pisces horoscopesPisces, February 19 – March 20, is ruled by the sea god Neptune and expansive Jupiter. Feminine (Yin) and Mutable Sign-Water Sign, its color is green and birthstone Aquamarine. Pisces shares traits with Chinese Rabbit Horoscopes.

As the only creature in the Universe that cannot breathe air, this sign lives in another world. Artistic and highly intuitive (psychic) with a fine imagination, Pisces loves beauty, appreciates luxury and pleasure, and yearns for new sensations. It is the Zodiac’s emotional basket-case.

This astrological sign rules the feet, liver and lymphatic system. Swelling, anemia, ulcers, skin diseases, inflammation of the eyelids, heavy periods, allergic reaction to drugs and injuries to the feet are common complaints. The fish’s emotional nature can also make it vulnerable to psychosomatic illness.

Starting with Aries, each sign becomes progressively more complex in its psychology. This really becomes apparent by the time we arrive at Libra, who, along with the remaining five signs takes into account the rights and needs of all others, not just of any one individual. The juggling acts thus required can make life more difficult but perhaps more intriguing, yet these signs are well built for such interpersonal challenges. Aquarius embarks on an exciting course of authentic living that reflects its broad concern for collective growth, although its focus is mostly on an intellectual level. Its social theories and abstract principles are expected to yield the answers needed to improve the human condition if everyone goes along with the program.

Aquarius intuits humanity’s untapped higher potential. It will march in the streets, if it must, to protest undue governmental control, and to advocate a freer, illuminated society – one that sparks the creative originality in people everywhere. Let technology help us get there quicker, advises Aquarius. Dont be afraid to experiment with what sounds too incredible to be true. An amazing future awaits us!

Aquarius means well, although it assumes that all disharmonious conditions on a mass level can be corrected by implementing brilliant social reforms and by having progressive leadership. Once shown better models for creating new societies, ones based on greater equality and tolerance, the world is thus expected to radically improve. In theory, everyone will embrace diversity like never before, and prejudices based on fear and mistrust will be eradicated. Aquarius hopes that humanity will then turn its attention to unlocking the awesome gifts of expanded mind power, something that should help us all become further enlightened.

However, to have the Cosmos end the zodiac with Aquarius would imply that our collective future ultimately belongs to a super race of geniuses, some who are perhaps telepathic, and all who are capable of astoundingly complex mental feats and the ability to operate with flawless, robotic precision. Think of people loaded with implanted computer chips, made to give them that extra intellectual boost, plus, with replaceable body parts that help defy aging and death.

Science fiction or inevitable reality? Aquarius is forever seeking ideal scenarios for all, and the thrill of enjoying advanced brain-power and extended life is certainly part of the Water Bearer’s vision of an ideal future (of course, we’ll all have to show a genius for social tolerance, as well).

However glorious will be the tomorrows that collectively await us, Aquarian-style, we still have a large and often painful chunk of human experience to undergo, one that is best symbolized by the last of the water signs, Pisces. As well as culminating the zodiac process, Pisces, coming before Aries, also symbolizes the less observable, underground waters of spirit that feed new life potential, ready to incarnate (think of our prenatal, Piscean water environment in the womb, just before we’re born).

We first emerge unformed from the oceanic, preconscious realm of Pisces, but eventually we return to its deepest waters in an impending state of fuller self-awareness, as we begin to dissolve all that has ever kept us feeling separate from others on our innermost level.

This hypnotic sign lures us into its powerful vortex to strip us of all the trappings of ego and selfish, worldly desire. Pisces guides us toward a vast sea of teaming, invisible energy that lovingly holds the content of all that exists in an unbroken, mystical state of Unity. Everything is One in this numinous, infinite Universe of the Fishes. Duality is only an illusion, perhaps a bad dream. As a mutable-water sign, Pisces is less able to establish fixed, rigid ways of viewing the world. It doesn’t easily define reality in concrete terms.

