pisces einsteinThe Pisces Man is passionate, emotional, unstable, and full of surprises. The two fish swimming in opposite directions, leave him constantly torn by conflicting desires. He may decide to do one thing, then immediately switch to another as the emotional current changes. Unusually sensitive to others, Pisces has the gift of attracting people.

The Pisces man often sees people not as they are, but as he would like them to be. He is drawn to sensual women, especially if they are dominate and take the lead. Idealizing the person he loves, he puts up with much, because he does not see the negative sides. Constantly tempted by one desire, then another, he doesn’t want anything other than emotional stability. Neptune is a dreamer, but all his dreams are unrealistic. Love should not be only romance, the moon, roses, and poems, but also home security. Sex for him is a personal, intimate affair, but encompasses the entire world. He is a “happiness crusader” on an endless quest for the Holy Grail.

pisces wyatt earpDon’t expect much commitment on his part, it’s not his style. The Pisces man is too accommodating and easily influenced. Once he convinces himself that someone knows what he needs, his emotional compass swings in that direction. How do you live with someone who lives by momentary moods? For him, love is the stars and the boundless sky, that he hopes turn into a roof over his head. However, it is necessary that you demonstrate to him your loyalty, if you expect to net him. He is not a family man, of course, and, even if a woman gets him to the altar, sooner or later he will slip off the hook. He is not a champion of the marriage tie.

Sensual and intelligent, this unusual creation is a beautiful companion who loves to travel first class. Spending money easily, he doesn’t worry about tomorrow. It’s all about pleasure – yours and his, and price doesn’t enter the equation. He will happily fill your stockings with expensive gifts, perfume and furs.

pisces kurt cobainBeing impressionable, it is easy for him to take on other people’s habits. Therefore, if he’s hobnobbing with drinkers, lock the liquor cabinet. If all the qualities of Pisces are equally developed, he has many advantages over the other signs. Idealistic, prone to self-sacrifice, and charming, his creative nature can manifest itself as a writer, musician, or artist. In business, however, he is less successful. One reason is that he prefers to work independently, and another is he simply detests hard work. In any endeavor, success comes with difficulty. The languid fish instinctively seeks life’s slip stream. He lacks the practical approach, organization and dynamism to become a successful achiever. It’s better for him to engage in a creative field such as advertising, or involvement with people, art, and any other area, where ideas are more important than diligence. There he can shine.

He is unable to call black “black”, making every effort to avoid simple declarative statements. With rare exceptions, he never causes offense. No one is ever sure what he really thinks of them. Slippery and hard to grasp, you realize finally, that he is a man without much conviction. He listens to you with a seemingly genuine attention, but in fact his mind is on something completely different, most likely something abstract. But, you won’t sense it, as he is expert at hiding in the shallows. Pretending to be listening, you will believe him the most attentive man on Earth.

Pisces man easily drifts into drug addiction, alcoholism, and trouble with the law, not being averse to any vice or shimmering illusion of reality. In principle, he lacks confidence in himself, and draws support from others, like water from a well. Pisces is known as the sign of sorrow.

He is a leader, however, in romantic relationships and becomes impatient if you do not quickly return his attentions. He does not like when his designs are challenged, and becomes indignant if you propose a more convenient time or place. When he wants you, he wants you, now!

He likes secret meetings especially with married women. Blasé to sexual restraint, he prefers an experienced and equally promiscuous partner. He enjoys the foreplay, and loves it when an admiring woman slowly undresses him. He likes having sex while sitting on a chair with his partner astride, his hands completely free to caress and fondle sensitive areas.

Pisces rules the feet, and so our man undoubtedly has a foot fetish. He shows a rare interest in women’s toes, and takes pleasure in seeing them, caressing and kissing them, especially through nylon. He may like to enter the woman with his toes, before moving on to oral intercourse.

He may be especially fond of playing with “fire and Ice “as this corresponds to the inconsistency of his character and love of anything liquid. You may find a bowl of ice, wrapped in a damp towel next to his bed. When his excitement is almost to the “point of no return”, he will ask his partner to take the ice towel and press it to his perineum. The shock of the icy touch not only stimulates, but “freezes” and thus prolongs his orgasm.

The Pisces man seeks to fulfill his erotic fantasies and dreams, and most of these fantasies revolve around a type of active women, with excessive and outrageous demands and his attempts to satisfy her. He can play the sadistic, masochist, or any other role at her request. His goal – to give pleasure. If she wants him dressed as a woman, he puts on her bra and panties, stockings, shoes and gloves. If she wants to see him as a child, he’ll let her pin on the diapers. If she wants to humiliate him or to punish, he will submit without serious objection. He is always ready to kneel down and kiss her feet, and do whatever she orders.

If the partner wants him to watch her in the act with another, he is happy to animate her and her lover with words of encouragement at critical moments. He is eager to engage in threesomes, in any combination, and perform any role. He won’t object to enemas or “golden showers” (remember, the fish loves water). He may drink copious amounts of water or beer before having sex. Refraining from urinating increases the pressure in the bladder and thus enhances the pleasure of orgasm. Fish will gladly accept the pain, if it is associated with satisfaction or excites their partners. His erotic fantasies lead him to engage in many forms of masturbation, for example, rubber dolls that can be twisted and bent as he likes, or suction devices that can be used even while driving. Basically masochistic Pisces man is the sexual scapegoat of the Zodiac. He is fascinated by and ready to do all that gives him and his partner erotic pleasure or pain.

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