sagittarius manThe Sagittarius Man, 23 November–22 December, is a dreamer who sometimes kids himself by making an unconvincing attempt at dealing with reality. Although his soaring imagination can lead him on occasion to crash and burn, Lady Luck has an astonishing way of rescuing him in the nick of time. Women often misinterpret his attitude, and think that he is more romantic than he really is. The truth is, the Sagittarius man is never in a relationship for keeps. He’s an unabashed flirt, that’s not to be denied, but he’s not looking for sex alone. He needs variety and mental stimulation. He has no sense of attachment, and no qualms about cutting and running. He, like Peter Pan, is a perpetual child with little concept of responsibility. With a broad expansive vision, he wants to soar high, see the world, and find inspiration. Always young at heart, he is the archetypal kid. But as he rises to positions of authority, there are obligation that must be faced. Taking personal responsibility is one of the most important of life’s lessons that he will learn.

sagittarius manSagittarius has a self-made brick wall around him. He is a bundle of contradictions. Laid-back, he can be fiercely ambitious when it’s required. He experiences a reverse aging process. Serious as an owl in his youth, he relaxes gradually as he matures. Reverent when it comes to family ties, he takes time to fall in love, looking for a secure relationship. Financial security comes first with him. He detests mushy, romantic declarations of love, but once guided and tutored in the fine acts of love, he becomes the companion every woman envies.

Snug between Capricorn and Scorpio, signs that see the serious side of life, he, like the Sagittarius Woman is much more interested in having fun. Why be sad and glum? Life should be lived to the fullest and enjoyed, no matter what. One of the zodiac’s freest spirits, he lives his life accordingly. The fire element makes him creative, energetic, and dynamic, and mutability explains why he is always on the go, leaping about from place to place, igniting little brush fires along the way. Sometimes it’s needful for the forest to burn down, so that new growth can take place, but things can get out of hand. It all rides on what type of fuel is burning and the governing weather conditions. His little sparks can kindle a forest fire that easily changes direction and quickly gets out of control.

sagittarius manHaving a belief system is essential to his spiritual well-being. It really doesn’t matter what form it takes, because to Sagittarius, the most important thing is to keep an open mind. Seeking spiritual enlightenment, some Sagittarians are lured to organized religion, while others adhere to their own style of faith. Some axe and change their philosophy of life as often as they make new friends.

Saggo’s ruler Jupiter fell in love with and married his sister, but was constantly unfaithful to her. To avoid getting caught, he would change himself into different animals. But, as soon as had he had made love to a new nymph, goddess, or mortal, he would immediately lose interest and go looking for his next ex. Jupiter’s relationship with his sister/wife was troubled to say the least, yet they remained together and managed to retained their sense of humor.

Wild and unruly creatures, centaurs, descendants of the god Saturn are aggressive and indulgent, and spend much of their time cavorting in drunken orgies. Chiron, the wise healer and teacher, was the exception, educating a number of heroes including his friend Hercules. Hercules, one day while hunting, took aim at a herd of savage centaurs, but accidentally hit Chiron with one of his poisoned arrows. Although a great healer, Chiron wasn’t able to heal himself, but being partly immortal couldn’t die either. Praying to Zeus to be released from his intense suffering, he was permitted to die and enter the Underworld. Chiron symbolizes Sagittarius’ capacity for wisdom and skills in the arts, teaching and music. Sagittarius’ life journey is to rise above the purely physical nature of the wild centaur, and pay the painful price of being human.

By far the largest planet in our solar system is vast Jupiter. All of the other planets can easily fit inside Jupiter twice over, with plenty of room to spare. Jupiter is the brightest object in the night sky after the Moon and Venus. Its journey through the zodiac takes 12 years, spending around 1 year in each of the Zodiac Signs.

Sagittarius thinks that if something is good, then more of it must be better. For this reason, it’s a good idea for him/her to avoid drugs and alcohol. Being naturally high to begin they have difficulty knowing when they’ve had enough. Moderation is not a word found in the Sagittarius dictionary. Being blessed with Jupiter’s incredible good luck doesn’t mean Saggos are immortal. High-spirited and always putting adventure and fun before duty and responsibility, he acts on impulse and takes advantage of any opportunity that comes, and if no opportunity comes along, then he makes one.

