rat horoscopesRat Horoscopes belong to those born in 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, etc. Rat horoscopes are Yang, most commonly associated with the Water Element and its gemstone is Garnet. Rat horoscopes share traits with Sagittarius astrology. Explore Rat Compatibility and Love Matches.

The Rat, of the Chinese Zodiac, is utterly disarming, possessing excellent taste, and likes to flaunt its style whenever possible. Natural charm and a sharp, funny demeanor, assure it lots of acquaintances (especially the opposite sex).

Nervous, suspicious, easily angered, critical and fussy; this furry rodent lives for the moment and rarely plans for the future. Imaginative, hard-working and thrifty (often a hoarder), it can be very generous to those in its “pack”. It loves parties and other large gatherings, and often belongs to exclusive clubs. Anxious, aggressive, ambitious, and unbelievably persistent, it makes few lasting friendships. It is compatible with the Dragon, Monkey and Ox. Explore Rat Compatibility and Love Matches.

The Rat is loaded with charm ,creativity, and the survival instinct. Those souls born into Rat years learn the lesson of concealment, as an embryo is hidden within the womb.The Rat is analytical, always curious, and highly intelligent. Rats inhabit a private world, one that is hidden from view and camouflaged – a place of retreat. They use charm to deflect and evade unpleasantness whenever possible. Under duress, Rats know how to take cover, artfully dodging both expectations and intrusions. Because they are always alert, Rats may seem anxious or nervous at times.

Their attentiveness allow them to avoid many traps and dangers in life. The Rat represents fertility, the ability to live unseen, and intelligence. Being consumate suriviors, Rats have the ability to adapt easily to most circumstances. Talkative and fascinating, the Rat is a natural in social situations, and is always a favorite party guest. However, the Rat is essentially introverted by nature and feels the most comfortable when socializing with close friends and family.

Master of many trades, the eclectic Rat has an innate sense of human nature and is observant of those around them. According to Chinese folk legend, as maturity approaches, Rats are believed to acquire the gift of prophecy. They are natural teachers, and enjoy imparting life’s knowledge to all who care to listen (often doing so well into the midnight hour).The most harmonious time of day for the Rat is between 11 p.m.and 1 a.m., when the dark yin force reaches its peak. The stealthy Rat rules these arcane hours that encompass the yin and the yang. It is said that the Rat has a split personality because of this. In spite of their love of parties and sharing of nightly confidences, midnight should be a time of rest and regeneration for them.

Analytical and, at times, argumentative, the Rat will gain the upper hand in any verbal battle of wits. Worry (especially over health matters), excitability, and a quick temper can also be part of their nature. The Rat, though lovable, is a bit of an opportunist. Most cannot resist making a good deal. Disarmingly charming and materialistic, this soul is warm-hearted, passionate, and wired to live for the moment.

Those born into Rat years are lovable and remain physically attractive throughout their lives. Rats are so resourceful and ambitious that they are often very financially successful. They love to acquire possessions and are extraordinarily good at spotting a bargain. An occasional Rat will become greedy or stingy, but most are kind-hearted and fair. The perfect gift for a Rat person is an unusual object that has come from a faraway place, such as a relic from an ancient tomb.

Those born into Rat years are always in pursuit of a new adventure. Rats are natural explorers and voyagers. They adore all things different and unusual. Rats usually love to travel, and any foreign voyage will excite them. Favorite escape places for the Rat are caves, caverns, underground passages, and catacombs. Bizarre and forbidden places, such as abandoned castles and undiscovered ruins, fascinate the inquisitive Rat.

Verbally candid and agile, the Rat excels as a critic. The Rat lives by its wits and, given a choice, avoids manual labor (often directing others to get the task done). They prefer to use their brain to problem-solve and create adventures and possibilities. Rats also make excellent managers and business owners. Rats have an unusually fruitful imagination and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. With a desire for diverse experiences, the Rat is a true magician of words and imagination. The season of the year when born, summer or winter, strongly influences the life of the Rat. Those born in the summer, when food is plentiful and grain lofts full, are less prone to worry. It is said that a Rat born in the winter must endlessly scavenge for food and will always fear poverty.

The Rat personality can be difficult to understand. It is intricate and occasionally contradictory. The effusive Rat can talk to anyone about anything. Although Rats are sharp critics, they usually maintain propriety and diplomacy. Rats are also amusing and entertaining companions, being both intellectually sharp and versatile. Fidgety and restless, Rats detest boring routine, and variety is what this soul seeks.

