Scorpio Compatibility Horoscopes are synonymous with torrid sex in many people’s minds, and for good reason. The Scorpio Woman is an enchantress with a hot body and a cool head. Scorpio compatibility telegraphs the potential magic of instant, eternal arousal and deep, all encompassing sex. They may not be distinguished beauties, but the potent vibrations of their astrology emanates adds up to drama, prestige and mystery.

Among the Scorpio Traits, its sexuality has acquired mythic proportions. Mention that you are a Scorpio to folks at a party, and notice their reactions. Tell your son‘s teacher that you’re a Scorpio, and observe the blink and the wide-eyed revaluation. For to be a Scorpio woman suddenly transforms you from “Jimmy’s mom” into a creature with the sex drive of a trucker and the virtuosity of a geisha.

scorpio compatibilityThe Scorpio woman is born for sex and power – love does not necessarily enter into the mix. Our dominatrix tends to outdo her lovers in stamina and the need for variation. Orthodox faithfulness is not her bag, and she never gets headaches (she gives them). The salacious reputation is one that she skillfully creates. Depending on how confident she is with her own sexuality, the Scorpio sexual fantasy can be a lifelong onus or a boon to her personal life.

Sex is certainly the most commanding attention grabber in our country. Money rates a close second, death a respectable third. The Scorpio woman is as much at easy in the nether lands of lust as with themes of death (thanks to light and breezy Pluto). No one could want a more multi-faceted woman. She is intense and deep-rooted about everything in her life, including sex. Her sexual energy can be compressed or quelled under certain circumstances, or unleashed in an explosive, extravagant sensuality.

We hear much more of her insatiability than of her sexual conflicts, Yet the fact is that she can sustain her sexual inhibitions to an remarkable excess. She suffers from a shrouded, deep-seated vulnerability – a periodic need to escape into sexual continence and an underlying obsession with “catharsis,” which can prompt her to asexuality and masturbation.

Her polar opposite is Taurus, and her subconscious identity reflects the still, deep source of self-doubt linked with that sign. Some of the Scorpio woman’s mad sexual activity is a cover-up for her strain of Taurus insecurity.

There are two keywords that explain her sexuality. Variety is one. She needs diversity in her sex life. Power is the other keyword. Her greatest secret is that sex is almost never her actual goal. It’s power that she’s after. The Scorpio woman uses sex as a means to an end. However much she takes pleasure in sex, she rarely forgets that it is the most powerful weapon in her armory of tools for control and survival. She employs sex to register points, vanquish the opposition, gain entry, or boost her influence. She uses sex to ensnare her mate into complete dependence or, just as often, to promote herself higher on the ladder of success.

Nothing that Scorpio does is simple. There are always two radical paths for her, and her sex life is no different, As a juvenile and young adult, she is either extremely inhibited and avoids sex altogether, or she is an early freak to a full range of sexual exploration, She may be a resolute virgin or sexually sophisticated. The late-blooming path is traveled by the Scorpio woman who has been brought up in a sexually inhibiting setting. Often, it is a religious household or school where she is encouraged or compelled to channel her fascination away from sex.

If she is abused or reared in a home without warmth, she is likely to withdraw into a secret world of imagination. She may dream of wild escapades, of daring rescues or of wicked princes who kidnap and rape her. She may be depressed or sickly throughout her teenage years. But inhibitions and passivity are seldom permanent. Sooner or later, she discovers how to snatch temporal victory (status or authority) from the jaws of sexual frustration. She will probably have rehearsed it all in her dreams many times.

The Scorpio girl may also traverse the other extreme and abandon herself sexually by age twelve, She may throw caution to the wind, rebel, and explore the depths of the much advertised mysteries of sex. She may take risks that drive her parents wild, and often ends up with an unwanted pregnancy.

The Scorpio girl is prone to be unpopular with other girls and usually has only one close friend. She is secretive and agonizes in silence, Her sexual adventures in her youth and later may be a compensation for the isolation and loneliness she almost certainly feels as a teenager.

She often develops a batty crush on a female teacher at twelve or thirteen and later channels it to a male. Most teenage girls do this, but Scorpio will carry it to extreme (like many things in her life). She may be teased for it. As a teen, she is moody, broods a lot, is preoccupied with death, and believes that love will bypass her forever. Because of the fundamental character of Scorpio, she is fated to be exposed to some exceptional sexual circumstances. Incest, covert affairs, sexual cruelty, drugs, and involvement with undesirables may all be part of the stage around her.

Scorpio is usually obsessed with unrequited love, which allows her to give free rein to her latent masochism. She frequently squanders her virginity before the end of high school. If she resists the lure, she may do so out of a conviction that chastity will help her check her desires altogether. In fact, it may do the reverse. Repressing sexual tension can generate a volcano inside her.

By twenty, she has often wrapped some spellbound males around her fingers or thighs. She is well on the road to sexual mastery, and game to dish it out and take it in return. She was born for sex and power. Love does not, by definition, enter into her calculations. She may genuinely love her primary partner, but she always keeps the door open for times when she may require some variety or a bit more stamina from a performance. She easily outpaces and outdistances her lovers, and conventional faithfulness is as foreign to her as the idea that you may live forever.