The Fishes are subject to much change in their perceptions, depending on the flow of life’s continuous currents. Mutable water is very open and responsive to the hidden emotions of others, especially their unspoken sorrows. Pisces sensitive feelers quietly reach out in all directions to detect subtle undertows in people. Indeed, receptivity is highly pronounced, yet Pisces doesn’t suffer the petulant moodiness common to cardinal Cancer, nor the dark brooding of fixed Scorpio. If anything, it feels weighed down and deeply saddened by the inhumanity that occurs throughout the world. A soul-weary depression can result, as the Fishes naturally empathize with victims everywhere and not always those of the human kind. However, Pisces also identifies with saints, mystics, gurus, and other cosmic light-bearers who try to redeem humanity’s soul and lift our spirit to other-worldly dimensions.

The Fishes feel our joy and pain as their own, which is something Aquarius isn’t able or willing to do. Pisces, not an emotionally detached sign, has a vast overview of existence that allows it to pull back and perceive the deeper purpose of humanity’s highs and lows. It essentially perceives earthly living as a struggle. After all, integrating spirit with matter is tough work, but Pisces also senses that this task can be made easier once we recognize our true spiritual essence. Our destiny is to evolve our way back home to the indefinable Oneness of All, that impossible to-conceive state of pure being in existence before the Big Bang’s awesome Let there be light!” beginning of time and space.

Most Piscean types certainly aren’t consciously contemplating life as esoterically as this, but they do sense larger, even fated, life patterns at work to enrich each soul’s path and give it multi-level meaning (yet not in the more intellectualized manner of Sagittarius). What Pisces senses about life stems from a deeper knowing. This last sign has the most unguarded ego of all, and thus it is highly vulnerable to outer invasion especially the energies of others, but also from all sorts of environmental pollutants.

The Fishes are quite susceptible to the psychological ups and downs of human experience, but are at odds with themselves regarding such instabilities. One fish swims toward the light, and is always ready to help heal and unify all beings wounded by life’s harsher, unjust realities. Social underdogs and disenfranchised people are warmly embraced by the redeemer side of the Fishes. None are turned away, as this facet of Pisces is filled with compassion and empathy.

The other fish descends into darker, shadowy depths, and sensitive to the horrors of living is dragged down in spirit by a fragmented, confused world in turmoil. This part of Pisces is most susceptible to merging with life’s seamier elements, as if unconsciously identifying with all that is most unredeemable and hopeless. This is the fish more troubled by clouded vision and feelings of emptiness. Perhaps it takes two fishes to symbolize Pisces because together they reflect the totality of life in its varying stages of integration and disintegration. Piscean types typically find themselves pulled in such contrasting directions (i.e., world-renowned humanitarian by day, chronic alcoholic by night). Perhaps no other sign, except Scorpio, is capable of such extreme, divergent expression.

As Aries is the sign of the greatest self-interest, something it needs to properly develop, Pisces is the sign of the least self-preoccupation, although it is enthralled with and even addicted to the intoxicating outpourings of its own unconscious. This suggests it sometimes has difficulty escaping from its own inner world. However, Piscean subjectivity is powerful and boundless. What it vividly feels inside itself typically stems from outside sources (such as the strong emotional energy currents of other people). The Fishes keenly pick up on whatever is drifting in the atmosphere, yet they seem to lack the psychological filters needed to reject that which is unhealthy to body, mind, and spirit.

Their door is always wide open, letting anything enter including all that is undesirable and even sabotaging on a soul level. One big temptation for Pisces involves the loss of a personal, ego-driven identity. Here’s a case where the malleability of mutable-water makes retaining a structured sense of self difficult. Mold me into anything you want to, says Pisces, I’m truly impressionable. Somebody should show Pisces a NASA close-up shot of the pockmarked Moon and ask, Is this how you want to end up looking?

The Fishes are easily bombarded by all kinds of random energies, as if they lack the defense mechanisms that all the other eleven signs have learned to employ. Amazingly, this sign totally surrenders itself to life. Unlike its opposite sign, Virgo, Pisces is not selective in the experiences it allows itself to undergo. This lack of discrimination is often what gets it in deep trouble, but it also makes Pisces the most tolerant and non-judgmental sign of all. To discriminate would be to weed something out, and that goes against the Piscean longing for unity. Nonetheless, Pisces needs to avoid letting its ego vanish into a black pool of nothingness, since it can otherwise tolerate living out its life as a cipher or an invisible being, one forever unnoticed by the world.