In contrast to their many admirable attributes, unenlightened Rats can be covert, secretive, and will deflect or mislead if it is to their advantage. They are difficult to please, demanding, and highly critical of others. Often their standards are so unreasonable that they are impossible for others to uphold. Despite their surface composure, Rats may also be gnawed by a devastating feeling of insecurity. Due to their congeniality, Rats usually have an impressive circle of acquaintances at their fingertips, and an unscrupulous Rat will take full advantage of this.

Profiteering and opportunistic behavior represents the Rat’s energy being directed in its most unproductive form. It is for this reason that some Rats have difficulty making or keeping close friends. Expressed in its darkest form, this energy becomes dishonesty, agitation, restlessness, neurosis, aggressiveness, pettiness, hypochondria, and seclusion. The choice lies entirely with the individual. Taken to extreme, histrionic or avoidant personality disorders may develop.

Being high-strung by nature, Rats hate alarm clocks, agendas, and pressure. They work most efficiently in solitary situations. Rat souls are rarely content working for others. This explains the surprising number of business owners, shopkeepers, and entrepreneurs who were born into Rat years. When Rats make money it is directly attributable to their acute intelligence.

Rats are the thriftiest souls in the Chinese Zodiac. Every expenditure is carefully considered, and all pennies spent are accounted for and justified. Rats worry about their financial future, and soberly consider every purchase or investment. Many Rats possess a talent for writing, especially in the areas of fantasy, ancient lore, and science fiction. The Rat has an uncanny imagination, and many gifted writers and publicists were born in Rat years. Their imagination thrives in sequestered nooks, in worlds of their own, private and lost to view.The deep-seated creativity of this sign cries out for expression either through writing, sculpture, or painting.

Art reproductions, verbatim at times, are a Rat specialty. Expression through music is another way Rats channel their creative energies. This sign boasts many composers and conductors. The combination of imagination and depth can motivate the Rat to write a classic novel, compose a brilliant symphony, or acquire and sell the rarest of lost art treasures. Those born under the sign of the Rat enjoy the material comforts of life. Food and housing are their highest priorities. Rats always stockup for a rainy day, feeling most comfortable with a little extra stored away.

The Rat lives in the present and harbors fear of lack in the future. The Rat can feel isolated and tends to suffer alone. Money, or the lack thereof, is a particular concern. However, as a result of their cleverness and meticulous attention to detail, Rats usually make money rather easily. The Rat is an organizational genius at home and prefers a neat and tidy atmosphere.

Little Rats are sweet and loving, and have charming dispositions. However, like Monkey and Tiger children, Rat children are extremely hyperactive. They may seem shy, but inwardly Rat children are quite competitive. These little survivors are blessed with an accelerated metabolism, and even the most premature of Rat infants have a good chance for survival. This child will talk at an early age and take an interest in cooking and helping around the home. Being affectionate and demonstrative, this child will enjoy group play and will make friends easily. The highly intelligent Rat child will be an avid reader and will learn to use words early in life.

Rat parents like to teach and impart knowledge to their youngsters. The Rat is an alert parent who always makes sure their children have opportunities to learn, to experiment, and to understand. These parents will provide nutritious food that enhances children both mentally and physically. Rats are self-conscious and do not enjoy being the center of family photographs, home movies, or photo albums. The evasive nature of this sensitive soul does not like to feel exposed.

The most favorable time of year for cozy Rats is during the post-harvest winter months between late January and late February. At this time the storehouses are stocked with food and families are sequestered, safe, sheltered, and secure. Good food and good conversation can be shared and the Rat can enjoy the results of their labor.

Both male and female Rats are gregarious and tend to lead an extremely active social life. Wherever these talkative charmers find themselves, their presence is welcome. Rat souls liven up any reunion in which they take part. These souls love entertaining and do it with knowledge and refinement. Their guests, who are numerous, find them the most entertaining of hosts and hostesses and are inclined to lavish compliments on them.

The best career choices for the Rat include salesperson, technical writer, art or film critic, business owner, pawnbroker or antique dealer, financial lender, politician, musician, philosopher, or scientist. Rats will also make excellent managers, bosses, and business owners. Many journalists and writers are found under this sign. In addition, some of the most successful salesmen and women are Rats. Commercial traveler, legal or financial expert, and broker are also natural career choices in Rat horoscopes. Forensic pathologist, criminologist, detective, and even undercover spy work can also be a good fit.

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