sagittarius horoscopeThe Sagittarius Horoscope reveals a life of endless adventure, a journey so interesting and rich with promise, that it may be hard to decide where to focus effort and attention. Before settling on a particular career, the Sagittarius horoscope insists on much experimentation, and many different roads of travel. Quick to move on from one project to the next once the challenge and interest are gone, the Sagittarius Man can be quite irresponsible and indisposed to take on the burdens and restrictions of adult life. Focus, discipline, commitment, and concentration are not his strong suits.

Their astrology is incurably optimist, with high aspirations, big dreams, and hopes for the future. They are commonly pursuing some distant goal. You have a great deal of trust and faith in life and failures don’t quash your spirit. You always bounce back from frustration, often with another bright scheme or dream. You have a playful, sporting, attitude toward life and are unemotional about your mistakes. You have the power to see the big picture and sense future trends, and you like to imagine and speculate. However, taking care to all of the details and practical demands of implementing your theories is galling to you.

Sagittarius Traits include a direct, very open expression of opinion, and a straightforward manner. They are often frank and tactless as well. Since you do not take yourself too seriously, you may not recognize how deeply your candid statements can injure more sensitive souls. In fact, though you may not grasp it, your insensitivity and lack of awareness regarding others’ feelings is likely one of your worst faults.

You enjoy company and friendships, but you need your freedom also and do not accept well a possessive, clutching, or emotionally demanding partner. You are quite liberal yourself, and heartily dislike triviality in others. Someone who shares your principles, your sense of fun, and your gusto for life would be the right partner for you.

To medieval astrologers, there were three types of Sagittarius – the scholar, the gypsy, and the philosopher. They’re all healthy, legitimate, parts of the picture. Sagittarius symbolizes the urge to expand horizons, and to bust up routines that imprison us. One way to accomplish that is to escape the shackles of the culture into which we were born (that’s the gypsy). Another way is to school ourselves, to push our perception beyond the customary (the scholar). And, finally, our intuition can extend outward, trying to reconcile with cosmic law, attempting to comprehend the meaning and purpose of life. That’s the way of the philosopher.

To keep Sagittarius enthusiasm healthy, they need to feed it an unending supply of fresh experiences. As carbohydrates power the physical body, excitement feeds the Archer. If there’s a fundamental sin for Sagittarius, it is to willingly, consciously permit themselves to be bored.

For those with the Sun in Sagittarius, freedom is the most cherished arrow in the quiver. You flourish on experience. The heart beats faster at the sight of a distant horizon. Life is a pursuit of experience, adventure, and ultimately, for meaning. The Scholar, the Gypsy, and the Philosopher all play major parts in your inner existence, along with the need for major input into your way of life. There’s a Gypsy-like destiny facet to your life that introduces you again and again to culture shock, like traveling and working with people from diverse backgrounds.

The Scholar is apparent in your lifelong fancy to learn, to break up your mental habits. And, the Philosopher in you has always wondered, “What am I doing here?” The development of the ego to the remotest bounds of human thought, knowledge and experience motivates Sagittarius. Rushing out eagerly to greet life, fitted out with a radiant nature, ample vitality and an alert, keen, mind eager for the company of earth and willing to broaden his knowledge to last frontier of heaven.

Their approach to life is uncomplicated, for the aim is not devious: it is to experience, to sense, to try, and to venture. As a result, Sagittarius travels far, figuratively, and literally. He journeys, either in thought, geographically, or both. And however he travels, he travels fast. If he finishes anything at all, it is because he is quick and not restrained. Life is too short for him to worry with details, and he believes that he will see more, learn more, and know more if he motivates more. He can thus be flippant, but is rarely shallow, for his honesty goes right to the bone, and a cliché on his lips can turn out to be a great truth because of the earnestness with which he believes it.

