Scorpio, October 23 – November 21, is one of the Zodiac’s most powerful and complex signs. Ruled by fierce Mars and dark Pluto, the Scorpio Horoscope is profoundly sexy and erotic.

This Fixed Sign, Feminine (Yin), Water Sign, whose color is dark red, and birthstone yellow Topaz, governs the will and authority. Scorpio traits are shared by Chinese Pig Horoscopes.

Associated with the pelvis, reproductive, and urinary systems, those born under this sign are prone to ailments of the liver and kidneys, the bladder, and genitals. Having a tremendous staying power and the will to see any matter through to the bitter end, regardless of sacrifice, this sign despises weakness in itself or others.

scorpio astrologyMotivated, penetrating and aware, these Arachnids are highly attuned to the vibrations of others. Intuitive, probing and very focused, they are expert at cutting through facades. Generous, compassionate, and loyal as a friend; they can become vengeful and vindictive if crossed. Known for its all-consuming sexuality, this highly secretive and emotionally intense creature is seen as threatening, voracious, insatiable, overwhelming, and generally mysterious.

Scorpio is a Fixed-Water sign with an overblown reputation for being difficult to relax around. At first glance, it’s deiinitely not the chummy type. Describing Scorpio as intense, penetrating, brooding, and even volcanic makes this archetype sound like something thats best left alone to quietly lurk in dark, hard to reach hiding places. The warning is that unnecessarily agitating a Scorpion who’s within deadly striking distance is a very bad idea. Well, there is some psychological truth to this, but Scorpio surely doesn’t see itself as the terrifying Beast of the Abyss.

Being a water sign, the Scorpion views itself more as a sensitive soul who’s commonly misunderstood by others. Why misunderstood? Because Scorpio doesnt want to reveal what its feeling in any simple, forthright manner (leave that to Aries). If anything, it only seems to generate a smoldering intensity that warns others to back off, don’t dare get too close . . . not yet, or maybe not ever. Scorpio keeps its power-packed emotions under lock and key, and that alone can make others feel suspicious and uneasy (things that Scorpio assumed it was the only one feeling).

Just who is this masked stranger dressed all in Gothic black? Scorpio’s not too sure if it really wants you to know. Fixed-water sounds like a block of ice, which can be treacherous when in the form of an actual iceberg, whose imposing mass below the ocean is hard to detect at sea level. Here, what you don’t see can bemore dangerous than what you do. Ice is also the hardest, least fluid form of water there is. Likewise, Scorpio can be fixated in its focus and unable at times to just go with the flow. It doesn’t melt easily. Interestingly, this sign is a symbol of that which is either lava hot within us, or as frozen and impenetrable as the Arctic tundra in winter. No wonder Scorpio is considered a sign of behavioral extremes.

The Scorpion, probably as a reaction to Libra’s friendly openness to people, realizes that, while intimacy can heal, it can hurt as well. Exposing our psychological innards to another involves utmost trust, and when we don’t use good judgment regarding the partners we pick, such exposure of our private selves can result in criticism ,ridicule, abandonment, or worse, betrayal. All water signs know they are quite emotionally vulnerable, but Scorpio, hating that fact, will do whatever it takes to hide such hypersensitivity. It makes the mistake of equating vulnerability with weakness (and, like Aries, Scorpio despises weaknesses detected in itself and in others).

So, while often appearing stone-faced and always in the iron grip of self-control, Scorpio becomes too emotionally cryptic and unapproachable for its own good. (Hey relax, Scorpio, not everyone’s a trained bloodhound, just dying to sniff out your most guarded mysteries.) In spite of this stand-offish behavior, Scorpio wonders why it so often deeply feels all alone, cut off from most social rituals it sees others happily engaging in all the time. (Gee, how come they aren’t so paranoid about revealing themselves to others?)

