The Scorpio Horoscope (Oct. 24 – Nov.22) highlights a special mission in life – to deeply examine eternal mysteries, transcend science, and to fathom and merge with the ultimate source of power. Scorpio, magnetic and passionate, loves nothing more than tramping the unknown. Whether the interest is psychology, life after death, or the mysteries of tantric sex, the Scorpio horoscope explores it all. Once fascinated by something or someone, there is no stopping until the depths have been plumbed, and the secrets stripped and brought to consciousness. Not an easy mission, but it’s a challenge relished by this inquisitor.

As a deep-sea diver searching for pearls must confront all sorts of unknown creatures in the depths of the ocean, this bold explorer despises the dangers. The strange and remarkable hold a compelling fascination for this Zodiac Sign. To survive requires a measure of control. Self-preservation in these dark corners of the mind demands an iron will to protect this voyager from being swallowed up by the demons that lurk there. Ultimately, control is an illusion, since no one can control the unconscious. Powerful Scorpio traits lead to intense and fated, karmic experiences which is another reason why control is a phantom.

scorpio horoscopeUnable to relinquish authority to anyone, who is not known and trusted completely (and trust doesn’t come easily here), there is a tendency to assume the worst, in fact it’s expected. This dangerous attitude can turn life into a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom and gloom. Always expecting the worst can make you a victim of your own negative thinking. Able to soar to amazing heights, the fascination with everything deep and dark can pull you into a downward spiral of self-destruction, if you are not mindful.

You need to relax and lighten up. Have more fun, let yourself go, and just enjoy living. Develop a belief system, a personal life philosophy to help make sense of those things you take so seriously but cannot control. A little faith and optimism go a long way.

A lifetime of Libra wisdom has taught the importance of partnership and justice, to see all sides of a position, to disclose to others only what you wish them to see, and to be a shrewd observer. You know that life is not always fair. During your Libra incarnation you were introduced to a broad range of people and learned about relationships. Now you want to intensify those connections. You want to relate to others much more completely and establish enduring emotional connections that will last no matter what. Complete union is the objective when it comes to personal relationships. The attachment is forever as far as Scorpio is concerned, a union that is deathless, transcending life.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. The figure eight is the symbol of infinity, the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth. There’s much more to the Scorpio horoscope than sex, death and depravity. The synthesis of Fixed energy with the water element makes an iceberg, with only 10 per cent of you above the surface. Your primary interests are the mysteries of life. It happens that these mysteries lie deep in the unconscious, which is also where socially unacceptable behavior exists. In spite of this, your instincts tell you that the unconscious likewise contains treasure in the nature of sacred knowledge waiting to be revealed. Basically, you are drilling down to these rich deposits that are buried in the soul, to locate the source of power itself. This is an arduous task because it means you have to separate the treasure from all the toxic muck and slime.

The four Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, are powerful, tenacious, passionate and thorough. But, Scorpio with an extra degree of intensity can push themselves to the absolute threshold of human endurance.

All Water Signs are deep, but your sign is the most fathomless of all. Intrigued by the unknown, and the need to strip away life’s mysteries, you don’t reveal your own secrets because you don’t want to appear unprotected.

Astrology and psychology are subjects that hold a deep fascination for Scorpio for these are some of the devices that can help you dig beneath the surface and understand more about the world around you, the people you encounter along the way, and ultimately yourself. Powerful Mars and Pluto, Scorpio’s gods, are known for their characteristics of masculine strength. But the Scorpio horoscope is in fact feminine, and thus a formidable synthesis of yang and yin, equally vulnerable and firm. Having two such dynamic rulers makes for an incredibly strong mind and spirit, but underneath a very soft and sensitive soul.

People often see Scorpio as much stronger than they really are, and this is exactly the image that they go out of their way to project. Pluto/Hades god of the Underworld ruled the souls of the dead. He wore the helmet of invisibility, and just like Pluto, Scorp prefers to remain impenetrable. There is, however, one god more powerful than death, Jupiter who rules the following Sagittarius is the next step in evolution, and has more to teach.

