pisces compatibilityPisces Compatibility highlights one of the Zodiac’s most ephemeral signs. The only creature in the Universe that doesn’t breathe air, this shy, delicate creature lives by feelings rather than its senses. Unable to say “No”, the psychic fish has an extraordinary sexual nature. Pisces compatibility takes our girl through radical changes in sexuality, during her lifetime. A woman with multiple selves and varied needs, she is initially more openly concerned with social and moral issues than with psychosexual development. Sexually, she is a late bloomer. Her judgment in love is clouded. Often, she mistakes fantasy for love.

She mistrusts men, has a martyr complex, and is repeatedly deeply hurt. Like her sign, Pisces` sexuality is double-edged. Inexperienced, she is a delicate flower whose scent attracts those unsuited to her. Experienced, she is a discriminating and confident love artist.

The mature Pisces Woman is a sensitive, sensuous, unusually creative lover in control of her body and able to please her partner as easily as she pleases herself. She can be sexually liberated or old fashioned and chaste. She plays out her lover’s fantasies and mirrors his moods. She believes in the possibility of the total love experience and in sex as an exchange of ecstasy. Her relationships thrive when they include at least two of the three A’s: Affirmation, Affection, and Admiration.

For the Pisces Woman, it is especially important to choose a lover or mate who complements and brings out her higher nature; for if she is not careful, she can be humiliated and lowered through her sexual unions. She has strong masochistic tendencies, and she is insecure. She is so closely attuned to a man’s moods and needs that she often mistakes them for her own. She gives much of her power away and blames herself for almost anything that goes wrong.

For her, the total love/sex combination is a compelling need. Her internal struggles create a spiral — either up toward peak experiences in sex with love, or down into the depths of sadomasochism, exploitation, drugs, or total self-denial. The Pisces sexual nature is protean. It never has a predictable, one—dimensional quality. On the contrary, it is forever in flux, ambivalent, rich with potential and forks in the road. The sensual appetite is keen, subtle, ultimately self-effacing and lushly demanding.

The Pisces Woman has ethereal, out-of-body transports, ecstatic erotic experiences with the right man at the right time. He’s as often her mate as not. The important thing is that she must feel he is a soulmate if she is to open up. The Pisces Woman is one of the few who enjoy long-distance unconsummated affairs. She also enjoys long-distance sexually active relationships. She puts her lover on a pedestal and likes intrigue, veiled and difficult situations, tortuous, unpredictable paths.

She has a greater tendency than most toward bisexuality. She is attracted to the soft, receptive beauty of females and is often far more comfortable with a “feminine” kind of gentle lovemaking than with hard, male thrusting. Androgynous, poetic men are nearly irresistible to her. She wants to mother them, and she does. She wants to feel their hairless, youthful, lithe, textured beauty, and she does.

Her sex drive ebbs and flows. She can be insatiable for weeks or months, luscious, ripe for the soft and hard touch, She also periodically enters into an apathetic state. She then withdraws from all sexual activity and sublimates her urge in more neutral pursuits. When she is depressed, she loses all sexual desire, and the tumor of self doubt spreads. Her personality stamps her sexual response; it is cyclical, in some cases irked by a highly compressed manic phase alternating with depressive tendencies.

The key words in understanding Pisces sexuality are fantasy and mystical. The Pisces Woman fantasizes what sex is like and dares not separate the gold of her daydreams from the dross of her life. In the best times, her fantasy matches reality. She has esoteric tastes, talents, and potential, It is the best of times or the worst of times, but Pisces sexuality transcends definition. It operates on 110/220 voltage at the same time, a dual tempo, an ineluctable rhythm that outwits time and one’s own preconceptions.

The Pisces girl who grows up under Mama’s watchful and frequently unhappy eyes internalizes more than their share of sexual guilt and fear. Her life is never easy, and accepting sex as pleasure, with or without love, will never be completely comfortable for her.

