Sagittarius Compatibility demands much physical and sexual freedom. Sagittarius brings to each potential encounter the anticipation of a great feast. Searching for a kindred spirit in a partner, Sagittarius compatibility requires a fellow traveler with whom to share the “Horn of Plenty”. Sagittarius is the Don/Donna Juan of the Zodiac for whom sex is an “act of friendship” (who has time for love?). Impatient Saggos’ motto is, “Forget the foreplay, bring on the entrée!”.

Commitment is not one of the Sagittarius Traits. Thinking only of a brief encounter, the physical “rush” means more to Centaur astrology than the illusion of love. Sagittarius is capable of keeping love and sex quite separate, and they are very comfortable with the one night affair. At breakfast, they will be happy and relaxed, full of humor but clearly ready to walk out the door after a wink and a sincere kiss. Even in longer affairs, they prize friendship more highly than love.

Sagittarius astrology carries an ancient and powerful, sexual secret. The Centaur, cousin to Pan, has the sex drive and purpose of a satyr. Far from shy, they trumpet their adventurous sexuality loudly and openly. A Yang (masculine) sign, the Sagittarius Woman always has a “comradely“ quality to her affairs with men. When she remains with a man, it is out of admiration and respect for him as an equal. Love is often the last thing to flower in her as the relationship continues. This masculine quality of thought and action can result in great misunderstanding and confusion for the Sagittarius woman. She may be pursued by cold or weak-willed men who wish to dominate or be dominated by her. Unlike her Scorpio sister, she is not titillated by power games to any great extent. Though she finds mild forms of subjugation and mastery in sex play intensely pleasurable, the master-slave dynamic utterly contradicts her notion of mutual independence.

Seldom allowing themselves to fall in love, they prefer the freedom to explore ever greener pastures as they follow their roving eye. However, when they fall, they fall hard, and the whole universe becomes wrapped up in the beloved. Even after the ardor cools, the memory is carried as long as they live. How does your sign match up with the Zodiac’s freest spirit? Check out these Sagittarius love matches.

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A perpetual state of motion derives from the need for constant stimulation and never is the animal energy more alive than on the dance floor. The music courses through Lady Sagittarius’ veins like a second, familiar heartbeat, and the hundreds of undulating bodies around her are sensual magnets. In the diffused sensual atmosphere of the dance floor, the Sagittarius Woman will experience many peaks and valleys of arousal. As the night pulses on, temptation grows, and she becomes increasingly excited and frustrated. This buildup can actually cause her to lunge at some leering (and more repressed) stranger, or she may find herself in trouble with someone else’s date.

The Sagittarius Man and woman are often ready to tumble in the hay with a stranger. But, no matter how anonymous the encounter, their partners never feels “used”. Three key words provide a greater understanding of Sagittarius sexuality. The first (thanks to ruler Jupiter) is expansive. As with everything else in their life, they love to stretch out sexually, with plenty of room to move. A cozy candlelit chamber will choke them with claustrophobia. Far more arousing is a long stroll on the beach, preferably nude. The more space around her the better, and the beach at sunset is a glorious setting for love for the Archer.

Love of adventure makes them willing playmates in the woods, an abandoned house or the loft of an unoccupied barn, even in an empty ski lift, with all the unzipping and mitten stripping it implies. They love sex while exercising, and as exercise. Never more gloriously alive than when active, activity stimulates Saggo in every way. And, when they end up in a hotel, it will be in a suite with a king—size bed and a view. Their own bedroom is large or gives the impression of tremendous space. It is light, airy, and simple, and the bed is enormous. Lovemaking is the dance of life for Sagittarius, and a sense of freedom is the only requirement for a bravura performance.

The second key word is direct. The female Sagittarius is not coy. She will not tease her lover with “go away, come closer” games. Her sexual interest is often aroused first, or at least simultaneously with yours. There is no need to pursue her; you are likely to collide. She knows who she wants, and her signals will be clear. In fact, more often than not, she will simply tell you. She appreciates the same kind of directness in her lover, and making love with her often involves a good deal of erotic conversation.

The Sagittarius woman would rather you speak your desires than try to second-guess you. In turn, she will let you know exactly what feels good. She loves sound effects too. Groaning, shouting, and even well-chosen four-letter words will only spur her on to greater heights. She grows impatient with too much pussyfooting around. Rubbing knees under the table is more apt to irritate her than turn her on, unless your dining room is large and private and you can proceed directly to the sofa.

