sagittarius artSagittarius, November 23 to December 21, is the Zodiac’s “wanderer” and “wonderer”. Sagittarius is constantly searching for the meaning of life, usually finding it in movement and change.

Masculine (Yang), Mutable Sign, Fire Sign, and ruled by Jupiter, its color is blue, and birthstone Turquoise. This sign rules the thighs, hips, and to some extent, the feet. Their keywords are understanding, enthusiasm and exploration, their Tarot suit is Wands and their Tarot Major Arcana card is The Chariot. Sagittarius shares traits with Chinese Rat Horoscopes.

The Sagittarius horoscope details the gypsy, the student and the philosopher all rolled into one person. There is no other horoscope in the Zodiac as focused on finding the truth and meaning of life, and with a need to understand everything. Archers need their freedom and independence. They never get tired of a change of scenery. Therefore, it is not uncommon for an archer to move many times in his life. A home is just a temporary stopping point along their journey of life.

It’s hard to tie the Centaur down to anything or to anyone. Many gallop through life without ever getting attached. If they ever do find their true love you can bet that they left a long string of lovers behind. Not the most dependable employees, they tend to lose interest in an assignment or project very quickly. Sagittarius is at their best when they have a goal or in need of a solution to a problem. This all goes back to their unending quest to find reason and meaning in life.

Notable Sagittarius Traits include the ability to adapt to change easily, and the preference to learn from experience rather than from being taught in a structured classroom environment. They prefer gaining their knowledge and understanding by traveling and new experiences. Sags are passionately physical and revel in their bodies. Travel is their forte, and home is any place they hang their hat (or stockings).

The most important issue for this seeker is truth and honesty. The Archer tends to be argumentative and blunt, often shooting first and asking questions later, with frank and honest opinions that can be brutal at times. Basically ambitious and optimistic, their strongly idealistic natures can endure many disappointments without being affected. They are honorable, trustworthy, generous and sincere, with a passion for justice.

Anything but conservative in sexual matters, guilt and shame are foreign to the Sagittarius Man. Open about his desires and sexual needs as about everything else, this half-horse is playful, flirtatious, and always on top.

For the Sagittarius Woman, it’s time to loosen up, since we’re now moving from Scorpio’s compressed world of emotional introspection to the high adventures of mind and soul sought by a spirited fire sign who loves celebrating the grander designs of life. Scorpio feels compelled to plumb its depths in darkness, but Sagittarius instead seeks the sunniest of days to explore the immensity of human experience on a global scale. This easily inspired sign feels like it’s on some big mission of great collective meaning. In some ways, Sagittarius represents the wondrous fruits of soul resurrection achieved by Scorpio. It thus takes joy in the unfoldment of the future. Here we happily take to the expansive skies of a higher consciousness, one that allows us broader visions of what is and of what can be.

The Archer enthusiastically views life in this wide-angled manner, and tries to uplift the rest of us so that well do the same. Mutable Sagittarius represents fire in its most restless expression (which means something more than just being overactive, like Aries). The boldness of fire suggested here is less physical than intellectual, and the journeys to be taken are more geographical than psychological. The Archer does not easily internalize its energies. It figures, Haven’t we already had enough of that in Scorpio? Sagittarius may believe in the hellish dimensions in which Scorpio has sometimes found itself trapped, but it surely doesn’t want to go there any time soon. It’s packing its bags for other trips to take, the fun kind filled with awesome discoveries.

Wherever we have Sagittarius in our chart, well need to wander far from our familiar, comforting security symbols, the ones typically reinforced by our family conditioning. Travel, alone, puts us in contact with what is different from our background. The Archer realizes that, ideally, we humans are all the same but culturally, we certainly are not. Mutability lends a curiosity about how people and things work, and the pioneering spirit of fire helps Sagittarius feel it’s on a quest in this case, a quest for understanding the world at large.

The Archer hopes its journeys will never come to an end. This is the third and last fire sign of the zodiac. Fire always seems to usher in new experiences, and here it can be said that Sagittarius exposes us to more inclusive levels of human interaction. It’s interested in how society, for better or worse, impacts the lives of many and not just of the few. Confronting the big world implies dealing with strangers, and not necessarily on a close, one-to-one basis. Sagittarius finds itself concerned with what’s happening over there, any place far away, even on the other side of the world.