She tends to be a good girl who may outwardly seem equally close to both her parents. Nevertheless, the picture that emerges is one suggesting a form of brutalization by the father, not always evident, not always physical. Combine this with the latent dominance of her mother, and the frequent outcome is Pisces’ emotional confusion and fear of men. Sexual guilt is also a strong force.

The Pisces girl works hard to do well, though she is often lazy. Nothing would appeal to her more than to play the role of the tragic princess. Instead, she plays the sacrificial lamb. She suffers for love and duty, and when everyone has gone to the picnic, she has herself a grand cry. Tears are a good source of relief for her, and she resorts to them often.

She is an actress from the cradle, a baby magician whose talents are often so brilliant that she is envied. On the other hand, she may be the scapegoat, the butt of her peers’ jokes, the girl teased for being too nice and too good to be true. She really is nice, and she truly has a need to do good and offer her assistance to the poor, lame, lonely, mute and blind. When the boys ask for her services, she is secretly flattered though fearful. All her life, she has trouble saying no. Her first sexual experience is as likely as not to be the result of her inability to deny a horny teenager`s request.

She may suffer from neglect or from the opposite extreme, the reputation of being an easy lay. She cannot seem to find a middle road. Up or down, ecstasy or terror, the mists of illusion mark even her early, gullible years.

She is likely to discover masturbation early. She is a born sensualist. She adores being touched, and not even the most vigorous puritan training convinces her that loving contact should be denied to people after two years of age, and especially at the moment of genital caress.

The values she forms at this time bear the strong stamp of the ]udeo-Christian tradition (provided she grows up in our society) and tend to detract from her naturally hedonistic nature. Somewhere early on, she is taught that sex is for procreation, that recreative sex shall breed guilt, that the body she so enjoys should be a source of shame to her. It will take vast amounts of reeducation and pain for her to regain her natural playfulness, body freedom, sensuality.

The young Pisces Woman tends to believe she is doomed to suffer no matter what – and so she does. She is frequently hurt because she expects to be. She picks the wrong men as though to prove the truth of her beliefs. From another point of view, however, it could be said that she picks the right men. They are men who, because they mirror her pluses and minuses, force her to confront herself She is so intuitive that deep down she knows that she attracts the qualities she offers–and that should she wish to improve on the character of her men, she will first have to upgrade her own.

Early in her sex life, she fills up on information, variety, and diversity. She may become an avid reader of pornography or sex atlases. She moves through a confusion of love affairs with varying degrees of sexual interplay. Her budding sexuality takes her to places she did not know existed outside her imagination. Others may think she is promiscuous, but that is simply the label they project onto Pisces’ tortuous, legitimate search for a soulmate.

Pisces has a subtle, electric intensity, like the glow of a low-watt bulb in an antique light fixture. Only connoisseurs detect her underlying, volatile, mysterious sexuality. She is a sexual artist whose love can fashion unsurpassable works. As she gains confidence, she adds to her experiences, and follows her intuition. She loves many men on her path to a harmonious life.

Pisces learns quickly. She gives with pleasure and accedes to her lover’s demands. The more outrageous he is, the more she likes it. She needs a sexually expert lover who helps release her own inhibitions; the other option is a lover whose passion and love incite her own. She loves best the man who freely expresses his needs and fantasies.

Her demure appearance belies an incessant fantasy life in which she is pleasured by strongly dominant males. Pisces uses the idea of forced seduction for erotic appeal. She enjoys being possessed, yet she secretly aims to be mistress of the situation. She wants Prince Charming to woo her in the gentlest troubadour tradition, but she also wants a jack the Ripper who forces her to open up and yield in agonized, ecstatic surrender. She lets a man dominate her but in turn takes possession of him by becoming his indispensable slave and ally, much like wily Scheherezade in A Thousand and One Nights.

She likes to cater to her lovers’ fantasies, if only on the chance of seeing them lose control. She wins her lover’s heart by making him feel special, by having him believe she is on earth expressly for his pleasure. However, she can intuitively assess the amount of power this gives her, and she fully enjoys it. She plays these love games to avoid being hurt. Her sexual education is colored by her fear of not measuring up. She needs a very special type of man who recognizes this, one who sees and loves the scared little girl inside.

