sagittarius-traitsOf all Sagittarius Traits, the need of complete freedom of movement is the most essential. The Centaur cannot be harnessed or broken. Sagittarius loves the wind in his mane as he easily courses along byways, rivers and hills of the natural world that he loves so well. It’s the man-made obstacles that trip him up. Red tape, rules and obligations are the obstacles that Jupiter must hurdle.

Personal relationships quickly bore him. One of the Sagittarius traits is the need for constant variety, and not only in the bedroom. He can run a mile in seconds flat when he senses a current love interest hinting at a permanent commitment. Freedom to come and go is vital to the Sagittarius Man. Like Jupiter, he is a bit of a Don Juan. But, despite his restlessness, he is capable of making a life-long commitment. So how can he stay free and unbridled, while hurdling rational life’s restrictions and barriers that were designed just to slow him down and dampen his wild spirit? Is it possible for him to live in the material world of limitations, and still retain his honest, natural Sagittarius traits?

In 1610, Galileo with his newly invented telescope discovered four moons circling Jupiter. Jupiter is like a miniature solar system itself. At last count there were 63 moons, as well as a number of asteroids. One of the moons, Ganymede is the largest in the solar system, it’s even larger than the planet Mercury. An asteroid, named Chiron was discovered in 1977. In Greek mythology, Chiron, the only “civilized” Centaur, was a friend of Hercules, and knowledgeable in the healing arts. Chiron takes 50 years to orbit the Sun, and it’s not until the age of 50 that Sagittarius is ready to lose his Peter Pan shadow, and become the wise healer of the zodiac, a figure of graceful maturity.

The Sagittarius Woman burns to know the secrets of the universe, thanks to her last life as Scorpio when her soul probed the dark depths of the unconscious. She inherited a lifetime of Scorpio insight. Scorpio made her passionate and strong. She emerged from Pluto’s dark Underworld, and can now survive just about anything. The Centaur feels invincible. No matter what happens, she is always able to bounce back and cling to her limitless faith in life. Mutability and fire explain her restless energy that kindle spot fires in her course as the sparks fly off her hoofs.

Like all headstrong Fire Signs, Sagittarius is accident-prone. First, because of his adventurous nature, second because he tends to overestimate his ability to do things, and third because he just doesn’t manage the material world very well. However, when these all too frequent accidents do occur, there are, invariably, fringe benefits attached. Even if it’s just another really interesting story to tell.

He really hates being tied down, and any type of constraint will cause him to take the bit in his teeth. By continually avoiding personal responsibility, he actually makes the problem far greater. If he dealt with the task at hand immediately instead of avoiding it, it wouldn’t become such a monumental issue. The more he avoids the concrete world of material reality, where personal responsibilities and rules must be adhered to, and where time is money, the further away he actually gets from reaching his goals.

But, the cavalry to the rescue! The solid, dependable Earth Signs can show him how to break this cycle and find both fulfillment and purpose. They can help him to stay in one place long enough, develop discipline and build something lasting, to put down roots and realize the long-term rewards. The down to earth element, with all its focus on regulations, details, and time, is the element that aggravates him the most.

Fortunately for him, conscientious earth souls are eager to help him understand the importance of moderation, conservation, and sustained effort. They want to help him go the distance and build something truly worthwhile and lasting. Earthy Capricorn personifies everything he finds most annoying and frustrating.

Living on top of the mountain, the highest places on Earth to which we can climb, the Goat Capricorn knows the slippery slopes and rocky terrain. While goats have no problem bounding from rock to rock, horses are out of there element here. Cappy can show Saggo the route to the summit of the mountain. It’s the one place he has yet to explore, all he needs to do is follow the Goat, or he can end up traveling the same worn paths again and again, getting nowhere fast and realizing that the search for meaning has become in fact, meaningless. Saturn saddles him with responsibility and maturity that set him kicking and bucking. Like Jupiter, he is determined to throw off Saturn whom he feels is always “riding” him. Being tied to a desk is definitely not a suitable occupation for Sag, nor is any routine job where he doesn’t have free rein. Above all, their free-spirited astrology needs space and autonomy.

One of the primary Sagittarius traits is a life-long obsession to uncover the secrets of the world and experience the mysteries of existence and the meaning of life. The search for meaning is Sagittarius’ spiritual quest in life. This quest will carry him down many roads. Being both human and horse, he needs to express both the spiritual and physical facets of himself. Saggo rules the legs and thighs, and thus loves to walk and run.

With horoscopes incredibly optimistic and completely fearless, they are also the luckiest sign of the zodiac thanks to Jovial Jupiter. And because Sagittarius expects to succeed, he usually does. But obstacles and restrictions frustrate him to no end. He simply can’t bear to be tied down or limited in any way. The archer, aiming always outwards and upwards, and always shooting at something or someone, thinks that if something is good, more of it must be better. He delights in recounting his amazing adventures. These stories often turn into tall tales since life to him is one grand exaggeration. Each time he tells a story, it becomes more dramatic and ever grander, until it finally turns into epic myth.

Though he can embellish and exaggerate a story for effect, this doesn’t mean he is deceptive -far from it. This sign is perhaps the most open, honest and straightforward of the zodiac. He never minces words, but comes straight right out with it. Sagittarius suffers from hoof-in-mouth disease. Asked for your honest opinion, he believes that you should be prepared to hear it. “Big? Honey, your ass looks like two pigs fighting in a gunny sack”. It’s just a statement of fact. Why would anyone get upset? Sagittarius is one of the most undiplomatic of people on the planet, but some may consider it refreshing in this day and age, with so much political correctness and spin, to hear the honest, plain truth. Being a great comedian, making folks laugh is as easy, for him, as falling off a log (and, he’s good at that too).

Sagittarius Mark Twain, writer, humorist, and world traveler, left his autobiography with the stipulation that it not be published until 100 years after his death, so as not to embarrass his family. A highly spiritual man, Twain was born with an appearance of Halley’s Comet, and said many times in his life that he wanted to go out on the comet’s return, and so he did.

The search for truth, meaning and purpose, and to live life to the fullest is this philosopher’s mission. Sagittarius needs to experience everything there is to experience. Life for him is a breath-taking, incredible adventure. Determined in his quest to find sense of purpose and ultimate meaning, he is equally resolved to have fun along the way. Above all, his is a voyage of the spirit, and freedom. Freedom to him is oxygen. Without it he dies.

Even with his highly developed intuition, he often misinterpret signals. That attractive stranger whom you thought winked at him last week may have only had some dust in their eye, but it turned out that they really hit it off. Call it intuition, instinct or plain ole horse sense, he has this incredible ability to sense what is around the corner.

Sagittarius, ultimately physical, enjoys keeping fit. He knows that money will turn up when he needs it, and as if by magic, it does. Risks are one thing, total recklessness is quite another. He can be too rash for his own good as he goes after his next big thrill, be it sky-diving, fast cars, or betting all his money. Blessed with excellent metabolism with Jupiter ruling the liver, overindulgence is something he needs to be constantly aware of. Too much booze, food, sex, and even exercise again comes down to common Sagittarius traits.

The inability to recognize limitations combined with a natural excitement and high stimulation can lead to excesses of all kinds. Incredibly strong with uncanny instincts, intuition and an ability to survive just about anything, Sagittarius recognizes the fine line between life and death, is master of his fate, jealously guards his personal integrity, seeks after truth, believes that honesty is the best policy. First of all Sagittarius traits is the certainty that life is short and should therefore be lived to the fullest. Explore Sagittarius Compatibility with the other Zodiac Signs. Back to the top of Sagittarius Traits.