Mars, god of war, supplies his children Aries and Scorpio with strength, passion and energy, but the difference is Aries’ horoscopes are open and direct while Scorpio’s are secretive and intense. Objects of your desire are magnetically attracted to the mystical aspect of sex which Scorio considers the gateway to passion, ecstasy and intimacy, fascinates.

Childbirth is often difficult for the Scorpion baby. Struggling into the world is a theme of birth and death that go hand in hand. As a child they don’t like their privacy invaded. They may keep the bedroom door locked and have a secret hiding place for their favorite possessions. They like to probe deeply into anything hidden or unknown and pass hours and hours concentrating on whatever holds their interest. They are introduced to painful events early in life, and these situations set the scene for the journey ahead. Life is about climbing out of a dark place and into the light, altering course and turning life around. You believe that attack is the best form of defense. There is a tendency to project onto the “Dark One” traits such as jealousy, resentment, greed and many other objectionable characteristics. As they become older they become stronger and learn how to deal with these negatives. They are survivors.

Basically, Scorpios come in three types with each illustrating a stage of development. The first stage is the scorpion. These poisonous creatures hide under rocks, always prepared to attack – victims of their own negativity and bitterness. The next higher level are the serpents, wise and fascinated by the mysteries of life and dedicated to unveiling its secrets. Most Scorpios find themselves at this level of soul evolution, for this is a lengthy journey with many serpentine twists. The highest stage is the eagle. The ultimate journey in life is moving toward the greatest heights possible. Possessing an incredible faculty of self-control and an immense willpower, obstacles in life are overcome, yet the challenge remains to use this power wisely.

One of the genuine Scorpio traits is an instinct for investigating underlying causes of problems and uncovering the truth. This suits them for a pursuit in research, psychiatry or psychology, indeed any career where they can use their marvelous powers of concentration. Many doctors and therapists are born under the sign.

Understanding and accepting that sacrifices must be made to achieve anything worthwhile, the sometimes take life too seriously. Scorpios inwardly understand the laws of karma. What goes around comes around, and for this happens more unequivocally to Scorpio than any other sign. Life is bittersweet, and nobody understands this better. But even at their lowest ebb, they have deep reserves of strength and the ability to turn things around. It may require a lifetime, or many lifetimes, to ascend to heights where the eagles soar, but this is their vision, and where they are lead.

Power and passion are Scorpio’s keywords, but especially power. Once found and won, Mars must learn how to transcend it. Persistent, they never lose sight of a goal, and will labor night and day, year after year, until the objective is achieved. Success generates not only power but often money. And, with great instincts for knowing exactly where to invest hard-earned cash, financial highs and lows can be a journey from rags to riches, and them back from riches to rags. But, nothing conquers their indomitable will and eternal hope.

Fated and seaming destined events are common themes for this sign, which must constantly renew and regenerate itself in order to grow. Endings are a necessary part of life, a process that must be experienced for growth and development to take place. These events forge a rare depth of understanding and awareness into people and life that helps illuminate the way forward that others follow. It’s common for Scorpios to attract damaged people who instinctively sense a capacity for deep compassion and the power transform lives.

Projecting an ultra-cool and professional exterior, inside is a passionate and intense astrology that actually needs both intimacy and independence. Longing to share fully and completely with another, relinquishing secrets is a terrifying prospect that eventually must be done. Trusting enough to totally surrender will bring the deepest fulfillment possible. This longed for soul union and emotional intimacy is possible only when the powerful ego in the Scorpio horoscope is subdued, and honest feelings expressed. Flooding in, those intense emotions, seething below the surface, will melt the iceberg and flow into the grand cosmic ocean and to the source sought after for so long. Explore Scorpio Compatibility with the other Zodiac Signs. Back to the top of Scorpio Horoscope.

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