Pisces likes sex to be playful, free, bubbly, imaginative, exploratory, rich in moods and variations. A depressive man cannot be a good lover, especially for her. A manic type would not be sensitive and considerate enough. The man who considers certain sexual behavior patterns “deviant,” based on his moral scruples, cannot help her get over her own restrictions. When she is honest, Pisces admits that the one sexual act that is taboo to her involves extreme violence. She may find incest or bestiality unacceptable also, but if the truth be known, they intrigue her kinky side. She enjoys wearing masks to bed, being surrounded by incense, candlelight, and
soft pillows. She likes vibrators as added stimulation, and feathers for the teasing touch.

She will try anything once, and once aroused, she likes most anything. Water games are a good bet. The Pisces Woman in love gets carried away. She finally tells her lover how much she adores wearing high heels and a garter belt to bed, or that the whip in the closet intrigues her. Strange accouterments act as strong stimulants, but until she is secure in the relationship, she may not feel free enough to enjoy them (though she’ll probably try).

Playing a whore is one of her fantasies. She’d love to go to a costume ball with the man she loves, each dressed as the other’s favorite wet dream. Public sex may take some getting used to, but if her lover gently introduces her to California-style, hot-tub, under-the-stars ecstasy, she’s likely to enjoy coupling with two (or three) men at once. She likes her man to surprise her. If he comes over with a Chinese meal and eats it with her in a bubble bath, she will be his slave for the night; or she may just proceed to make love to him as he never dreamed a woman could make love. When Pisces takes command, she does so totally. In addition to her sexual drive, it is her gift for survival that compels her to search.

She wonders how she will find unity within and with another. What the Pisces Woman seeks in the unification of love and sex, in her union with another, is purity and harmony. Her biggest task is to turn her fear of confinement and rejection into love of life and love, and guilt—free sex.

Pisces has the potential for sharing energy totally and equally with another being. We can all learn to transform early fears and hangups into life—giving feelings. The sexually aware Pisces Woman transforms her sexual encounters into a whole, soul-binding union with her special lover. She wants a sensory flowering that is complete and shared.

It is difficult to move from sexual repression to full sensuality. The first step recommended by today’s sex therapists is knowing how to give pleasure to oneself. Pisces needs to get to know her own body well and not simply trust the ministrations of others. An artist in pleasing her partner, she can also please herself. She can then share the knowledge acquired through self-pleasuring. Though she is shy about private matters, it is essential in a growing relationship to communicate such information about oneself.

The Pisces Woman has an instinctive connection with an ancient route to the perfect love union she seeks. This path is called Tantra. Roughly translated, Tantra means the science of ecstasy. For total fulfillment, the Pisces Woman needs a man who can go this route with her.

Tantra is a psychophysical system five thousand years old. Its goal is to create perfect harmony within. The paths to Tantra are varied. One can reach perfection, according to Tantrists, through the use of sound, visualization, or sexual intercourse.

The object of a sexual exchange within the Tantric framework is to heighten and extend rapport, to create through lovemaking a oneness between a man and a woman. To practice Tantra, the following conditions are necessary:

  • The partners need to be sexually experienced and mature.
  • They need to be a constant in each other`s lives.
  • They need to be able to bounce back from failure and have the will to again.
  • They need to devote time to this process.
  • They need to give up the Western, goal-oriented approach to sex. In Tantra, orgasm is not the goal. Pleasure is.

The Pisces Woman is a particularly good candidate for enlightened sexual methods. She crusades for spiritual growth. She has a primal need to love wholly. In order to realize herself, she needs to transcend the negative emotions that could keep her confined to depression and ultimately lead to self-destruction. Sexual energy is a potent basic energy in humans. If Pisces harnesses it, she is using universal energy. If she misuses it, she drains herself of self-love and creativity.

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