The Archer is learning to develop an international awareness of how varied all societies can be due to their cultural interests, their moral standards, their art, their language, and even their honored religions. Sagittarius find itself enthralled with all the facets that make each society unique. Even closer to home, the Archer seeks to move beyond the personal dynamics of family life and into the broader fields of community involvement. This is the first sign to want to encounter people from all walks of life. It’s not afraid of strangers or strangeness in others, which helps it warm up to matters of universal interest – Sagittarius supports human diversity. Thus, the thought of reaching out and connecting with people, in an attempt to create a more ideal society, is very appealing to this civic-minded sign.

Sagittarius is the do-gooder of the zodiac, the one always trying to drum up good cheer between people. It tries to promote ideals and visions that will fire others up, so that they, in turn, will enthusiastically contribute something of social worth that raises the awareness of many. The Archers mutability indicates that its growing mental interests keep changing. This sign doesn’t seek to build enduring structures that result in entrenched traditions (even though its the sign associated with organized religion). Sagittarius instead takes on the role of a social prophet, the one to show others the light in hopes that something big and beautiful will come out of any revelations that this sign upliftingly offers.

The dream of a model society, one that honors individuality and freedom is what Sagittarius has in mind. Of course, it’s a naive vision that doesn’t take into account the need for rules and regulations (Capricorn takes over those necessary parts of society-building). If everyone was equally high-minded, honest, and decent, as the Archer feels itself to be, then perhaps few, if any, laws would need to be made and enforced. We’d instead always be doing the right thing in ways that benefit everyone.

Lofty, idealistic Sagittarius doesn’t always understand why society’s iron-clad codes are so inflexible, and thus it fights against all authoritative restriction while thinking, These dumb laws don’t apply to me. The concept of Truth may seem abstract and arbitrary to some signs, but it is of vital importance to the Archer. A world of theoretical possibilities opens wide for this ever expanding sign, who’s in hot pursuit of knowing what the Universe is really all about. Is there one over-arching Truth that determines the real nature of all else that exists? Is this what God is all about, or even what physicists have named unified theory, which speculates on the possible, and as yet unproven, existence of a single, determining law that can explain all fundamental energy interactions in existence?

Leave it to Sagittarius to ponder the workings of life on even this cosmic a scale. The big picture can get mighty BIG for this sign. One problem here, in defining Truth, is that fire signs are not all that objective about anything they feel strongly about. Sagittarius especially wants to plainly see that which it already believes to be true, in its heart. It claims to seek the ultimate reality underlying anything, but it has a gullible, credulous nature that keeps it from recognizing life’s less glorious side. The Archer is not realistic or detached enough to handle life’s more depressing truths. Whatever it wholeheartedly believes in is something that it deems to be absolutely true and right for all, not just for itself. That’s when it is more than willing to get on its soapbox and proclaim stuff like, Everyone will need to become a vegetarian before they can find true inner peace.

It’s typical for Sagittarius to make such flat-out statements that sound a bit on the dogmatic side. There is a know-it-all quality to this sign that suggests it doesn’t easily recognize all sides of any issue, just the one it preaches it feels it’s correct about its beliefs, and everyone else is a poor, unenlightened soul needing to be shown a higher path in life. The Archer puts much stock in universal principles that guide humanity’s development. It has faith in all unseen influences that benevolently help shape the course of human destiny and even the fate of nations.

Sweeping assumptions about how things really are, in terms of universal energies, are fortified by the Archers certainty that its visions reflect clarity and purity, leaving little room for distortion. (Sagittarius was undoubtedly the first sign to utter these words, God has spoken to me, and He said . . .). It’s nearly impossible to convince Sagittarius, once inspiration has taken over its entire being, that it could be all wrong about its cherished beliefs.

Sagittarius represents a part of human nature that is willing, in most cases, to give more than it gets back from others. Not even normally gracious, agreeable Libra is willing to do that (and when it does, it often backfires for the Balancer). Yet it seems as if the Archer has an inborn sense of abundance and a surplus of goodwill that allows it to be generous in spirit. It never feels like it’s a loser, at least not when it still can freely give of itself to a world in need. Sagittarian emphasis in our chart shows where we can be like Santa Claus, ready to hand out bag- loads of gifts for the happiness of all. These are typically gifts of the mind and spirit that we offer.

The Archer, like Leo, has a big heart, but is driven to give for less egocentric reasons, and isn’t as prone to dictate how others are to use its gifts, except as joyously and unselfishly as possible. Sagittarius is a firm believer in the importance of doing good works. It knows the big world has big needs that only those blessed with ongoing hope and optimism can fulfill, but certainly not cynics and misers. Sagittarius gets as far as it does in life because it really likes people.

