Sagittarius-Pisces Compatibility models a relationship built on realized dreams. Sagittarius is a thinker and philosophizer, drifting from one flight of fancy to the next. Pisces is inward, deeply absorbed in the fluctuations of their own mind-scape. Sagittarius-Pisces compatibility astrology appears opposite in many respects, and to outsiders may seem a highly unlikely pair. But as their regard for one another intensifies, they are more than able to satisfy the philosophical longings of the other and sustain a vigorous and healthy relationship.

Sagittarius and Pisces are both versatile and outgoing. In the relationship with their gentler partner, Fire Sign Sagittarius is quick to come to the defense. Pisces, in turn, gives Sagittarius a refuge of escape from their tireless endeavors, and a subtle understanding. Water Sign Pisces adapts easily to its surroundings, and tends to focus much energy on sympathizing with and understanding their partner. They are usually more patient with Sagittarius remoteness than other Zodiac Signs. Sagittarius’s active search for knowledge combines well with Pisces’s gentle understanding towards others to give both partners a self-consciousness that doesn’t pass into self-centeredness and isn’t excessively accommodating, such as Pisces by itself may be.

Pisces and Sagittarius are both ruled by the Planet Jupiter. Pisces is also governed by Neptune. Jupiter brings outreach and exploration to both partners. Pisces is concerned with this facet in an abstract sense, as the fish often finds itself trying to save the world (perhaps in the form of environmentalism or recycling). Sagittarius, on the other hand, would rather broaden their horizons through scholastics. Neptune is about the big picture, illusions and ideas, but it’s also involved with fantasy and disillusion. Sagittarius can help Pisces set its feet on solid ground. Jupiter functions through Pisces to put a softer touch on Sagittarius’s frequent hotheaded outbursts.

Fire and water can make a great couple if they give a little, using innate understanding of people and situations to resolve matters. Pisces can offer Sagittarius guidance and help them discover how to be gentler, while Sagittarius demonstrates to Pisces how to go out and explore the world. This pair will enjoy traveling together. Pisces can be emotionally damping for the Centaur at times with too much Water quenching Sagittarius’s fiery spirit. On the other hand, too much Fire can leave watery Pisces steaming. Pisces and Sagittarius must use their perceptive skills to improve the relationship, by occasionally focusing on the needs of the other.

Pisces and Sagittarius are both Mutable Signs, with neither feeling a need to control the relationship. They like to see the positive results of their ideas, and they enjoy the peace that comes from equality and sharing. Pisces experiences great happiness in serving Sagittarius. Pisces and Sagittarius both enjoy dreaming up ideas and putting them into action. They are not preoccupied with end results, because for this pair, the pleasure is in the journey. A minimum of conflict over roles keeps Sagittarius and Pisces laboring toward the same goals with considerable success.

What’s the best feature of Sagittarius-Pisces compatibility horoscopes? It’s that they can relate to each other on such a controlled and level-headed manner, and profit from one anothers wisdom. Pisces teaches Sagittarius how to care and empathize, while Sagittarius shows Pisces how to turn dreams into reality. The ability of each to supply what the other lacks makes theirs a genuinely reciprocal partnership. Explore Sagittarius Compatibility with the other Zodiac Signs. Back to the top of Sagittarius-Pisces Compatibility.