent, aggressive and scheming. Scorpio is hardly passive or indifferent to anything. Profound, secretive and introverted, they are jealous, unforgiving and even vengeful. Their recuperative powers are extraordinary. With keen judgment and piercing insight, they exercise great control over others. Science, medicine, and psychology are all of interest. Willpower and tenacity are their strengths, and although they are a bit reserved, when provoked can become brusque and to the point.

The Sun in Sagittarius is forthright, convivial, and spirited. Sagittarius supports high principles such as cosmic love and world peace. Carefree, honest, good-humored and optimistic, they are also restless, inconsiderate and extravagant. Accepting everyone as they are, their tolerance permits them to function well with people. Extroverted and blunt, their impatience can carelessly hurt others more sensitive. Fond of sports, the outdoors and travel, they are not easily corralled.

The Sun in Capricorn is cautious, ambitious, serious and zealous of duty. Life may look difficult for Capricorn, but ultimately they succeed. Self-disciplined, reliable, and practical, they sometimes wallow in self-pity. Their reasoning faculty is excellent, and they have a strong consciousness of purpose and direction. Somber and cool in dealings with others at first, once they bestow their trust they are loyal and constant friends. They work hard for whatever they want, and their self-esteem is tremendously important.

The Sun in Aquarius is unconventional, innovative, independent, and individualistic. Aquarius can also be defiant and perverse if these qualities are not managed well. Their powerful likes and dislikes make them stubborn and unyielding. Whatever is different and new has great allure, and they are often drawn to the occult, astrology or fringe causes of any type. Their primary aim of expressing useful knowledge can portray them as cool, detached, unpredictable, curious, and intellectual. It is easier for them to love many instead of just one person.

The Sun in Pisces is imaginative, dreamy, sympathetic, indulgent, and loving. Pisces is easily manipulated because they avoid hurting anyone’s feelings at all costs. Making decisions is difficult for them, and they need to master their desire to escape from delicate situations. Creative, transcendental, and mystical, they are also listless, impractical, and lack self-confidence. But, in their own gentle way they accomplish much. Charming and charismatic, they are helpful to those in distress and are caring of animals. More than any other sign, they will tap into the strengths and weaknesses of the rest of the zodiac.

These particular and individual traits also apply to whichever of the sun signs is on the Ascendant (1st House). Besides Sun Signs one must also consider the “Astrology House” in which the Sun finds itself. For example, a Cancer Sun in the eighth house will exhibit itself with Scorpio nuances, while the Sun in Cancer in the tenth house will demonstrate Capricorn traits, besides the Cancer characteristics. And, with Cancer on the Ascendant (the 1st house) the true Cancer personality will be evident.

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