Something in this sign makes it feel its not supposed to stand out and grab for the world’s attention. (Leo would make a wonderful publicity agent for the Fishes. First, roars theatrical Leo, ” We gotta change that name. How about the Fabulous Flaming Fishes?” Wisely and maturely serving some greater universal cause is exactly what the Cosmos has in mind for Pisces, but to just senselessly undergo an ego disappearing act, and confusing it with true spirituality, is a majorblind spot of this sign. Pisces types need to preserve a strong but resilient sense of self, in order to make their dreams come true.

Pisces is like Sagittarius in that it whole-heartedly believes in the impossible. Both signs, never wanting to give up on hope, place great faith in life’s potential for last-minute miracles. Both believe in beautiful, grand finales, complete with unearthly rewards waiting at the end of the cosmic rainbow, although Sagittarius is more apt to head to Las Vegas first to see how luck can miraculously manifest. Pisces instead prays for a little more peace on earth to ease the plight of humans undergoing misery everywhere.

This is a sign that sometimes interprets the world too melodramatically, although famines and pestilence and ravaging, incurable diseases are all devastating reminders of how clearly hellish living on Earth can be for those less fortunate. They are not figments of an over-active imagination. Yet if Pisces would allow itself to say it actually hates one thing with a passion (not an easy thing to for the Fishes to do), it would choose human cruelty. This is the most humane, do-no-harm sign the zodiac offers. Do-gooders of the world typically have a strong dose of Pisces, and its associated planet, Neptune in their charts, at least when they identify with the ideals of the fish moving toward the light.

Piscean “no-gooders” are the ones who blindly follow the other fish into darker, toxic waters.) Humanitarian service is an excellent way to channel Piscean energy, although it puts us in emotional contact with how precarious life can be. A sudden disaster can change everything in one’s world overnight. Maybe Pisces doesn’t allow itself to become too attached to the material world, knowing how life-altering fate can be, and how temporal everything is, security-wise. Profound Pisces teaches us to be in the world, but not of it – to have one foot in the door of the material realm, but to have the other submerged in the transcendental waters of more eternal matters. Its understanding of life’s greater meaning can be comprehensive.

All this sounds like a temperament that seeks purity on the physical realm and perfection on the spiritual plane, one that smacks of a somewhat unreal yearning for sainthood. Actually, here’s a chance for the ego to come out of hiding and (unfortunately) swell out of proportion, as some otherworldly Piscean types perceive themselves to be cosmic ambassadors from higher dimensions, perhaps even aliens, from other galaxies, who are using their special powers to help stepup the soul energies of all earthlings on this planet. Pisces feeds such fantasies. Sadly, Pisces can con itself into believing its own grandiose, spiritual hype. Who’s to prove otherwise? While using its charisma to mesmerize its starry-eyed followers.

New-Age con artists come under this sign, as well as those who use imaginative ways to bamboozle the unsuspecting. It’s a shame to see Piscean types who want to connect with Spirit so badly that they’ll use any fraudulent or self-delusional means to do so. Rather than attempt to conjure up supernatural powers and mystify others by adopting the ethereal persona of a wizard or sorceress, Pisces would be better off chucking the theatrics and instead going down to the soup kitchens in the inner cities to do some real magical work, or volunteering to help out at hospices, or even getting involved in fundraising charity events. Heck, Pisces may discover it does have supernatural power in these areas, the kind that gets others motivated to give of themselves to those seemingly less blessed in life.

Pisces Liz Taylor found her true calling when she turned her attention to promoting AIDS awareness. Her ability to connect to the hearts of so many along these lines throughout the years has been phenomenal, and her efforts here are a perfect example of Piscean energy at its best.

