Sagittarius-Aries Compatibility is heaven made! With similar energies and interests (both Aries and Sagittarius are pioneers and explorers), these two Zodiac Signs have much in common, and make one of most compatible couples in all of astrology.

Sagittarius-Aries compatibility is exciting and torrid. This love match is always ready for a new adventure. Both actively search out life experiences, and don’t waste time reading about them or listening to others talk about theirs. Unfortunately, this relationship is accident-prone as Sagittarius is occupied about everything but the obvious, and Aries is forever in a rush. It is sometimes difficult to maintain a long-term relationship between these two fiery natures, despite all they have in common, since neither has much interest in following through on all the novel projects they are constantly proposing.

Sagittarius and Aries make fast friends as well as great lovers. They genuinely understand each others starry-eyed view of life. Disagreements are rare, but Aries can be overly possessive, and Sagittarius has an even more powerful need for independence than the Ram. Sagittarius has “hoof in mouth” disease and guilelessly speaks without thinking. Aries is only a bit more subtle than the flirty, fun Archer. But, this pair is able to quickly forgive and forget, as they just don’t have the time to hold a grudge, and there are so many people to do and things to see.

Sagittarius is ruled by philosophic and lucky Jupiter, and Aries by passionate Mars. Both of these Planets are Yang, so this pair sees the world in the same way. Sagittarius especially likes taking risks under the influence of expansive and jovial Jupiter. Enterprising Mars is all initiative and aggressive action. The Centaur is always willing and ready to ride on a moments notice, as Aries is constantly coming up with new and exciting ideas and rousing adventures.

Sagittarius and Aries are both Fire Signs. Joined together, they are determined to set the world ablaze. Always on the go with boundless resources of energy, it’s unusual for either partner to fold on the other.

Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign, and Aries a Cardinal Sign. Aries is the ignition and booster, and Sagittarius is the guidance system that makes the needed corrections in flight. Aries claims the glory while Sagittarius is content to manage the controls from behind the curtain. There’s never a power struggle or fight over “who’s the boss”. Since both are better at starting projects than finishing them, it can be problem (although unlikely) if one or the other feels that the partnership is becoming a bit of a drag. But, even if the Ram does get bored easily, Sagittarius maintains enough of a fun, fast pace to keep Aries out of the rut.

What’s the best feature of Sagittarius-Aries compatibility horoscopes? It’s their shared delight in being the explorers and pioneers of the Zodiac. They are well paired in their energy enthusiasm, and drive. Their similar personalities and common interests make them an exceptionally, well-suited couple. Explore Sagittarius Compatibility with all the Zodiac Signs.

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