monkey horoscopesMonkey Horoscopes belong to those born in 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, etc. Monkey horoscopes are Yang, most closely associated with the Element of Metal. The Monkey’s color is white, gemstone Emerald, and it shares traits with Leo astrology.

The original party animal, charming and energetic, the monkey craves fun and stimulation, and it knows how to have a good time. However, due to boundless energy and a devil-may-care attitude, it is rather accident prone. Always upbeat, it is considered somewhat of a celebrity in its circle thanks to a sparkling wit and rapier-sharp mind.

Self-indulgent, immature, indifferent, careless, and never at a loss for words; our clever ape is essentially a schemer – skilled at manipulating others. Intelligent, imaginative, and expert at problem solving, this is the most versatile sign in the Chinese Zodiac.

Because of a certain lack of very high morals and an insatiable curiosity, this swinging simian has a need to try everything (and everybody) at least once; and chances are the disappointments and broken hearts will belong to someone else.

Monkeys are clever, mentally quick, and exceedingly resourceful. Those born into Monkey years are also smart and inventive thinkers. They love to learn and are blessed with an excellent memory. Monkeys are warm and confident, but can become easily sidetracked. They possess a mercurial temperament that allows them to streamline any task.

Efficient, they are always able to figure out an easier way to get the job done. The term hyperactive is sometimes used when discussing those born in Monkey years. They have the ability to get tremendous amounts done in almost no time at all. Monkeys also can maneuver their wayout of all kinds of dilemmas. They use this innate cunning to achieve goals and squeeze out of all manner of sticky situations. Their charm and curiosity keep them going.

Monkeys cannot stand boredom, ill will, or rejection. Monkey year souls are competitive yet jovial companions. They are popular and optimistic with almost everyone, and have a myriad of interests in life. Favorable hours of the day for Monkeys fall between 3 p.m.and 5 p.m., when the sun is still shining and the yin force is gathering its energy. This is the time of day when Monkeys are effervescent with energy.

Monkeys are cerebral. They need to be stimulated and teased mentally before their interest is aroused. Witty jokes, yarns, and other assorted comedic gems flow naturally and freely from Monkey souls. It is generally agreed that both male and female Monkeys tend to be funny. Their sarcastic simian wit, combined with perfect timing, make them enjoyable and refreshing partners. If there is a problem to be solved, the Monkey is the one who is competent to counsel on resolving the dilemma.

Of all of the 12 signs, the Monkey is the one with the most multi-colored nature. Mischievous and high-spirited, Monkeys are enterprising and outgoing, and make an instant connection with just about everyone. This allows them tremendous success in any profession where sales, persuasion, and cunning are required.

Monkeys need movement, discussion, and the retort of ideas. They cheerfully care for others who are down on their luck, and are unrivaled at simplifying and solving problems. The Monkey fears being excluded or ignored and is sorely stung by the barb of indifference. This shakes their confidence and is one of the few things that can send them into depression.

Favorite leisure activities are, not surprisingly, social ones, and Monkeys like to circulate in diverse circles. Reunions, parties, and the local pub are favorite mingling spots. Anywhere the Monkey can communicate and make merry. Curious, crafty, and an excellent student, higher learning for Monkeys is almost effortless. Monkeys adapt marvelously to diverse
lifestyles and often have a gift for languages. Surprises and good friends constitute heaven on earth for these social souls. It is important for Monkeys to balance their perpetual energy and curb suspicions regarding the motives of others. Accelerated mental thought can lead to obsessions and compulsions. Enlightened Monkeys will learn to manage and channel their intrinsically high activity levels into productive and benevolent acts.

Unenlightened Monkeys can be opportunistic and status seeking. The complex Monkey nature may also hide a low opinion and secret distrust of other people. Suspicious and arrogant behavior represents the Monkeys energy being directed in its most unproductive form. When the Monkey’s complicated and dubious personality becomes skewed, serious inter-personal problems can occur and maintaining relationships of long duration proves impossible. Expressed in its darkest form, this energy becomes trickery, infidelity, vanity, distrust, self-interest, and immature behavior. The choice lies completely with the individual. Taken to extreme, paranoid and anti-social personality disorders may develop.

Monkeys enjoy an unquenchable thirst for the fountain of knowledge. They read books, magazines, and newspapers, eager to be briefed and up to date on current affairs. Well-bred and well-educated, the Monkey has the closest thing to a photographic memory of all the animal signs. While blessed with many wonderful attributes, it is within the Monkeys original and inventive mind and impeccable sense of humor that we find the essence of this soul.

The best role for a Monkey is that of persuader, innovator, or personal assistant and advisor to royalty. International travel pleases the restless Monkey’s soul, and many choose careers as airline pilots, flight attendants, or travel agents. Where assets are concerned, Monkeys are financially lucky and will receive handsome rewards due to their ingenuity and personal charm. However, funds available are funds to be spent for enjoyment and pleasure.

As a child, the Monkey will never walk if they can run. Indeed, those parents blessed with Monkey children may want to purchase a pair of roller skates to keep up with these mischievous little scamps. Full of fun and fantasy, this intelligent and personable child makes friends easily and will display an extraordinary sense of humor at an early age.

Practical jokes are a specialty of Monkey children, and no sign is as proficient in fooling, tricking, and enchanting others .Monkey children often disassemble, reassemble, deconstruct, and reconstruct their environment. Discarded logs become boats, fabric scraps become quilts, and radios get disassembled to see how they work. These Peter Pan and Panettes of the Zodiac seldom completely grow up, and their soul remains eternally youthful.

Monkey parents prefer to have more of a friendship with their children than a parental dictatorship. They make sure their children have stimulating, fun opportunities to discover, experience, and enjoy. Monkeys tend to have difficulty being firm with their off spring and prefer to reinforce positive behavior using rewards rather than via fear of punishment. Convinced of the inherent goodness in humans, Monkey parents are broad-minded, tolerant, and fair. They assist their children on the journey to discover their own identities and self-confidence.

Abhorring stringent controls themselves, Monkey parents are flexible and maintain a low-key home life. The most favorable time of year for Monkeys is from mid-September to mid-October, when the seasons change and life begins its preparation for the long winter.

Monkeys are so multitalented that they have an excellent chance of succeeding in any career field. Monkeys do best, however, in positions that demand a high degree of specialty and require creative freedom. Contributing to society and making tangible progress is important to them no matter what the profession. Monkeys specialize in complex tasks and will always rise to the top of their fields.

Many film-makers, screenwriters, and performers were born into Monkey years. Monkey souls are natural comedians, and they are the kings and queens of stand-up comedy. They also make shrewd politicians and are master manipulators (if they so choose). With a natural bent for problem-solving, Monkeys also make excellent business advisors and troubleshooters. Their love of travel can place them in careers such as airline pilots, flight attendants, and travel agents. On the other side of the fence, Monkeys have also been known to pursue careers as confidence men, professional gamblers, and unscrupulous outlaws.

Some famous Monkey horoscopes include Julius Caesar, Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Rod Stewart, Tom Hanks, Leonardo da Vinci, Jennifer Anniston, Michael Douglas, and the Marquis de Sade.

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