It is she who is in control of the sexual relationship. She casts the characters, choreographs the dance, selects the decor and the timing. She is a sex star, and while her body may run to fat later, she will keep it limber enough to imitate the postures practiced in the Kama Sutra. She is an exacting, lusty lover and hard to satiate. The faint-hearted need not apply. But most mere mortals would also agree that she merits a round of applause for her dedicated attention to sex and generally forthright expression of her passions.

The most positive dimension of her sexuality, however she employs it, is that she herself truly loves it. She seldom has to be convinced to have sex in spite of herself. She never gets “headaches.” If she gets crabby with menstrual cramps, she will try to relieve them with multiple orgasms. In regard to sexual desire, she is an emancipated woman.

The Scorpio woman is inquiring and experimental. She is quite compulsive about trying novel things. Stock props in her head or in her bed include S&M apparatus, dresses, panties and bras that titillate, leather outfits, bondage gear, drugs, candles – everything that permeates the environment with eroticism. She may be a groupie who enjoys the touch of satin sheets, the aroma of marijuana, the beat of music and a strange sex partner every day.

She is wired, sensitive, selfish but intensely loyal, and more thin-skinned than we might suspect. She would be the first to nod approvingly at the idea of female superiority. In the arena of sex, she considers herself light-years ahead of her sisters. And, who will contradict her?

Once the Scorpio woman turns on, she never wants to stop. It’s as if she entertains a perpetual flame that keeps her kindled and game. And the more sexually galvanized she is, the more uninhibited and powerful she becomes. Her sexual responses throughout intercourse take the following form:

  • Initial hesitation before becoming aroused.
  • Sudden animation (she may flip her partner over and ravish him, though seconds before she seemed cool and aloof).
  • Totally abandoned involvement.
  • Powerful, multiple orgasms.

A man overcome with passion, howling obscene words, accompanied by grunts, hard breathing, and wild thrusting is the Scorpio woman’s idea of sexual heaven, It helps if he has enormous reservoirs of physical stamina.

She enjoys oral sex, and may have climaxes while performing fellatio. Words on their own can put her on the edge of orgasm. The Scorpio woman likes heavy, deep thrusting and cervical stimulation. She may become a fanatic of anal sex. She desires a man with an exorbitant sex drive who has developed total control of his own reactions. A multi-orgasmic male is a solid winner. Her fantasy male is a bit of a macho sadist with a lot of hair and visual appeal, along with a touch of sensitivity, and consummate sexual skill.

She has no interest in a man who is reluctant to engage in oral sex, or is uncomfortable with her elaborate sexual program. A psychologically impotent man who crumples under pressure will never even make it to her bear-skin rug. She wants to be dominated (although it likely won’t happen). Weak men are chewed up and spit out, they are never eaten.

The Scorpio woman enjoys sex in exotic, and high risk places. As befits a daughter of Pluto, sex in a hearse promises a “religious” experience. Becoming a member of the “Mile High” club with sex on the sink of a full 747, a quickie between floors with a perfect stranger, or faster than a speeding bullet sex in a phone booth are some of her fantasies. These fantasies can quickly turn into reality for the Scorpion goddess.

She likes the smell of sex, kinky toys, home porn videos, “French Ticklers”, and gets turned on by hard-core magazines, and erotic sculptures. Scorpio probably invented the flexible shower hose with power head. How else could a woman experience multiple orgasms during a Jersey Shore commercial?

The Scorpio woman is interested in exploring sexual taboos. Her internal sexual discord centers around her underlying sadomasochism. The Scorpio woman is a natural “ball-buster”, who subjugates and emasculates men. She uses every physical, emotional and mental artifice from her powerful mind and dark, primitive instincts, to her beckoning thighs and energy robbing sexual appetite to make a man her “slave”. She satisfies more of her lover’s desires than he ever knew he possessed, then proceeds to drive him bonkers with her demands, jealousy and interminable personal crises.

She searches for a man who is her equal in all areas, and tests him ceaselessly. This testing is done primarily through efforts to dominate him sexually. She will endeavor to break her mate in, and then break him down. She takes no prisoners. The Scorpio woman is a born dominatrix.

Her S&M fantasies include fetishes of legs, feet, and ensembles of fur, leather, vinyl and rubber. Some of the men she enslaves may adorn themselves in lipstick, long painted fingernails, and wigs. Others hanker to be walked on with spiked heels. Bondage is the most common theme with restraints, various instruments of stretching, choking and torture, perhaps culminating in sodomy. While she may appear to be running the show, in reality the limits are set by the “submissive”, who can always end the session with a “safe-word”.

Even a simple Scorpion housewife, is adept at dreaming up extravagant sexual scenarios in which she is the consummate dominatrix. She is well prepared to visualize herself in rubber or leather as she commands a man who is satisfying her fantasy. She is nothing if not a perfectly sexual creature, with the cajones to perform anything a man challenges her to do.

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In spite of her brazen toughness, she has a masochistic bent herself. Unfulfilled longing and pain are no strangers to her, and this applies to her sex life. Early painful experiences have programed her to integrate the subconscious demand to suffer. She may effect this by allowing herself to be bound, spanked, and compelled to yield to her partner’s wishes that may leave her bruised and exhausted. Scorpio compatibility and masochistic fantasies have their basis in guilt. No western woman as controlling as she is escapes the indictment that results from her own iron will. Back to the top of Scorpio Compatibility.

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