All fixed signs seem to have an inborn sense of pride. Fiery Leo beams with obvious pride in its dynamic self-expression. Less showy Taurus is quietly proud of its ability to spot true value in the material world (and even without having to pay a premium price). It’s proud of its bargain hunting skills. Aquarius is proud that it is brilliant and free-spirited enough to avoid following conventional wisdom or partaking of anything designed for mindless, mass consumption. But the source of Scorpio’s hidden pride is harder to track. The Scorpion can be riddled with deep insecurity, the kind that makes its world appear untrustworthy. Yet, just try to deliberately humiliate a Scorpio and then watch for signs of barely contained rage. Scorpionic fury may be felt even before a sense of shame sets in, if it does at all. Here’s when Scorpio transforms into a screaming eagle, shrieking How dare you? at the poor soul who was stupid enough to outrage this emotionally volatile sign, especially if in public.

The bottom line is that Scorpio will not allow itself to be teased, toyed with, scolded, or even threatened in demeaning ways. Leo may indulge in its dramatic, royal pout when its pride has been wounded, but Scorpio aims for the jugular, at least on those psychological levels where it knows it can do more permanent damage. It’s not too sure if it can ever play nice again once violated by another. But what about passion? Any sign capable of rage and fury is naturally loaded with passionate feelings. In Scorpio, passion is even more intensified because it is often restrained or suppressed. Deliberately holding something back often only strengthens it, yet when it does finally come out, the Scorpion’s passion can become too strong and uncontrollable a force. Scorpio types need to learn to release their heated emotions more often, before they build up and become too hot to handle.

The commitment theme that Libra first proposed can be taken to the nth degree in Scorpio. Libra thinks it knows how to establish healthy boundaries in relationships as air needs its space to breathe, and it even welcomes anothers individuality and willingness to dialogue. It could be said that Libra prefers a significant other who acts more like a self-honest Aries, although one who’s not as rough around the edges. I’m this and you’re that, so lets enjoy our differences, says Libra. “Lets blend our dissimilarities in mutually beneficial ways.

Well, enough of that nonsense, mutters Scorpio. For perhaps unfathomable reasons, Scorpio types are uneasy with any partner who is too independent and self-willed. Maybe this is because it’s harder to merge intensely with another who behaves like that. Scorpio also senses that such a person can and will be confrontational (the last thing this secretive water sign feels it needs in any long-term union).

The truth is, the Cosmos demands that Scorpio types become embroiled in periodic confrontations that help them peel away layers of secret motivation and unrevealed desire. There’s so much cooking emotionally inside Scorpio that others never get to see, and this puts them at a disadvantage. Hmmm . . . what happened to Libra’s ideal offair play? Has its two-way street of communication now become a dead-end road of silence? Scorpio is capable of putting up many psychological barriers, designed to forbid easy access to its underground world. Yet, unfairly, it demands total candor and commitment from anyone it chooses for a partner. That means others are always expected to come clean regarding their private, internal life. No secrets are to be kept from the Scorpion. And if needed, Scorpio will trespass on another’s territory to get at any top secret information it feels it must have to stay in control.

Fixed water implies that this sign can hang on tenaciously to a few, select others for its emotional security, and thus has a difficult time letting go psychologically. (Gee, and we thought the Crab had a bigp roblem here, but it seems Scorpio is even more obsessed about its attachments. Others may not feel the depth of commitment that steadfast Scorpio does, nor do they ever wish to. If Scorpio wasn’t such a control freak, maybe total commitment could feel like a warmly devotional state of caring. However, this sign is notorious for trying to do unwanted makeovers on people, from head to toe, inside and out.

Others may not wish to be part of such a manipulative situation. It’s true that the Scorpion has a knack for picking up on other people’s hidden potential, their buried treasure, but the measures it takes to tap that potential is what others find so intrusive and coercive. I won’t be satisfied until you become all that you were meant to be, is something we might expect to be told while training with an Olympics coach, but not from a parent or a spouse. lf this is what total commitment really means, a kind of slow suffocation, then its time for loved ones to bail out and leave Scorpio all alone, once again, to ponder why.

Scorpio observes Libra in action, and appreciates how sharply perceptive this air sign can be regarding the human condition. Libra is able to understand peoples mental frameworks, which thus helps it view things the way others do, but it can’t necessarily get under their skin to uncover more. That’s where Scorpio comes in. This sign is gut sensitive to the unseen, unspoken energies that are constantly being transferred in close, emotionally charged relationships.