Saving the world is a mighty big task that could prove too much for any one sign to accomplish, although Pisces seems to be the only one interested in taking on that job. Yet in playing the role of savior, one could easily end up a martyr, fighting for a lost cause and perishing. But, if inspired enough, the Fishes will risk becoming sacrificial lambs if thats the only way their dreams can instill wondrous, collective visions in others – such as those involving global harmony, universal love, and even a world without war, sickness, or hunger. Pisces imagines a better life for everyone, one that is free of all such pain and discord. It is understandable, then, why this sign suffers disillusionment like no other.

Is this world too cold-hearted and indifferent to appreciate the selfless objectives of the Fishes? Sometimes, and this prompts Pisces to escape into the depths of its own illusionary inner world and thus remain insulated from harsh, mundane realities. The Fishes will have to be careful when retreating under these conditions, since their own form of virtual reality is much more awesomely appealing than anything the outer world can dish up. A better path to take is one that allows us to harness the incredible resources of Piscean imagination, and to use such abilities for the greater good of society. Yes, Pisces still needs to realize that it’s part of the social structure, and not some forsaken soul living on the outer fringes, eventhough this sign is comfortable playing the hermit, at times, and living a secluded life, far away from mainstream worldliness.

Pisces is blessed with the power to positively channel archetypal energy from the collective unconscious, meaning that it can tap into angelic realms and provide us with the rarest and loftiest of images. Beauty expressed on this level can be exquisite and is able to soothe our deepest selves. It is good for all Piscean types never to deprive themselves of the finest their culture has to offer in the realms of art, music, and drama. This safely allows them to have the transcendent experiences they secretly crave and need. Being the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces symbolizes the poignant endings of conditions that have already peaked and are now preparing to break down and dissolve. The cycle that began with Aries, fresh and vigorous is coming to a meaningful close here, implying it’s now time to rest, reflect, and let go of our attachment to the material world.

It’s the assignment of the Fishes to further the disintegration of all that once gave us solid support and concrete meaning. Life thus seems to be in a woozy state of collapse and uncertainty, almost as if the Cosmos is drunk and a bit disoriented (hmmm . . .and after being so disciplined and organized in Capricorn). Nothing is to hold its shape for long. Everything is fluid and constantly changing, yet not for the purpose of instigating new beginnings and getting our little ego all pumped up. Changes here lead to a cessation of self-willed activity, as Pisces instead teaches us to stop asserting ourselves in action just to satisfy earthy ambitions. Instead we are to descend to our depths to experience stillness and contemplation.

Who could have imagined that the zodiac would finally lead to all of this? Yet, from water we came and to water we return, hopefully in a more illuminated state of self-awareness. As a result, Pisces feels it can’t trust permanent security for long, at least not in a worldly sense. It knows that everything eventually dissolves. Yet society still expects us to build reliable, tangible structures, as we accumulate things of material value. In fact, Taurus got all this going quite a while back on the day it received its first paycheck and went to town. But, Pisces is not sure that such “stuff” is what it needs to be amassing. It knows material attachments won’t last forever, and they really don’t even feed us what we need on a soul level.

Everything is destined to break down or fall apart, realizes Pisces. And some things end in disturbing ways that play havoc with our emotions. Thus, the Fishes, at least unconsciously have determined not to exclusively possess anything, no matter how precious. Yet they are willing to share what they have freely and lovingly with the rest of the world. Sharing unconditionally like this is one way to prevent any sense of ultimate loss. As this slow process of dissolution takes over, Pisces is challenged to distill the deeper meaning, the underlying essence from all experiences on Earth, and then to offer that essence back to the Universe, to later be recycled for the collective enrichmentof all. It’s not to be retained for self-seeking purposes, since Pisces is the most universally oriented sign of them all.

Neptune, Pisces associated planet of inner illumination, helps us tap into the one eternal reality that underlies the conscious, material realm in which we humans become so engrossed. Neptune symbolizes an indescribable, cosmic stillness, where time and space do not exist, at least not in the normal manner. This is the least earthly of all the planets, which is fitting for a sign that is the least materialistic in orientation. Both Neptune and Pisces enjoy retreating to more quiet, inner places of the heart and soul. Worldly ambition is not strong, but big, beautiful dreams of universal love and harmony do appeal emotionally to both. However, Neptune is more prone to be extreme in its release of irrational feelings that flood our consciousness and alter our senses. It enables us to plug directly into our unconscious yearnings. Pisces, being more subject to our cultural climate, instills an obligation to focus on often neglected societal concerns that affect the welfare of many. We feel driven to apply this signs energies to humanitarian issues.