This is probably the zodiac’s most gregarious sign, one that doesn’t seem to mind at all who it gets to rub shoulders with, the more the merrier, as long as the energy level remains high and everyone’s feeling full of pep and enthusiasm. Plus, Sagittarius can be quite boisterous. Still, even if sometimes too loud and going overboard with glee, the cheery Archer is only trying to bring a smile to others and get us all to laugh (Ho, ho, ho), and maybe even teach the world to be thankful for its blessings.

Sagittarius actively enjoys the great outdoors, perhaps more so than any other sign. Of course, Taurus loves Nature’s quiet, maternal side, especially from the security of the Bull’s own backyard. Taurus not only likes to patiently grow plants from seed, it also desires to stay protectively close to its well-tended garden patch, where it can watch the vegetative process slowly unfold. As Taurus relaxes in its familiar, natural settings, it is soothed by the animal sounds that abound, by the fragrant scents in the air, and by the comforting warmth of the sun’s rays, things that are all pleasing to the senses. For the Bull, the living is easy when Nature is at its most green and fertile stage.

However, the kind of nature experience that the Archer gets excited about goes way beyond the birds and the bees. Climbing Mount Everest is more a robust Sagittarian interest than potting pink petunias. For the Archer, the natural world is something to be adventurously explored rather than just appreciated for its beauty while we rest in a hammock on a lazy, summer day. Fire is forever on the go, burning up its energy with vigorous activity. Mutability doesn’t like staying still for long and will take off in many directions.

Thus, Sagittarius is happy when running, riding a bicycle, flying a plane, sailing a ship, taking a train, or hiking on a nature trail. Sagittarius therefore likes to be in movement while it’s enjoying Nature. And, it loves to combine the outdoors with elements of risk and excitement, resulting in activities such as skydiving, hang-gliding, skiing, big-game hunting, and white-water rafting. There is obviously a reckless side to the Archer, who seldom feels it’s in mortal danger after all, how could something tha’ts so much fun be perilous? Sagittarius reminds us, You gotta have faith that the angels are always watching out for you.

Amazingly, such a trusting attitude works well for this sign, perhaps more than is warranted. A refinement of the ego is what mutable fire suggests. Aries and Leo can be fairly self-centered in the pursuit of their goals, especially the Ram, but Sagittarius’ ego satisfaction is tied to the role it plays in helping society improve. Sagittarius is not a power freak (although it is sandwiched in between two signs, Scorpio and Capricorn, that have the potential to be so).

The Archer wishes for great things tohappen to all people, not just to itself, and thus is less self-seeking in its aspirations. Fire usually believes in its own ability to direct its life, without outside interference. Aries and Leo have no trouble doing that, but Sagittarius is flexible and open-minded enough to yield to outside authority (that is, a supreme authority) – the vast, underlying Creative Intelligence that ensouls all that exists. Whether called God or Spirit, this boundless concept of divinity at work is thus born in Sagittarius.

Great faith is placed in an unseen, protective guidance that benevolently helps the Archer along on its life journey. Relying on faith to get what it wants, instead of sheer ego assertion is what puts Sagittarius in a category all its own. No previous sign had ever looked for inner support from spiritual sources, although Scorpio felt close to doing so at times when its own darker moods led to desperation and despair. No sign, until now, has considered the possibility that a Universal Mind exists. Sagittarius is not a mystical sign (that’s Pisces). It does like to have its spiritual beliefs backed up by more concrete frameworks (perhaps a venerable holybook, if not an actual visionary leader to provide the answers).

There is a surprisingly orthodox side to the Archer that seeks to uphold even ancient traditions and rituals. Whatever its beliefs, Sagittarius attests to the healing power of hope and faith, seeing them as forces for good that can move both mighty mountains and human hearts. Without Sagittarian faith, life may seem bleak, meaningless, and much too worldly in heavy, oppressive ways that wear down our souls. Less philosophical Sagittarian types, those who choose not to depend on divine guidance, still can’t help but note that they can be pretty darn lucky throughout their lives. They’ve seen a few times when situations could have turned out much worse than they did, all because of fortuitous, last minute events. These are the folks who, due to an unexpected traffic jam, fail to catch a plane, only to hear later that it crashed minutes after takeoff.

Is this dumb luck? Maybe so, but Sagittarius will eventually want to know why it’s been singled out for protections that others apparently never receive. Even non-religious Sagittarian types, when things are going a little too well, will find themselves looking upward, wondering, Thanks, but why me? It will be a test of the ego to see if this sign’s famous lucky streak will make the Archer assume that it’s always going to be the privileged one who’s never slated to undergo hardships in life.

