One of the special Scorpio Traits is x-ray vision. If everyone on Earth had a Scorpio Sun, the human race would shortly stop the eternal cycle of karmic debt, because we would all have to fess up to our roles in all that is wrong in the world, and stop playing the ‘blame game’. We could no longer whitewash the truth about ourselves. Of all the powerful Scorpio traits this forces people to face up to themselves.

In following this mission of exploring all that is hidden, Scorpio helps transform the world by eradicating everything that is no longer necessary, and in doing so, bring to the planet a perpetually renewable power source, an invigorating, creative opportunity for a new and transformed life.

scorpio-traitsScorpio can learn from, but is not compatible with, Fire Signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Scorpio can teach, but is not compatible with, Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Compatible Water Signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Compatible Earth Signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Once you unravel a mystery or expose the truth, you want to illuminate those who will benefit from this wisdom. The people who require your sixth sense most of all are the Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) . These people comprehend virtually nothing about emotions, or feelings, let alone the unconscious. Because air is elusive and dances about on the surface, you want to express to them that there is a good deal more to life than what is apparent. But, air signs are panicked by anything deep and meaningful and accordingly avoid getting near you, for they would rather keep things light and breezy. Because air live in their heads, not their hearts, they scamper whenever you try to approach them. They’re entirely out of their depth. Regardless of the fact that air signs are, to your thinking, superficial, scatterbrained and elusive, you take an extra shot to connect with them. You want them to unveil themselves to you, but this will doubtfully ever happen. Air and water is the most demanding of all relationship combinations, and why you find them so alluring.

When water sign comrades need a shoulder to cry on, they typically turn to you. Although you don’t generally show others how vulnerable you are, you’re more inclined to open up to your watery friends than anyone else. You know your secrets are in good hands here. Cancers and Pisces are delicate souls, just like you. They are searching for an emotional and spiritual connection, a bona fide soul union. Water provides you with emotional support when you require it most, but at times it can all get a bit too emotional. Because, when there is too much water, there is surely the risk that someone may drown.

Relationships with other Scorpions can be ardent to say the least. When two Scorpios come together, neither is willing to let go their power; and yet that is exactly what is needed for growth to occur. In these powerful engagements, one Scorpio may transform into an eagle, while the other reverts into a scorpion, secretly sabotaging the power of the other. But in Scorpio relationships there always exists the potential for a creative and transforming merger where great success and profound insights are conceivable.

With the exception of Taurus, which is your polar opposite sign, earth signs are a splendid match for you. Both Virgos and Capricorns take you for who you are. Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn are the three most smeared signs of the zodiac. All have negative associations of one sort or another heaped upon them. You realize they have secret depths not many people discern. Therefore, you share a genuine feeling of appreciation for each other and a deep mutual empathy. Earth and water blend well because earth is able to hold back water and give it a solid base, while water nourishes and sustains the earth, rendering it fertile and rich. Taurus, the other earth sign, is a fixed sign as is Scorpio, and because it’s the opposite sign this relationship can be extremely creative. But it can also be antagonistic and incredibly painful, because neither is prepared to compromise.

Fire signs constantly challenge Scorpio, but if the Scorpion can learn to trust, they can teach more than ever thought possible. They can instruct on how to reach the dizzying heights of the eagle. Fire signs have the ability, that Scorpio lacks, to rebound and stay positive. In spite of whatever happens, fire always looks on the bright side, and assumes the best while Scorpio assumes the worst. In touch with the underlying forces that nurtures life, the positive experiences that make life worthwhile often escape Scorpio who have such a difficult time letting go and trusting. Suspicious of the bright and breezy fire signs with their used-car salesmen, back-slapping personalities, Scorpio should understand that these signs are the guides to the next step in the evolutionary path. Trust and faith are the great lessons to be learned.

It’s often said that scorpions will sting themselves to death, when, for example they are surrounded by fire, and feel trapped with no avenue of escape. This is a reaction experienced when encountering one of the fiery signs. Fire forces change and evolution, and that calls for some form of death experience, something beyond Scorpio’s will and control. When staring into the dark Styx, a positive and idealistic person is needed to ferry you across. It can be extremely difficult for you to have that type of faith and develop such trust, but these are Scorpio traits you most need to acquire.

Taking life far too seriously, you may begin at some point to wonder what it would feel like to have more fun, but people who are always enjoying themselves seem so superficial. Actually and metaphorically, being ‘up’ is not a pleasant feeling for you. Being ‘down’ is so much more natural. But, to become an eagle, the next step in your individual soul development, you must learn to fly. Fiery signs can assist, but this requires a leap of faith on your part. Many Scorpios don’t like to fly. Your anxiety is due to the loss of control you feel at 30,000 feet. It’s different when you’re at the controls, when you are in the pilot’s seat, but when you’re the passenger, you become uptight, although you don’t let on. In your darkest moments, when everything seems futile, you need a confident and strong pair of arms to lift you up. The problem is you never like to admit that you need help. It’s hard for you to take the outstretched hand because you might appear helpless.

Sagittarius can equip you with the sense of purpose and significance you have been hoping for. Most of all, they can make you laugh and encourage you look on the sunny side. You can learn much from Sagittarius and the other fiery signs with their spontaneity and eagerness. As you can teach the air signs to connect with their emotions, the fire signs can help you be more positive, extroverted and extemporaneous. You may not be aware of it, but you have much more in common with fire than you know. Passionate, imaginative and ambitious are just a few of the traits you have in common. Fire excites you, and because you are made of ice, you quickly begin to melt. The water boils, you lose control, and you’re transformed. That’s unsettling to say the least. Sagittarius is impetuous, incredibly carefree, and never seem to have any problems. You think, “Can life be that simple? The “fieriest” of all Aries is just as passionate as you but they wear their heart on their sleeve. Scorpio has never felt comfortable revealing their feelings so openly. Leo, like Scorp, is a fixed sign, and makes for a complicated relationship because like leopards fixed signs can’t change their spots. But the Sun, Leo’s ruler, can bring you light when you are in that dark and gloomy place.

The primary reason that Sagittarius causes you so much grief is that they absolutely cannot be controlled. For them, freedom is indispensable, so when you run into them, you can’t use the same approach used with everyone else. When you dare to harness and domesticate them, they fly from your hand and gallop away, like the Centaurs they are, without a care in the world. Maddening to you, they believe that everything turns out for the best, and as if by magic, it does. When life takes a surprising turn, they just take it in their easy stride. Can life be that uncomplicated?

Is there some kind of secret that you don’t know about? Well, there are some things that can only be experienced by faith. As you develop, you will come to realize that you can indeed pick up something from fire. Opening up and being enlightened by Sagittarius and the other fiery ones doesn’t mean you have to give up your power. Actually, your powerful Scorpio traits grow as you learn and exercise faith and trust. Then you merge with absolute power, the Creator of the Universe.

Marie Antoinette, Voltaire, Indira Gandhi, Bill Gates, Grace Kelly, Hillary Clinton, Robert Kennedy, Christopher Columbus, Captain James Cook, Vivien Leigh, Marie Curie, Larry Flynt, Charles Manson, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Dicaprio, Sylvia Plath, and Jodie Foster all share a Scorpio horoscope.Explore Scorpio Compatibility. Back to the top of Scorpio Traits.

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