aquarius compatibilityAquarius Compatibility must take into account the Water Bearer’s innate sense of curiosity and their experimental attitudes that have a propensity to explore all avenues of sexual enjoyment, fulfillment, and enlightenment. Aquarius compatibility investigates the Zodiac’s sex scientist. Lots of creative, free and unconventional sex is what the good doctor orders. This techno-savvy sign has every toy available in their black bag, along with a dog-eared Kama Sutra. Group therapy is encouraged. Aquarius will probably be most happy when their sexual life is a combination of the traditional and futuristic. Employing the missionary position while watching a Sci-Fi video in the bedroom suits them fine.

The Aquarius horoscope regards the brain as the most potent sexual organ in the body, and they will use theirs imaginatively, if not calculatingly, to extract hidden urges and fantasies in their lover. Thus, they are sometimes more of a spectator or prompter in sexual liaisons than a participant on the same level. They hunger for approval in everything, and sex is no exception. If they can bring about a complete, exhausting and frenzied orgasm in their mate, they feel they have accomplished what was required.

Their controlled attitudes toward life overlaps with their passionate need for experimentation. One can imagine seeing Aquarius, fully unclothed, walking through piles of bodies at an orgy, and making notes or giving helpful hints to participants. They are willing to be a part of sexual experiences that are socially “abnormal” but insists that they only perform to the limits they have established for themselves. Of course, those limits expand considerably if they think their performances can be kept a secret.

The Aquarius Woman demands that her man be a leader, and a teacher, in some aspects of their relationship. He may be a developing metaphysicist who turns her on to her own esoteric intuition. He may be a scientist who can help her to think in new ways. He may have a colorless job but a stimulating hobby – something she can share. The man who is highly sexual, experimental, and experienced is a good partner for her. She will follow him every step of the way and may lead him in some. Together, they can create a magnificent dance of fervor and futurism, a sexual act that is never the same, an enticing, sophisticated, limitless splendor.

The Aquarius man is interested in mind expansion or cosmic awareness. Someone who is ever willing to look at and redefine some worn-out, flat definitions, will excite him. The woman with whom he can share it all, the one who finally captures his elusive trust, is the gal for him. Sometimes, in the middle of sharing the most intimate sexual contact, his mind will catch on something else, and alas, the magic of melding bodies fails again. His aloofness and fear of vulnerability seem to force his mind to think other thoughts when sex becomes too close to union with one other person. The woman who thinks she can trap him into divulging some of his well guarded inner secrets by passionate touch, feel, kiss, bite, and nibble or deep, purposeful thrusting is only fooling herself. He seldom falls victim to this ploy, in fact, one imagines that he is more often the perpetrator of this game than the victim.

The fact that Aquarius trusts their minds far more than they do their bodies is frequently evidenced by the lack of care they give their appearance. They can be downright unappealing at times, but the glimmer of the future in their eyes and the subtle modesty they project often cause others to overlook the less-than-perfect condition of the package in order to find out what surprises it holds for them.

They often promise more than they deliver. They have a deep need to fall for a partner totally, to be giddily in love and full of sexual abandon. In theory, as is true of many aspects of their lives, they are a devoted and true lover. In practice, however, they are determined to keep passion just below the overwhelming point on the scale.

They want their mates to always be available to them, but don’t give their partners the same courtesy. They are perhaps one of the most frustrating of the Zodiac Signs, a true devotee of emotional armoring. They embrace the idea of union between men and women but are undemonstrative and demand privacy when their imaginative and emotional fuel is in need of replenishing.

When Aquarius finds that the marriage they are involved in isn’t what they thought it would be, they often turn to others. In fact, all through their married life they find others sexually appealing who are intellectually attractive as well. The fact that they can be dogmatically moralistic and old—fashioned causes much inner turmoil when their sexual mind wanders.

What is often labeled the “double standard” is not found in Aquarius. It may seem so indeed, but is more than probably the result of being ruled by two planets (Saturn and Uranus). They have many conflicts in their attitudes and impressions, and sex does not escape this confusion either. An excellent student early in life (which later carries over into being an excellent teacher), traditional values and taboos inflicted during childhood are learned well. Again the conflict, they may think that homo-sexuality, incest, and sex-crazed motorcycle gangs are wrong because that‘s what their mother and father taught them; but they will embrace all forms of alternatives in their search for knowledge and for the liberation of all people.

The leader of the local gang will have terrific appeal for them, if for no other reason than to find out what makes him tick and to pick up some valuable information that will enhance their own life. They will even have sex with people on the “fringes” of society, and not feel that they are “one of them” — they’re just conducting valid experiments in alternative lifestyles. Boredom with staid scholastic lessons is often accompanied by daydreaming about sex. The thought of sex is a turn-on for the young Aquarius, and they find fantasizing as a valid escape from the tedium of intellectual endeavors they have already mastered.

Their emotional detachment is often ingrained during childhood. The distance they establish from their mother and the idolizing attitude they have toward their father can cause them to become fairly unemotional toward both. They are sometimes jealous of their mother for the attention she gets from their father and can become derisive of the father for “giving in” to their mother. As is the case in almost any conflict, they will withdraw, at least emotionally, to study the broader picture.

They love their mates and their families, but they will nearly abandon them in search of a new bit of knowledge, a new experience, an opportunity to help those less fortunate than themselves. Little do they realize that often their families and their mates become the very “less fortunate” they seek to help. They have the power and the scope to embrace both their family and the masses, but must learn to balance the attention and love they give to both.

Herein lies the problem. Aquarius compatibility contains a deeply rooted need for love, for closeness, for what we call intimacy. However, they have developed so many road-blocks that it often eludes them. They are so intellectually astute and independent that they even intellectualizes love. They feel that inhibiting the mind is close to the greatest sin imaginable, and thus feel that inhibiting the mind sexually is also wrong. Coupled with their early lessons in monogamy, true love, and happiness (with 2.3 kids), this attitude yields a gigantic conflict. They need to learn how to ask for and receive affection.

Aquarius compatibility has a need to develop committed relationships with one person at a time. They frequently have few one-on-one experiences, probably due to their fear of becoming vulnerable, attached, or “intellectually inhibited”. They also fear rejection by those they become close to. They see vulnerability and romantic inclinations as potential cages that can’t escape from. They need to recognize that their minds, with the formidable power it has for them, can get them out of any real cage they may find themselves in.

Romance, closeness, and intimacy are natural and necessary emotions, in Aquarius compatibility, but their opinionated attitudes become even more rigid the longer they deny themselves true closeness. It’s as if they are afraid they won’t learn anything from intense one—on-one relationships, that the back door of escape will be bolted forever.

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