Scorpio-Virgo Compatibility joins together Zodiac Signs that are two apart (60°, separated and balanced by Libra). This position gives the relationship a potent karmic bond. Scorpio-Virgo compatibility astrology reveals a deep loyalty, with very strong ties. Usually, this couple will stay away from crowds and aren’t too inclined to go to parties or dances. Alone, they “get their groove on”.

Scorpio and Virgo enjoy acting together toward personal and communal goals. Virgo needs order and Scorpio seeks power, and they work well together acquiring resources, including inheritances and property. Very service-oriented and viewed as dependable, they like lending a helping hand to friend and community. Virgo can be cool and retiring while Scorpio is passionate and outgoing. Because of their interesting contrasts, both can learn from one another if they can consent to meet halfway.

scorpio-virgoVirgo is governed by mental Mercury and Scorpio by rambunctious Mars and deadly serious Pluto. This combination is very combustible, thanks to Pluto. United they form the basic foundations of human relationships, with Mercury’s intelligence and Mars’ passion. Virgo is attracted to the Scorpion energy. In turn, Scorpio appreciates the loyalty and practicality built-into Virgo.

Scorpio is a Water Sign and Virgo an Earth Sign. Scorpio is an ocean deep and wide, and too much Sturm und Drang will cause a violent storm. Emotionally hiding in a shell, when the pressure becomes too intense, Scorpio will suddenly go off the deep end.

Their common need for emotional asylum fosters an extreme loyalty between them. But while Virgo is direct, with all their cards face up on the table, Scorpio is more occupied with the undercurrents of life. Scorpio can reveal to Virgo life beneath the predictable surface, and Virgo is perceptive enough to pick up on this hidden message. Virgo can verse Scorpio in the many facts that can often be dismissed at face value. Scorpio admires Virgo’s practicality and Virgo appreciates Scorpio’s devotion. It proves they are cherished and respected.

Scorpio is a Fixed Sign and Virgo a Mutable Sign. Once they have a mutual goal, nothing can hold back their love. When an argument presents itself, Virgo is flexible enough to step back and avoid a collision with hot-headed Mars. Scorpio usually gets its way thanks to a stubborn streak. It’s important for this pair to discuss what is most important to them so that they can share equivalent roles. This is not a relationship charged with conflict. Both would prefer to work together than fight.

What’s the best side of Scorpio-Virgo compatibility horoscopesastrology? It’s their skill in carrying out goals when they’ve put their minds to a task. When Scorpio accepts that Virgo is an asset and a stabilizing force in their life, this relationship will flourish. Mutual purpose and co-ordination makes theirs a harmonious union. Explore Scorpio Compatibility with the other Zodiac Signs. Back to the top of Scorpio-Virgo Compatibility.

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