His spiritual quest might begin at university where he is exposed to a wide range of teachings and people. Subjects like astronomy, law, theology, music, sports, philosophy, and languages may interest him. University life often appeals to Sagittarius, though he would rather learn from experience than from books. Throughout life, he’s always looking to expand his horizons and knowledge.

Because his quest is to find purpose in life, he is likely to become interested in an array of spiritual subjects. Hare Krishna, Buddhism, philosophy, Scientology, and any number of esoteric topics might hold his interest for a minute as he searches for his next guru.

In personal relationships, the Water Signs present the greatest challenges and problems in communication. With very different ways of looking at the world, water signs (emotional basket-cases that they are) are uncomfortable and suspicious of Sagittarius motives, sunny dispositions, and back-slapping. Fire and water don’t mix, water will resist all of the Centaur’s encouragements until they realize (and that might take a while) that Sagittarius is not going to hang around for that long. Impatient and frustrated with wishy-watery procrastination, the Sagittarius man is none the less drawn to these delicate creatures, chivalrously offering help and advice. Appearing sad, withdrawn, and unable to help themselves, all they really need to solve all their problems is a more positive outlook, thinks sunny Sag.

Fire Signs Aries and Leo are his best buds and that’s because they have so much in common. All fire signs are outgoing, creative, and confident, but relationships between them can become ultra-competitive, and too much fire can whip up a “firestorm”. Gung-ho and risk-takers, they encourage each other to ever greater hazards, inevitable accidents and jail time.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) will cramp his style, restrict his freedom and frustrate him to no end. But, he could learn a lot from them, if only he could “chill”. In fact, earth signs can provide him with the structure and form he requires to build something worthwhile and lasting. Down to earth signs are here to show him how he can manage the material world, since putting down roots is not something he is keen to do. Dodging obligations and responsibilities, his claustrophobic nature instinctively delivers him from most traps.

The enlightenment he is seeking is not to be found in some faraway mystical land. It could be just beneath his feet, if he only stood still for a hot minute and looked a bit more closely. Earth signs can help him get better organized so that he can actually accomplish his goals. Just like he wants to help the pitiful water signs be more outgoing and confident, the earth signs are eager to give him their practical advice.

Living on Earth is difficult for this cosmic wanderer. His physical body just chains him down, preventing his flights of fancy. While he is busy watching the big screen, earth signs are focused on the pixels. He’s a visionary, but earth is plain, ole, common sense. Together, they can do the impossible. Although earth embodies everything he considers most frustrating, Sagittarius needs to realize that these grounded types have the tools and talents that he needs most.

Taurus has the financial sense he lacks, and can show him how to save and invest the money that so quickly burns holes in his pockets. The luckiest sign of the zodiac, when it comes to money, Sag comes in second to the rock-solid bull. The Archer and the Virgin are both mutable, but Virgo manages to stay in one place long enough to take care of all the small stuff that he finds so boring. Virgo is good at reading the fine print, filling in forms, and pointing out all the traps that snare the Centaur. Though Sag has great vision and foresight, Virgo sees the small hitches well before he does. And, if he ignores her advice, he will have to bear the indignity of her condescending gaze and the, “I told you so” that is sure to follow. The solid counsel of the earth signs is worth more than gold, if only he cared for money or advice. His lack of self– discipline is the cause of all his frustrations.

His special gift to the world is a wonderful enthusiasm and positive attitude, which can inspire and make a real difference in the lives of people. If everyone were Sagittarius, no one on Earth would ever be depressed, sad, or lonely. And, there would be no religious conflicts, for everyone would believe in a simple and glorious spirit of life far above any structured religion. Although the Sagittarius man doesn’t manage material reality very well, to energize people everywhere to live life to the fullest is his priceless gift to the world. Explore Sagittarius Compatibility. Back to the top of Sagittarius Man.