Sagittarius-Leo Compatibility is action packed and generates lots of heat. Both enjoy life to the fullest and are extremely bold and dynamic. This pair is fun to be around, with each encouraging the other ever onward, upward, faster and farther.

Sagittarius, with their philosophical bent, provides a buffer to the “larger-than-life” obsession of kingly Leo. Both are charismatic, warm and charming, and people enjoy basking in the glow that the Sagittarius-Leo compatibility radiates. These two powerful signs also have genuine admiration and esteem for each other.

The astrology of both is endearing but impatient. In this relationship, there’s never a dull moment. Philosopher Sagittarius finds the world a textbook that must be studied, while lordly Leo plays the gracious host. Both are ultimately social, but it is of utmost importance to Leo that they be considered in control of the play and always at center stage.

Both of these signs are greatly respected by others, and it’s vital that this couple remembers to regard each other with the same marked deference. Leo is the Zodiac’s natural and uncontested leader. The archer Sagittarius is constantly stalking prey of one sort or another. Completely enthralled with the study of human nature and the subtleties of the life within as well as the world without, the endless flirting of Sagittarius greatly vexes Leo.

Sagittarius is ruled by expansive Jupiter, and Leo by the glorious Sun. Both are Yang energy archetypes and jointly they make a brilliant combination. Because they are so similar, they understand one another innately. Jupiter is about expansion, and the Sun is about Self and excess. Together they provide an outward and personal and focus on the world and themselves, although, they often overexert themselves. They’re an entertaining couple in any setting or situation with their high energy and delightfully, compatible personalities.

Sagittarius and Leo and are both Fire Signs. This makes for a very passionate and heated relationship. With incredible stamina, they appear to be the only ones able to keep up with one another’s boundless energy. Although Leo’s sweeping ego can exhaust Sagittarius, their clash of viewpoints don’t last long. Sagittarius, quickly moving on to the next adventure, and Leo’s sunny optimism have already swept aside their petty disagreement.

Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign, and Leo a Fixed Sign. Leo can fine-tune Sagittarius’ social graces and charm as Sagittarius supplies Leo with the deeper insight they may be lacking, while. Leo’s shallow vanity, bossiness, and tendency to sulk can irritate Sagittarius. However, they both are devoted and loyal to one another, and the minor setbacks are substantially outweighed by the other benefits of their union.

What’s the best feature of Sagittarius-Leo compatibility horoscopes? It’s the mutual admiration they have for each other, and the willingness to work as a team when they are determined to seeing things through. This pair complements each other with their combined attention to world and personal affairs. Both understand their place in the relationship. Their comparable fiery passion and high energy make them a functional love match. Explore Sagittarius Compatibility with the other Zodiac Signs. Back to the top of Sagittarius-Leo Compatibility.