The Scorpion can pick up on the scent of trouble subterraneanly brewing between people, and it will follow any darkly lit trail until it finds the hidden source of such tension. It will then offer transformative ways to resolve the problem, or else it will take drastic measures to eliminate the conflict altogether. This is at least what it would do if stuck in such a predicament – fix it or dump it. Libran indecisiveness is maddening to Scorpio, who’ll instead pick at a problem until a crisis imposes a resolution of the matter. Self-aware Scorpio types are dedicated to the exploration of the mysteries of human complexity. They seek out knowledge, and perhaps wisdom, regarding the nature and power of our depths within that realm where we undergo the beginnings of metamorphic change that later erupt to alter the entire landscape of our outer world.

The more interior parts of our subconscious are where we keep well shielded secret fears, hatreds, lusts, compulsions, and other discomforting feelings. Yet they’ll continue to consume our energy and drain our soul if left in their toxic states. Our Scorpio challenge is to discover how to stop being devitalized, or sometimes monstrously over-energized by darker facets of our psyche that need to see the light of day. When we can’t find personal ways to accomplish this, alternative forms of therapy await those of us brave enough to explore such inner darkness. Scorpio discovers that it can see quite well in the dark, and thus can learn much about itself while descending deeper into its shadowy underworld.

The Cosmos once warned Scorpio that its archetypal assignment would be a tough but critically important one, and that this sign may at times feel cursed by those same powerful energies it seems to love the most. Sexual energy is one such mixed blessing. Taurus actually got the sex thing going a while back and found it a pure pleasure. The Bull doesnt think twice about a casual roll in the hay. If it feels good, do it, and then maybe make a sandwich and take a nap later. Sex tends to be more of a fertility rite for body-loving Taurus, who feels something fruitful could come out this natural, earthy experience. It’s at least relaxing.

However, things get more complicated for Scorpio, who knows it’ll use sexual conquest to get at something else in another person, to perhaps dislodge some concealed emotion. Sex thus is used to provoke, as well as satisfy a partner. Sex also helps the Scorpion release its own enigmatic intensities, helping this sign come alive in rejuvenating ways. Mere erotic pleasure is sometimes the last thing on Scorpio’s mind, it instead seeks a total upheaval of the senses, perhaps triggered by a powerful orgasmic response, as Mount St. Pluto blows its lid. lt’s odd that the zodiac’s sexiest sign alive is also one that can suffer from intimacy hangups. Scorpio is more self-conscious about sex than folks would realize. It’s a highly introspective sign and one plagued by a perfectionistic streak, something it borrowed from Virgo when it wasn’t looking.

The Scorpion fears being exploited for its sensuous appetites, yet it also dreads being overlooked or even underrated as a sex object. “What, you dont find me sexy?” And it’s more performance-sensitive than it cares to admit. It’s also hard to truly relax when you’re this much of a psychic sponge, constantly soaking up other peoples hidden feelings. Scorpio typically processes too many conflicting energies at once, and thus has a hard time losing itself even in the moment of sexual surrender.

Scorpio is the sign of death and permanent closure. None of the previous seven signs ever thought much about dying until Scorpio came along. Actually, Leo worried once about possibly blowing its lines and dying on stage, but it never contemplated physical death, the final extinguishing of waking consciousness. In Scorpio, we become aware that, as mortal beings, our life clock is ticking away. Each of us is allotted only so many ticks until our earthly sojourn is over. Scorpio has made peace with this, probably because it wisely senses that a different dimension of consciousness awaits us after our body dies. Scorpio knows that many invisible levels of awareness exist, simply because it traffics in them daily. Although Scorpio may fight the death process (it a cat with nine lives with amazing recuperative power), at some point it will need to willingly release such control and resistance, and allow for this final transition.