Her sexual response pattern in lovemaking seems to be the following:

  • 1. A glorious sense of freedom or personal expansion, most likely the result of some limbering, “warm-up” sort of exercise, like a nude swim, horseback riding, or yoga.
  • 2. A frank, direct approach that originates either with her or with her lover. She likes clear interest and admiration, a “no~games” approach including blunt talk and four-letter words—but no bathroom humor. This is not a woman who considers sex dirty in any way.
  • 3. Firm, strong, powerful intercourse. The Sagittarius Woman is all there, and her movement is wholehearted, timed to the stroke. She loves strenuous intercourse and will make love all through the night. She wants most of all to be totally spent, and it takes a great deal to satisfy her.
  • 4. Multiple orgasms through the night. The Sagittarius Woman experiences many peaks of pleasure, and after a blissful orgasm she will rest peacefully for several minutes-and then start all over again.
  • 5. A feeling of peace, warmth, and oneness with the universe. When she’s finally satiated and spent, she will lie back, dreamy and distant, and seem to commune with nature, the stars, or her own mysterious inner spaces. It is best to leave her alone in this reverie, and let her come back of her own accord. She will be serene and loving when she does.

Like Jupiter, the Sagittarius woman is expansive and joyous in her sexual expression. Her first priority in a lover is that he match her enthusiasm and high sexual energy. She will even ignore power—hungriness or the urge to dominate — at least for one night — if his lust has a sense of humor in it.

Of course she is drawn to athletes and dancers of any sort. She considers men who sweat and train to be in ripe condition for her kind of play. She also loves travelers and foreigners of all nationalities. Her own spirit of adventure will lead her to investigate the physical proportions of an Ethiopian ambassador or the legendary sexual prowess of an Indian yogi. Though many different types intrigue her, she wants a man who is all male, in the best sense of the word. She cannot bear milquetoasts; she hates caveman types just as much. She loves a man who is forthright, strong, and even very directive, but he must be gentle as well. Above all, the act of love is art to her, and she glories in a man whose movement expresses grace, sensibility, and power. She loves any kind of intercourse — anal, oral and vaginal; and she more than likely will carry her own supply of condoms in her backpack. Sex for her is as natural as the great outdoors (her favorite place to indulge).

Sagittarius Compatibility is aesthetic. For all her directness and energy, she does not want roughness. She thinks of sex as a union of equals with slightly different apparatus; she holds the act of love to be the highest form of art. She worships the body of her loved one as a glorious creation, and the dignity of her self love transforms them both into gods. The lover of a Sagittarius Woman is a very lucky person indeed.

The young Sagittarius girl is very precocious, though often not in the way she seems to be. She is usually a very active child, constantly seeking new stimuli for her quick, curious mind and her powerfully physical body. She may have masturbated for as long as she can remember. She is also likely to have early erotic experiences with pets, sitting with her purring kitten beneath her skirt or letting her dog lick her “special place.” She is naturally a great horse lover, and often her earliest crush is on the shaggy Shetland pony she rides bareback in the paddock. Her great love of animals (dogs and horses especially) leads her to sexual fantasies that may in fact stem from her childhood experiments. Those early memories may lead her to especially enjoy rear-mounted anal and vaginal intercourse. Anyone involved with animals — horse trainers, dog breeders, even veterinarians will hold an immense attraction for her.

On the other hand, some Sagittarius girls seem totally oblivious to their sexual natures. They are nonetheless very active, and their sexual energy is sublimated into sports and extracurricular activities like music lessons, drama club, and the school newspaper. But whether she is sensually oriented at this age or not, her energy and independence set the Sagittarius girl apart from other girls her age. She often prefers boys as playmates. Doll parties drive her crazy, and she considers most of the girls she knows “sissies.” She would much rather build a tree fort and is usually the only girl the neighborhood boys will tolerate. As she grows older, her tomboyishness may earn her a reputation for being “fast.” The Fifteen-year-old Sagittarius girl cannot imagine what’s wrong with playing touch football with the guys past dusk, and she is likely to be out past dawn on prom night, careening off for a summer swim in the wee hours with two boys and another terrified female classmate.