Yet Neptune, temperamentally a mystic, is content at times just to have us enter its subjective, magical world to explore its wonders, typically while were alone. It’s less drawn to organized community involvement and doesn’t feel the same sense of active duty to serve that Pisces does (although strongly Neptunian types do need altruistic social outlets to keep them balanced). Too much seclusion and avoidance of human contact can get them in trouble psychologically. lf anything, it’s Pisces that needs to find quality time alone, away from others who can be energy drainers, since the Fishes are surrounded too often by dependent people in need.

Neptune, like Pisces, can be a marvelous healing force. Both planet and sign inspire us to dissolve all that impedes our growth and that destroys life, although we humans sometimes unwisely use these energies in distorted ways and end up destroying ourselves, rather than society’s negative elements. Neptune and Pisces do not have a healthy sense of boundaries and can fail to shield themselves from unwanted external forces (even those coming from darker areas of the unconscious). This leads to great vulnerability, although it seems Neptunians suffer more here than Piscean types, who appear to apply greater detachment (a trick they picked up from both Aquarius and their opposite sign, Virgo).

Perhaps the Fishes simply choose to ignore what otherwise could prove bothersome. Neptune is more prone to absorb its surroundings, and the people in them, than is Pisces, even if this is not all that obvious on the surface. Pisces also seems to be better at visualizing life’s larger schemes. Neptune may sense that a vast, underlying force is in operation, but Pisces is better able to understand how all the pieces of anything fit tocomprise a whole. Pisces is more observational than Neptune, who gets its information from internal sources, not from the outer world. Unlike Neptune, a planet more apt to be blinded by its subjectivity, Pisces is less devoted to its beliefs. Still, both keenly sense that there is much more to life than meets the eye, a profound awareness that meditation and contemplation can reveal to us.

Wherever Pisces is in our chart describes where were guided to go within and discover how to make this often confusing area of our life work best for us. Outside advice won’t always make sense, probably because it doesn’t sensitively address our internal needs (plus, until we can better articulate such needs, nobody can really help us). Our Piscean parts require gentle treatment and tender concern. Here we have hidden wisdom that needs to be coaxed out of us, once we learn to value listening to our inner voice. Following the path of worldly success will not appease the hungers and insecurities we may feel inside.

Tuning in to a more transcendent reality which helps us feel more purposefully connected to something larger than ourselves, seems instead to give us greater peace of mind and a sense that we can visualize a better future for ourselves. Pisces also helps us become more accepting of what we cannot change (compared to Neptunians, who are more prone to seek miracle cures and other quick, magical fixes for what ails them).

Self-deception tied to misplaced faith may be stronger in Neptunians. Pisces, at least for the sake of balance, can draw from the strengths of its opposite sign, analytical Virgo (a sign less prone to place faith in things unproven). Still, Neptune tunes into the Piscean desire to take away the pain in people and to restore their souls with hope. We won’t grow properly with our Piscean energies if we remain too narrow-minded to believe that there are positive, universal forces guiding us toward spiritual fulfillment. This part of our life needs our fluid imagination.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the sign of the fishes. It is the last of the watery and mutable signs. Its symbol represents two fishes tied together, one swimming in one direction and the other in the opposite. In some respects this sign represents the failures of humanity, and for this reason it is somewhat difficult to express all that is conveyed in the symbol of this sign. There can be no such thing as a real failure, but if we were to think of a progression through all the signs, and then think of the sign Pisces as representing, on the one hand, those who had succeeded in extracting the virtue from each, and, on the other hand, those who had failed to accomplish, we might obtain some idea of what is meant by the term often applied to this sign of “self-undoing.”