The creative drive is strong, thus does the ego unfold and perpetuate itself in its enlarged state. Idealism is potently marked, as are philosophic and religious tendencies. Sagittarius takes naturally to sober thought and, even if uneducated in the strictest sense, is at home with abstract principles, ideas, and beliefs. They have little use for doctrine, and are unconventional in thought. They are so elementary that their actions are generally unquestionable. A low-type Sagittarius is a rare bird. At its worst, the sign may become mediocre and cornball. Abundant energy and genuine good spirits protects them from the worst that life throws up. The superior types, eagerly exploring the spiritual, and geographical world, live the abundant life to the hilt. They leave the world a better place than they found it by the pleasure they bring to others, by some special gift to religion, philosophy, or science (in which they are uniquely fitted to shine).

Sagittarius is the archer aiming at a goal. With eyes on the far horizon, Sagittarius is following a lofty goal or glorious vision. Sagittarius does not get mired in details. They comprehend the overall situation and they negotiate, travel, socialize, and explore on a grand scale that provides them the contacts, information, and resources to follow large scale projects. Because Sagittarius has a broad range of experiences, they usually avoid getting stuck in a situation. They discover another avenue around the problem, and they have enough alternative resources and contacts to find a workable alternative to their current environment.

Another characteristic that helps Sagittarius is that they seldom take things personally. Their broad perspective of life allows them to see insults and criticisms from others in a proper frame of mind, and their feelings are hardly ever hurt. They often do not recognize that others are more sensible to personal judgments than they are, and therefore can tactlessly say something and appear to be either thoughtless or extremely blunt.

Lady Sagittarius thrives on grand adventures in life just like her male counterpart. They feed this urge through education, travel and spiritual quests. Their enthusiasm is hard to miss, and they inspire others to reach beyond their grasps through the example of their own lives. Difficult to follow, they are headed into new territory before the dust ever settles around their track shoes. Personal assertiveness is always part of their personality. The Sagittarius Sun is a powerful driver, stirring the sense of adventure and eternal questioning and contributing an air of excitement.

The Sagittarius Woman is comfortable embarking on her own, particularly if there’s a strong, driving interest. As a young girl, the father may have been particularly connected to an interest in philosophical learning or religious teachings may have been a haven in your life. But you may also harbor a need to develop these elements of life in your own particular way. Searching for the truth in yourself is likely to uncover some surprising differences from your upbringing. Establishing your individual identity may be easier said than done since you have a tendency toward utmost reverence for your teachers and often take the principles too literally.

Separating the teacher from the lessons will allow you to gain self-confidence in your individual potential to develop a bond to divine truth. Then, as you probe the vast nature of spirituality, you may come upon a path which is distinctively your own. This in turn shapes your sense of who you are, not only as a woman, but as a person on a crusade for the ultimate.

Intelligent and curious with a love of adventure, you may find that you are actually afraid of success. It’s that familiar question about where to aim your arrow. Aiming for high ideals may leave you short, so you might compromise for something else, just because it’s easily attainable and quick. But, there’s that yearning in your heart for something more. There’s a powerful drive for success, and it’s the risk itself which gives you the feeling of excitement and puts the light in your eyes. After all, when you do hit the moon, you’ll just adjust your sights for something beyond. You have a quick perception, but you are uncertain and mutable in your opinions. You are good-natured, fearless, high-minded, ingenious and crafty. Proud and quickly angered, you get over it quickly, as you don’t have time to hold a grudge. Stout–hearted, witty, valiant and severe in the exercise of power, this does not stop you from achieving success.

Fire Signs are “hot” and “dry”. “Dry” means, among other things, that you see distinctions quickly and easily, and that you are more influenced by intellectual considerations than by passion. Being “hot,” you respond to things quickly. Giving vent to your anger strongly and immediately, you don’t harbor ill will and feelings. You may be seen by others as angry, but that’s only because they are not “hot” themselves. You will be distinguished as having a high energy level, and yet you are mindful of a curious serenity amidst the seeming activity. You require more sleep than colder type individuals in order to recharge your batteries.

Mutable Signs adapt easily to change. So easily in fact, that others may wonder if you are capable of sustaining a permanent position about anything.

The Centaur has a powerful sex drive which means that you can be violent and vicious if angered. Ruling planet Jupiter has an extraordinary, mythological interest in sex and in love affairs, especially as being a personality empowered with command and authority. Explore Sagittarius Compatibility. Back to the top of Sagittarius Horoscope.