Sagittarius may arrogantly believe itself to be immune to ordinary, human limitations. Luck may be well deserved. Its source, not necessarily something magical or angelic, may stem from the state of wellbeing dwelling inside good-natured Sagittarius. Fortunate outcomes become the result of the Archer’s deep acceptance of plenitude in life. Positive thinking acts like a magnet, drawing in advantageous conditions. This sign acts as if it was born with a Master’s degree in prosperity consciousness. It is pre-programmed to expect gain, not loss, to anticipate the best, not the worst. It trusts that life unfolds with basically good intentions, and that the future looks promising, not dismal. All this adds upto create powerful energy currents that manifest as lucky breaks in life. This isn’t dumb luck at all, it’s the smart kind.

Jupiter is the planet associated with Sagittarius. The solar system’s biggest member finds itself at home with a sign that loves to keep enlarging its perceptions of life. Both planet and sign show an interest in stretching our mental potential. They urge us to increase our ability to know all about the world around us, especially in terms of understanding its larger patterns of meaning. Jupiter is buoyant enough in attitude to relate to equally exuberant Sagittarius. Together, they promote an upbeat philosophy of living that helps our spirit soar to greater heights of awareness. Fiery Jupiter shows the same infectious enthusiasm that the Archer does, but it is able to sustain its exhilaration for longer periods of time, due to its greater devotional streak. lt’s less restless for change than is Sagittarius, a sign as notorious as Aries for its short attention span (thats probably because the Archer knows there is so much in life to which it wants to become exposed, and yet there is so little time to do it all, whereas Aries’ lack of enduring attention is more a case of disinterest).

Sagittarius, being mutable in disposition, is prone to waver, waffle,switch sides, weasel out of things, pass the buck, or renege at the last minute, especially when it’s starting to feel trapped by a commitment (mutable signs always think they have a perfect right to change their minds, no matter what they’ve previous promised, and this is doubly the case for the fiery Archer). But all the fire planets (Sun, Mars, and Jupiter) are filled with the drive and courage to blaze on, as if impervious to obstacles in their path. Jupiter would rather think it will succeed in its endeavors than fail. Why bail out when you know you’re going to end up a winner? Of course, both Sagittarius and Jupiter can be victims of poor judgment (maybe more so overconfident Jupiter). They lack the power of discrimination found in Virgo and the earthy side of Mercury, and thus they’ll need to pay closer attention to lifes smaller but critical details.

Wherever Sagittarius is in our chart describes where life is trying to show us how good things can be, if only we’d just have more trust in ourselves. Fear or narrow-mindedness never works in our favor here (or probably anywhere else). Yet sloppy thinking, based on a reluctance to apply a little logic and reason to our circumstances, can result in big disappointments. We overestimate our potential, or misjudge what our environment can offer us. Also, the grass is not always greener elsewhere, so let’s be careful not to literally run away from any current problems needing to be squarely addressed (those same problems will crop up in our new locale). Actually, if we try to get in better contact with our spiritual self, our trusty inner-guide, situations can turn out very well for us.

Our faith can create a few miracles, within reason. But procrastination or unrealistic expectations keep us from feeling rewarded by life. Our Sagittarian parts also urge us to get beyond our petty, small-world concerns by volunteering to do something noble and inspirational to help society raise its consciousness. Give us big, important social projects to energetically crusade for, ones that promote the welfare of others on broad, humane levels.

Yet, Sagittarius doesn’t want to be all alone championing such campaigns. It needs to network with people of good faith and honorable intentions. (However, Libra is willing to teach the Archer about the art of tact, since one of Sagittarius’ less-attractive traits is that it’s too blunt in its observations and judgments about society’s shortcomings. Libra suggests dipping into diplomacy’s honeypot to sweeten the Archers fiery rhetoric.)

Sagittarius points out where we have a talent for spreading the right vibes needed to boost team spirit, the kind most necessary for fulfilling high-minded goals.

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, who stands ready to shoot from his bow the arrow which is said to never fail in hitting the mark; which means that they have the power of prophecy for their special feature. There is an idea of freedom conveyed in the symbolof the archer, and of these individuals it may be said that they always aim for the highest.

If we can judge of the individualized Scorpio character now standing prepared to shoot from the bow his self-generated thoughts, we can imagine that this sign will fulfill the mysticism contained in the preceding sign. Sagittarius is the last of the fiery triplicity and the third of the mutable signs; it therefore represents the union of qualities of the head and heart, now sent upward in devotion to the Heart of all things. When fully individualized, those born in this sign are great lovers of law and order. They are very intuitive, very prophetic, and possess the power of sending their thoughts on the wireless telegraph to any distance that they wish.