We do get apparent failures in life indicated by this sign. These are the persons who may be said to live an entirely personal life, to the total exclusion of the individual – their consciousness, functioning only on the very lowest levels of manifested life. They are then over-restless and over-anxious, lacking life and energy, apparently undecided how to act, and, always waiting for an opportunity. It is exceedingly difficult to interpret this sign with any degree of clearness, for not one in fifty born in it will ever admit his own character. They nearly always pretend to be something different from what they really are, and as they are usually hampered with an over-abundance of self-esteem and approbativeness combined, it becomes very difiicult for them to admit their failings.

A considerable amount of the personal Pisces character appears to arise from a lack of decision, and being very receptive to all the conditions that are around them, they find it very diflicult to become fully individualised, and therefore are usually a bundle of inconsistencies tied with the cord of discontent. There are more mediums born in this sign than in all the others put together, in fact, they are so very mediumistic that they rarely know themselves from other people, and are ever ready to attribute their failings to the conditions that are around them. They are more easily obsessed than any of the other types, and are so exceedingly psychic and receptive, as to draw many spirits around them, who live quite peacefully in their floating aura. Possessing very strong emotions they become much attached to their friends, quietly accepting their advice and opinion and endeavouring to act upon it whenever it is convenient. They are very changeable and imaginative, or probably, what is more correct, fanciful, and love to live in a world of romance.

They are fond of sensational novels, and greedily devour everything of an exciting nature. Some of the worst types are apt to take to drink under any severe anxiety and worry, and to give way to the worst forms of temptation. When becoming individualised and more self-controlled, they are very patient, gentle and submissive persons, possessing a quiet understanding. As they awaken and unfold, they become deeply interested in occult phenomena. Their character, as it grows, becomes more confiding, more trustful, but rarely self-reliant. They are capable of being very honest, amiable, loving and kind, with an abundance of sympathy, especially to all dumb animals.

They are ever apt to be more timid than bold, and it will usually be found that where self-esteem is lacking, approbativeness will take its place, and vice-versa. It is essential that they live pure and clean lives, as they are more magnetic and liable to absorb evil influences than any of the other signs. The dualistic nature of Pisces makes it very difficult to extract the good from that which appears bad. They love roaming about, are sometimes rather fastidious and too fond of detail, but are, however, very hospitable, and seek to do all in their power to make those dependent on them comfortable and happy.

As caterers, hotel proprietors, nurses and those who minister to the welfare of others generally, they find their forte in life. The Pisces individuals seem to be more liable to consumption than the other mutable signs, but they seem to cause this themselves, by despondency and melancholia. When worried, their digestive conditions are disordered, and this produces many other troubles. Through being over-anxious and worrying, they often weaken their system and suffer from functional disorders. To preserve their health they should be very clean in their habits, avoiding all impure magnetisms and infectious diseases.

Pisces is generally fond of the sea, and succeeds best in life in all pursuits connected with the sea, or water. As sea-captains or naval men they are in their right vocation. They are good travellers. They make good novelists, book-keepers and accountants, and are successful as painters, and any employment that brings some kind of change, or where attention to details is necessary, and where they may complete the work of others.

It would be difficult to find the word that would express the Pisces individual, excepting it be that they are excellent mediums, and are able to receive some of the impressions coming from the preceding signs. They are emotional and secretive, patient and meditative, kind and generous, imitative, receptive, and peaceful when living up to the best of their nature. They seem to possess a peculiar understanding of their own, and love to investigate phenomena. They are nearly all, more or less, drawn to spiritualism, or the investigation of the unseen.

If it be true that they come under the planet Neptune, which is supposed to govern Pisces to a considerable extent, then it is not to be wondered at that the sign is diflicult to express, but as there are extremes in all the signs, we may expect in this, as in the others, some very good, and also some weak characters.

Some famous Pisces include Mikhail Gorbachev, Robert Altman, George Harrison, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Drew Barrymore, Alexander Graham Bell, Victor Hugo, Michelangelo, Edgar Cayce, Rudolph Nureyev, Frederic Chopin, Auguste Renoir, Kurt Cobain, Nicholas Copernicus, Sharon Stone, Albert Einstein, Elizabeth Taylor, Galileo, and Antonio Vivaldi.

Pisces is compatible with its own sign, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Libra.

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