The assumptions made about her behavior by other girls and their parents will only confuse her. Boys have long been her favorite companions, and besides genuinely liking her, they are often relieved to find no coy or threatening undertones in her actions. It will take a determined and experienced boy to awaken the sleeping sensuality of the energetic young Sagittarius. It is not her fear that postpones her initiation, but rather her boyfriend’s. He may well find her sun-shiny personality like a cold shower. She can remain oblivious to the whole sexual process unless she hangs out at a breeding farm or has a randy dog. At this young age she is especially blind to sexual nuances, and most of her male peers are too self-conscious to teach her.

Sagittarius girl is apt to take her initiation into her own hands. She may learn about the promised pleasures through her girl friends (she has lots of them — primarily teammates in high school). Or the great revelation may occur to her while watching the neighborhood dogs doing what comes naturally. In any case, she often decides, in advance, with whom she will bestow the once-in-a-lifetime gift.

It may be an “older man”, a college boy, or someone from outside her sphere. Or she may tackle the issue head—on with her boyfriend by asking him directly to make love to her. Often, this comes as an enormous surprise to him, since she has always resisted his snuggling before, wanting a hard kiss and a squeeze, but none of that “icky stuff.” Now she wants the real thing, and it may all be too much for him. If so, her loyalty may postpone her education even further. But she will be very disappointed, and she won`t wait around for long.

By the time the Sagittarius girl reaches her early twenties, she will often be an accomplished lover. After her initiation, she will enthusiastically launch herself on a program of self-education. She is a fast learner; her athletic ability combined with her strong aesthetic sense makes her a glorious partner in the act of love. Her joyful sexuality and her independent spirit give men license to love her with no strings attached. Many men will find her, at least initially, their ideal.

Freedom and independence stand above all other considerations for the Sagittarius Woman in love, She is certainly loyal but not necessarily faithful. She will never become embittered by the man who first adores her, then berates her for her independence. She will simply leave him. She may turn to women for her primary relationships. She may choose a partner more outwardly feminine than she herself is, though role playing is not her style. She will look for a woman who matches her in energy, independence and sexual appetite. For the long term, she wants a lover who is strong but equal. Many men can not in fact, match her staying power between the sheets, and this is another factor that may turn her to women. She may find another lady with the virtuosity and stamina to fulfill her in a way no man ever has. This, coupled with the lack of implicit formal structure and societal expectation in gay relationships, may make lesbian life the ideal alternative for her.

Whatever her lifestyle, the Sagittarius Woman chooses to keep love at arm’s length. She fears intimacy. Although she may be the one to initiate sexual action, she is the first to put the brakes on when her partner gets too close. She knows her own weaknesses and doesn’t want anyone too near. It takes a very special person to gently fan the smoldering embers that lie hidden in the crucible of her sexuality beneath her outwardly cool and blasé attitude. When the fire ignites, she falls deeply and completely in love. Her free spirit and joyous, emotionally undemanding sexuality have led men to respect and admire the Sagittarius Woman for generations. She genuinely loves and respects them in return, but on her own terms. She loves her independent security and she will maintain it, even if it means spending a good deal of her adult life alone.

Through hard experience, she may learn that the very independence and casual companionship she offers her men will lead to accusations when they realize that their love will not change her. She must never allow her own honesty to be held against her in this way. If her man assumes she has been playing a game with him from the beginning, then he obviously does not know her well. But it is her responsibility to make the message as clear as possible. Sagittarius does not lie. If her man so mistrusts women in general that he does not believe her, she must read his message loud and clear as well.

The Sagittarius Woman must remember that her animus (masculine nature) may well be stronger than her anima (feminine side). An interesting facet of her new relationships with men is the challenge of growing more feminine with them. Of course no one wants a clinging vine, male or female, but exploring tenderness and empathy, and sharing the deepest kind of intimacy, is often as big a challenge for the Sagittarius Woman as it is for her man.

As she meets more men who have grown comfortable with their own feminine, receptive sides, she must take care not to increase her masculine dynamic in relating to them. She dislikes weak men so intensely that she may try to force the issue with a man who is just learning to recognize his vulnerability. A man may be drawn to her openness, independence, and kind heart in his effort to strike a new balance in love and Sagittarius compatibility. Insecure Sagittarius horoscope that drive and test the virility of her man may trample his fledgling efforts at real emotional communion and send him packing in a fury along with any chance of a relationship. Back to the top of Sagittarius Compatibility.