The seer and the prophet are born in this sign, and we find these individuals to be the most self-confident and self-reliant of any of the signs when awakened. They are always looking forward with a bright, hopeful, and happy disposition, which makes them full of hope and full of joy for the future. They know intuitively that the future state is far better than any that have preceded it. This lends them the power of inspiration, which makes them always enterprising, progressive, and prophetic.

They seem to possess one thought at a time and that thought carries them on to the goal they wish to reach. They have a decisive way of expressing themselves which can. never be mistaken, for behind it is the intuition that knows. It may be said of those born in this sign that their failings are those that can be easily forgiven; the worst evils have been left for the sign Scorpio to work out. When personal they may be very personal. They are then restless and inclined to be over-active, very highly strung and nervous, with a tendency to become petulant and irritable. The personal Sagittarian is a blunt, brusque, and outspoken character, and may become very exacting and somewhat domineering.

When perverted their nature is exceedingly rebellious, never willing to submit to the least restraint, and when angered they know just where to hurt their victim, which arises from their ability to sense the weakest spots in others. Then, with the arrow fully charged with hurtful speech, they know just how and where to wound. There are very few at our present stage who can express all that lies concealed in this sign. This being the ninth sign of the zodiac, the house of guru or teacher, we may foresee what humanity is to become by a knowledge of this sign. It represents, first, science, then philosophy, and finally the true religion; and we find the Sagittarians leading to one or other of these three attributes.

The scientist may remain experimenting in the regions of science, quite unconscious of the philosophy and religion that are ever close to him, and the philosopher may go on philosophising without attempting to turn his energies into devotion. As the third of the mutable signs, we may at our present stage find many indecisive characters born in this sign, who are quite uninteresting and often very indolent persons. We, may again find a great majority led on by teachers whom they are content to allow to shoot their arrows for them. But, the awakened Sagittarian is the true marksman who shoots his own arrows from his own bow and marks out in thought the ideal that he himself will seek to climb to.

The Sagittarians have nearly always clear mental pictures, and they are able to image that which they wish to see. It is the sign of the future, the promise of a coming humanity, whose thoughts will no longer be scattered, but directed to the goal which all must reach. Sagittarius being a mutable sign, and having sympathy with Gemini, its opposite, the lungs would be the first part of the system to show signs of weakness. This would be produced by the hyper-activity of the Sagittarian, who would scatter his forces and thus deplete the vitality.

Walking exercise will always be the best for those born in this sign, they would then be able to recuperate and draw into themselves the vitality needed, but in this they should be careful not to over-exert themselves. Being naturally fond of sports and all outdoor exercises, they usually live healthy lives, but they are more liable to accidents than the other signs, and more often suffer in this way than from disease.

In common with all the fiery signs, they make good military men. We might think of the Aries as the common soldier, Leo as the captain, and Sagittarius as the general or commander. The common soldier would rush headlong into the fight with the impulse and impetuosity characteristic of his nature. The Leo captain, with his determination, decision, and practical thoroughness, would be able to lead and direct with perfect control, while the Sagittarian commander, with his foresight and prevision, could command, knowing just where to direct the energies of his forces.

Sagittarians make good teachers, clergymen, lawyers, astronomers, photographers, designers, inspectors, equestrians, horse-dealers, nx sportsmen (professional and amateur).

To sum up the character of the Sagittarian individual, we may consider him as an introspective, impressionable, active and enterprising person, always frank. honest, generous and sincere; loyal to whomsoever he becomes attached, and generally wise in his love expressions. Although not so demonstrative as Aries, or as steady and fixed as Leo, still the Sagittarian is expressive in his feelings. The Sagittarians make splendid characters when allowed perfect freedom.

Being lovers of liberty, they can recognize the law of order and harmony. But, when bound or placed under any restraint, they become fretful, irritable and rebellious, and it is then difficult to restrain or pacify them. They will never willingly hurt, but when pushed to extremes are inclined to say much more than they mean.

They always like to do one thing at a time, and are in this quite different to their opposite sign, which seems to desire to leave things unfinished, but not so the Sagittarian, who, being of one thought and one mind, likes to accomplish that which is in his mind. The persons born in this sign may reach to a great height of prophecy, and they may make great attainments in the world on spiritual lines.

Some famous Sagittarians include Noel Coward, Mark Twain, Tina Turner, William Blake, Bette Midler, Brad Pitt, Ben Stiller, Lucy Liu, Britney Spears, Woody Allen, Kim Basinger and Walt Disney.

Sagittarius is compatible with its own sign, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo and Libra. Explore Sagittarius Compatibility.

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