Scorpio-Aquarius Compatibility is a synthesis of two very different life principles and contrasting needs. There are many opportunities for friction in Scorpio-Aquarius compatibility astrology. Where Scorpio confronts their inner emotional world squarely and with an intense energy, reasoning deeply about the more veiled undercurrents of life, Aquarius takes that same kind of energy and directs it outward. With their unusual, illusory and, above all, very social viewpoint on life, Aquarius seems an unusual choice for the more introverted Scorpio.

Aquarius requires a crowd to feel stimulated, and they’re perpetually looking for the next engaging person to get to know. Scorpio, on the other hand, needs engaging, penetrating and very private time with their romantic partners. This couple may appear to have little in common, but they both have such resolute wills that, when centered on their relationship, can secure them what they want and need.

scorpio-aquariusScorpio and Aquarius can both be uncooperative and dogmatic. They like affairs to go their way, no questions asked. And for this love match, their ways could not be more dissimilar. Scorpio is inquiring, digging deeply into the disguised meaning of things, forever asking questions and wanting to understand where things are headed and why. Aquarius is forward thinking and affable and does not worry about detail.

Scorpio may be beguiled by their differences, as Aquarius introduces them to new, external worlds but may finally end up baffled trying to get answers from this quirky enigma. Aquarius does not countenance possessiveness, preferring instead to be a constituent of the world rather than one particular person. But stinging Scorpion can be bitterly possessive, and they demand more attention than an Aquarian may be able to supply. If Aquarius can chill out and pay attention, they may discover the devotion Scorpio supplies to be a great comfort.

The Planets Mars and Pluto govern Scorpio, and Saturn and Uranus command Aquarius. Mars is a radical, aggressive and spirited masculine force, and Pluto illuminates these impulses and adds a rebirthing, recurring character. Saturn is a laid-back, contained energy, and Uranus is concerned with all things different and phenomenal. Mars is tempestuous, reacting without thinking matters through, such is also the personality of Scorpio.

Saturn demands of Aquarius merciless work and discipline, while Uranus contributes that forward thinking mind. A sympathetic Scorpio lover, careful not to fetter an Aquarius too tightly can enlighten their mate about a life grounded on emotional intuition, one that placates the intellect at times in favor of physical contentment. Understanding Aquarians can coach their serious Scorpio lover to relax, to detach themselves from unmanageable situations and to reassess their goals if they drift off course.

Scorpio is a Water Sign, and Aquarius an Air Sign. Air relates to the intellect, so Aquarius attacks life as one opportunity to grow and probe after another, while Scorpio is more discriminating. Scorpio searches for purpose, and Aquarius pursues stimulation. These love mates have difficulty comprehending each other’s origin of thought. Quarrels arise as Scorpio’s jealousy gets the better of them or if Aquarius comes across too cool and flippant and refuses Scorpio emotional consolation. Both need to discover that they see the world in distinct ways and they should honor and laugh at their diversity.

Both Scorpio and Aquarius are Fixed Signs that can be unyielding, opinionated and persistent. If they have an agenda, they’ll stick to it until their labors are rewarded. Once they make up their minds that they are good for one another, they will never be dissuaded from maintaining the relationship. But they may have such conflicting approaches to life that their romance gets more difficult than it is gratifying. However, if they believe in the worth of the relationship, they will be able to surmount the differences.

What’s the best characteristic of Scorpio-Aquarius compatibility horoscopes? Their genius for realization through their synergy. Both have very dominant personalities, so neither will openly control the other. Once they can respect their differences, come together and concede on their individual roles within the relationship, the results can be passionately gratifying. Explore Scorpio Compatibility with the other Zodiac Signs. Back to the top of Scorpio-Aquarius Compatibility.

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