sagittarius womanThe Sagittarius Woman, 23 November–22 December, sees the world through rose-colored glasses. She dreams big, and reality rarely fazes her. Independent, the Sagittarius woman has a strange remoteness about her. She loves feeling protected, but does not enjoy being bossed around. Breezy and unconventional in her relationships with men, she is a trusting child at heart. Sagittarius moods can be terrible, but they are rare, and last so briefly that they are hardly noticed. When really hurt, her tongue can be cruelly sarcastic.

With a sensible, practical manner, she values security, respect, authority, and position. Although she seems to be steady and even-tempered, that is just a façade. She will flare up, when she gets really hot under the collar. She needs to be assured of complete commitment, before she plunges into a relationship. Unusually attractive, she is quite unsure about her appearance, and needs constant reassurance that she is pretty. With a tight hand and reality firmly in grasp, she runs a smooth home, and makes an excellent wife. For her, life is for living. In the quest for her own personal grail, whatever that may be, she’s not really interested in the objective; it’s the journey itself that most matters. As she gets older, she might begin to wonder if she will ever settle down. It’s the one experience she hasn’t had, always putting it off until “tomorrow”. She prefers the momentary high to the long-term constant.

With an incredibly generous and equally extravagant horoscope, she doesn’t recognize the true value of money. She’d give away her last dollar to a homeless person, even if she were homeless herself. She’d spend a month’s pay on a night out to say bon-voyage to friend she only met last week. As far as she is concerned, money is to be spent. It always turns up when she needs it as if by magic. So, a regular pay check isn’t one of her concerns.

The Sagittarius woman stays amazingly fit, even for someone half her age. She runs everywhere she goes, and that’s on top of going to the gym up to five days a week, including Sundays. Just turning 50, she’s starting to become aware of her limits. But that’s not slowing her down.

Sagittarius loves to travel, and especially loves being close to nature and the great outdoors. Out of the way, exotic destinations intrigue her. Diverse cultures and visiting ancient temples holds a special fascination. Travel enriches the spirit and broadens the mind, but her mind is broad to begin with, so, as she journeys throughout the universe, her mind becomes as large as Jupiter itself.

Religions also attract, but any teachings which in her eyes appear hypocritical, such as disciplined, fundamentalist, ritual worship, are soon discarded. Deep down, she understands that the spirit is simple the energy that animates life. To her, it’s quite obvious. Having been through Scorpio’s Underworld, she knows that life continues after death. This knowledge sets her free. Ever the scientist she accepts the rule that energy can’t be destroyed, that it only changes form.

Sagittarius woman needs to learn discipline. The saying, “Life isn’t easy”, in her case refers to all those rules and regulations. To her, life would be so much easier if everyone could do exactly as they pleased. She feels that Big Brother is watching her every move and it makes her furious. Hell, who has time to fill in all the required forms for this and that? All this paperwork is just more obstacles, like accounting and dealing with tax men, that dry the creative juices that flow in her mind. Time is the enemy of all who lack self-discipline and patience, and everyone is trying to build fences around the centaur’s paddock.

Greener pastures elsewhere are always beckoning, and she, like the Sagittarius Man, will gallop off without warning. It doesn’t matter how far away it is, or whether or not she knows how to get there, or even if it actually exists. She always feels like a teenager, grounded for coming in late, who’s constantly itching to escape. The planet Earth is just too tiny, so she moves to vast and majestic Jupiter and leaves the heebie-jeebies behind. It’s common for the Sagittarius woman to suffer from claustrophobia, and she’s quite content exploring the unknown universe. Eventually, though, she must come back down to Earth. Civilization would not function without rules and regulations, and though she may never admit it, she actually needs these rules.

Being so honest, she’s the first to admit she doesn’t handle restrictions well. With an open mind she is always eager to learn new things. Earth signs are best at teaching her how to handle the material world. They can help turn her grand visions into solid, long-lasting reality. Incredibly optimistic and completely fearless, the Sagittarius horoscope is the luckiest in the zodiac, and because she expects to succeed, she usually does.

However, she’s only half horse. Her top half is human. A centaur, the human part has to live in the real world where responsibilities cannot be avoided. While the horse part of her wants to be free, the human part must face reality.

As a child, this tomboy was always falling out of trees and coming home with cuts and bruises (if she came home at all). She had her fair share of sport injuries and broken bones, and loved every minute of it. Her parents tried to keep her on a leash, so she wouldn’t run off, but it never worked. A happy, playful kid with a voracious curiosity about the world and people, she was constantly on the lookout for new adventure. This natural curiosity never leaves her. And, the long journey towards personal enlightenment is never taken too seriously because she wants to enjoy the ride.

Like Jupiter, she is larger than life and moves about rapidly. Wide open spaces appeal to her, and she lives life in the fast lane. “Jovial, a word derived from Jupiter, describes her very well. Naturally optimistic, happy, and fun to be around, making people laugh is as easy as falling off a log (she’s good at that too). Sagittarius, a Mutable Sign, makes her highly versatile. All four mutable signs (including Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces) are restless but adaptable. The seasons are changing as the Sun moves through these signs. Sagittarius (with the possible exception of Gemini) is the most changeable zodiac sign of all, because her mutability is combined with the enthusiasm of the fire element. As she matures she will begin to understand that excitement for its own sake is an empty experience. Thrill-seeking will eventually wear thin.

One of the most powerful Sagittarius Traits is “horse sense”. Call it intuition or instinct, she has this remarkable knack of sensing what is around the corner. Sagittarius woman knows when danger is about (just like a real horse). These instincts help her flee dangerous predators (like Capricorn who wants to bridle and break her to plow).

Creative, passionate and visionary, above all, she needs space and autonomy. She can rise to great heights, but she needs discipline to achieve lasting success. This is where she stumbles, at least early in life, before she develops the wisdom that comes with maturity.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are the happiest relationships she will encounter. In fact, fire can’t burn without air, so the presence of air signs in her life is essential. Libra and Aquarius are excellent matches for her. They ignite her passions. She might be fascinated by Gemini, her polar opposite, but air signs are very different from fire, they are rational and logical. Her compatible similar signs are fiery Aries and Leo. Her compatible complementary signs are airy Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Signs she can learn from are earthy Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, and people she can teach are watery Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Eager to share her philosophical insights about life with anyone and everyone, she most of all wants to educate the water signs. These are the folks who lack and need her natural confidence.

The Sagittarius woman is so very physically fit and active, she may achieve success as a professional athlete. Since she likes to explore the world, her talents might be best employed in the travel sector, as a pilot, flight attendant, tour guide, or in any type of outdoor work. She might become a musician, actor, a motivational speaker. She could find happiness as a, priest, spiritual adviser, or teacher. Young at heart, she will retain her youthful enthusiasm throughout life. At some point, however, her restless urges will have all been spent, and she will have experienced everything she could possibly experience, and begin to wonder what comes next. Maybe then, she will even consider settling down. Explore Sagittarius Compatibility. Back to the top of Sagittarius Woman.