Meanwhile, the Scorpion realizes that it must undergo many other deaths in this lifetime. Not all of its fixations turn out to be magnificent obsessions. Much inner darkness must be dispelled for those Scorpio types who choose to deal with life’s slings and arrows by vengefully retaliating. Toxic hostility, resulting from long-term, seething resentments, needs to die. The urge to destroy others who have emotionally wounded Scorpio needs to die. And the poisonous flames of jealous rage also need to be snuffed out for good. Anyone seeking deeper self-understanding would wish for the deaths of these troublesome psychological complexes. Actually, this sign has little choice. Either redeem all of that darkness or suffer in isolation.

Scorpio can easily turn even its destructive energies within, stinging itself again and again, whenever it feels ultimately powerless to control things in the outer world. This self-defeating instinct must also be killed off if the Scorpion is to psychologically survive its trials in life and become truly empowered in all the best ways. Scorpio is pressured to resurrect itself during those grueling times when it has emotionally bottomed out (devastated Scorpio types can feel depressively low about themselves in self-punishing ways).

No other sign, except perhaps for Pisces, can reach such gloomy innerdepths of pain and remorse. Of course, no other sign learns to grow as much from such difficult, emotional states. Anyway, this is not where Scorpio is meant to stay trapped forever. Its hard-wired to soar like an eagle, once it vibrantly brings itself back to life. Note that Scorpio’s stinger, pointing upward, resembles Sagittarius’ arrow, implying that the concentrated energy in that stinger must be transmuted and aimed in the right direction before it can become a power source of inspiration.

Being one of the final six signs, Scorpio is interested in the welfare of society. It’s no saint and it even acknowledges the educational value of sin, but it is aware that true social transformation involves healthy human inter-connections. Libra provides a few guidelines that Scorpio takes a step further. Libra’s focus is on the outer packaging of harmonious, stress-free relationships. It tries to stay on the wholesome, upbeat side of human contact. Yet with Scorpio comes an unsettling awareness of the shadow elements of deeper relating, those less observable energies underpinning any close, complex union.

The Scorpion is sensitive to what is problematic in partnerships, to what needs fixing (even surgery). It therefore has an understanding of all people who are having a difficult time relating to others in life. One result of this sensitivity is Scorpio’s magnetic attraction to psychology in all its ramifications. What makes anybody become twisted and bitter enough to ruin their chances for intimacy and happiness in relationships? That’s what the Scorpion wants to know, as well as why some people feel like losers, loners, outsiders, undesirables, outcasts, and other social rejects. In contrast, Pisces doesn’t need to know why, it just accepts and loves these folks, regardless.

Scorpio does feel empathy for those who don’t neatly fit society’s definition of normal. The Scorpion suspects that if it really were to spillout all its own secret feelings and desires, it could become a prime target for social rejection, as well. Pluto is a planet that never takes the easy way out. It’s as good at complicating life as its associated sign, Scorpio. Both planet and sign will deeply probe into the human condition, searching relentlessly for qualities and traits that need to be overhauled, except that Pluto really means it. Scorpio battles between defensively holding on to its shadow-stuff versus blasting it all to smithereens, at least those parts that refuse to be creatively recycled.

Pluto shows awesome determination when fearlessly enforcing major change (stubbornness and insecurity are not Plutonian characteristics). Yet fixed Scorpio resists being pressured to totally alter itself, unless the final orders come from within. Superficialities turn off both Scorpio and Pluto. What does interest them, which they then pursue obsessively and enduringly are subject matters that most people find uncomfortable to explore. These two intense astrological influences describe individuals who have a gutsy boldness and a need to know the gritty, uncensored realities of life, dark as they may be. Pluto and Scorpio can also appear calm or at least restrained on the outside, which is deceptive. Their still waters not only run deep, but can transform into a constant state of boiling that can psychologically scald the unsuspecting.

A challenge for Plutonians and Scorpio types is to keep their emotions from becoming too concentrated and overpowering. The more such feelings are held in, the more forcefully they erupt when provoked. Wherever Scorpio is in our chart describes where we best not take things at face value. Life will give us good reasons to dig deeply here to uncover those unseen elements that control our situations more than we realize. Naivete, on our part, can ultimately do us in. We’ll instead need to be more watchful and observant of subtleties in others (the ol eagle-eye approach).

We will also need to be less obvious about our own intentions, since we are learning about the value of remaining silent. It’s good to hold back somewhat and quietly study the situation, wherever our Scorpio is. Others may scrutinize us here as well, yet we shouldn’t make it so hard for them to contact our deeper side. Typically its our job to pay keener attention to what’s happening in our relationships, even if doing so makes us feel unsettled or angry about what were unearthing.

Sometimes, too much Scorpionic self-control gets in the way of healthy emotional growth, as we bottle up feelings that later blowup and make a big mess in our lives for a while. But maybe tha’ts how all-or-nothing Scorpio likes it – hold emotions in, then violently explode, clean up the debris, clear the slate, and start freshly empowered all over again.

Indeed, Scorpio symbolizes a process often requiring that we separate from our past, sometimes by force, and then bravely learn deeper self-sufficiency by embracing a new life, where everything seems different and yet compelling to us. A force within our soul is now strong enough to handle whatever the Cosmos has in store. Were a survivor who’s enjoying a well-needed rebirth.

Some famous Scorpios include Grace Kelly, Pablo Picasso, Martin Scorsese, Jodie Foster, and Robert Kennedy.

Scorpio is the third of the fixed signs and the second or middle of the watery triplicity. Its symbol is known has the scorpion, whose sting becomes the most prominent feature in evolving through this sign. We may find characters born in this sign from the lowest and most degraded to the highest and most exalted, and in this sign there appears to be more scope for extremes of character than in any other.

The Scorpio character is somewhat decided and unmistakable, being rarely, if ever, vacillating or feeble. It would seem as though there were two types, the evil and the good, evolving within this sign. It is the eighth sign of the zodiac and marks the higher octave, as it were, after the balance has been turned. It would seem as though the worst products of Scorpio were the failures from the preceding seven signs, whereas the strongly individualised types would be those who had succeeded in learning the mystery of this sign. The sting of the scorpion must be extracted before real progress onward through the other signs can be successfully accomplished.

When living the purely personal life, living only for the self, the Scorpio types of humanity are very uncompromising and exacting beings, and their vindictiveness and fault-finding tendencies can be carried to abnormal degrees. Lust and ignorance mark the character of the undeveloped Scorpio nature. This sign governs the generative system, and when the life forces are scattered and wasted through excesses of sensuality, these characters become like devils, working mischief far and wide, regardless of the suffering which they cause to others.

When evil, they are unmistakably evil, and with the thoroughness characteristic of the fixed signs, they plunge into sin with a delight that those born under other signs are incapable of. But when they are regenerate or self-conscious, they may reach a great height of exaltation. The generative force within them may be turned into psychical faculty, and the dark “Vril” with which they abound is turned into shrewdness and penetration, and they become the true mystics whose awakening vision quickly senses the future possibilities that lie before the soul.

They become gifted with what is called second sight, or clairvoyance, and plunge into occultism with a zeal and earnestness that is unequalled. Those who are individualised in Scorpio are remarkable for their keen judgment. They can criticise perfectly and impartially, and they are able to give their judgment in a decisive and clear manner. They are very quick in thought, and can at once see the purpose and meaning of the things they are criticising. When awakened there are no better types of humanity than those born in this sign, for they then realise what they may become. But when unawakened they criticize for the sake of criticism, and thus become the most exacting and undesirable persons.

When running along the lower levels they are always mixed up in some tragedy or disastrous affair. They can be very jealous, severe, hard and cruel, but when all this force is turned upward and the passions have been conquered and temperance learned, they are a benefit to others through the great magnetic power they have for healing.

A great deal might be said of Scorpio that would be extremely difficult for the majority to understand. The few that are awakened alone can appreciate the wonderful possibilities of this sign. They have remarkable powers of attachment and seem to contain in themselves the silence of Pisces and the tenacity of Cancer, Scorpios companion watery signs.

They are generally marked for their very dignified manner, and though always affable and courteous, they are ready at any moment to stand upon their dignity. They can be very abrupt and brusque when they wish, but they are always amenable to approval. They have the power of self-control to a very considerable extent, even to the power of controlling the sign itself.

Scorpio is compatible with its own sign, Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Cancer and Virgo. Explore Scorpio Compatibility.

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