Libra (Latin for balance), September 23 – October 22, does not like being alone, and is happiest when in love. Always planning for the next “relationship”, the Libra Horoscope is all about being “in love with love”. For Libra, everything is better when done as a pair. Explore Libra Compatibility.

The “Scales” are Yang, Air Sign, and Cardinal Sign. Its color is blue, day of week Friday, and birthstone Opal. Libra shares traits with Chinese Dog Horoscopes.

This is the youngest of the Zodiac Signs, and the only one that does not represent a living creature. In Greek mythology, the constellation was viewed as the scales held by Virgo, the goddess of justice.

Libra has well-developed social arts and is motivated by a need for personal, social and relationship compatibility. This Zodiac sign favors the company of others to solitude and delights in social occasions and outings. Possessing an innate sense of justice, they have good powers of distinction, which enables them to value both sides of any situation. This makes them talented in the arts of diplomacy and peacemaking. With an artistic and refined sense, this sign has an admiration of the finer things in life and humanities and the arts. At times, they can be too reliant on others and overly wanting in relationships.

Ruled by Venus, our smooth seductress is at her best amid pleasurable excess. Cultured, refined and good-looking, this sign loves beautiful things (especially beautiful people).

Charming and adept at conversation and making others feel comfortable, this balancing act is a people magnet and easily the Zodiac’s most social horoscope. The center of the party, when these folks are on their game they’re a pleasure to be with.

Libra rules the kidneys, lower back, and ovaries. Lower back pain, and problems caused by too much sugar or rich food are common complaints.

Harmony is a thing of grace for Libra, not just a sensible means to make matters run smoothly. With this cardinal/air sign, we discover that there are others in life with whom we can shape unions based on equality. This notion, of two or more people being on the same footing, has not been considered before by the first six signs. It becomes an entirely new way to look at life, but not a simpler way. Two-way streets attract more traffic, and now we must look both ways before crossing.

Libra solicits others with whom it can reciprocally share life experience. This entails more than just wanting company to avoid being isolated (although that is partly the motive). Shared experience usually means there’ll be at least two different points of view to contend with, since people seldom see eye to eye in every affair (and Libra wouldn’t savor that kind of union, anyway). The Balancer ideally loves to arrive at an amiable agreement after listening to both sides and forging a solution, perhaps a compromise, that all parties concerned can live with.

Libra is a consummate negotiator. The airing out of divergent ideas is important to the Libra’s growth (all air signs have to get their thoughts out in the open, and cardinal signs certainly do not sidetrack issues. It forces them to the forefront). Libra distinctly wants to get things off its chest, but prefers to express it to a committed, trust-worthy partner instead of a bathroom mirror, especially under glaring lights.

Libra comes alive when it can progress with a mate, whether love or war is in the air. Yet managing just the right balance of give and take is not simple, since Libra also wants to be the beneficiary of all that it happily gives to its mate. It’s not a doormat and it won’t permit itself to be used, although it often takes a bit to decide to put its foot down and say, Enough! The key to its true inner happiness comes from Libra’s faculty of making a marriage within itself, to reconcile its inner parts in ways that point to peace of mind – the type that cannot come from any alliance, no matter how intimate a couple seems to be.

If the Scales are secretly out of balance with itself, its relationships emphatically reflect this conflict. It may seem strange that Libra’s symbol, the Scales, is the zodiac’s only lifeless object. Libra introduces the cold concept of justice, an ideal that echos the nature of cause and effect on ethical and legal levels – As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Those unrestrained actions taken by artlessly self-seeking Aries are now demonstrated to have social consequences at this Libra phase of development.

What is obvious here is that we can’t just do anything we please, at least not to the detriment of others. Their needs are to be respected now as well. Were understanding how to see both sides of a relationship, not only our own. The scales of justice don’t permit special treatment in this regard. All who fracture the rules of proper conduct, as well as fair play and common decency, will pay the penalties. What goes around, comes around. Karma is in the making, and we get to appreciate that inconsiderate action can have a backlash.

Libra is a karmic boomerang as regards self-serving conduct (and it only becomes worse in Scorpio). At this point in the zodiac, we learn that willful misbehavior will be chastised if not immediately, then at some timely spot in the future. The zodiac has now made us mindful that a day of judgment awaits. What this also hints is that normally sweet, engaging Libra, on some deeper plane, is immune to dramatic emotional appeals, clever rationalizations, or skilful intellectual arguments when it comes to a transgression of rights. The Balancer has been wisely labeled the “iron fist in the velvet glove”, implying that it can be one tough cookie” who’s remarkably unyielding, even under inopportune conditions.

True justice is not compromising to human negotiations. No one is above the law. This illustrates why Libra, when pressed backed to the wall, would sooner die for its scruples than compromise under tyrannical coercion and lose its integrity. This doesn’t mean, once we get past its charming, social veneer, that Libra is a cold-hearted. The Balancer moderates justice with mercy. However, it wouldn’t be able to do so if it didn’t grasp human nature well. Remember, Libra can picture and understand many sides of an issue. Nothing is to be reckoned in rigid, black-or-white terms. A deliberate weighing of diverse factors is necessary.

Virgo provides us with an occasion to puzzle out people, especially why they sometimes do the batty things they do. Libra goes further by honing its understanding of human psychology (in Scorpio, we finally penetrate the darker depths of the mind to determine what calls for a total overhaul). Libra appears to be more understanding of social impropriety because they can recognize inconsistent motives in operation that flow from such behavior. Yet if pestered enough, the Balancer will coolly say, “Let the ax fall, and justice be served”. Libra then becomes an instrument of karmic redress.

Libra is very perceptive of the atmosphere it finds itself in, especially wherever people assemble. Observing society in action is intriguing to this sign. While Gemini is also a people watcher, its not constantly willing to take part in relationships as mutable energy doesn’t press us to plunge into experience in the energetically brash way that the cardinal mode does (the one mutable special case is Sagittarius, due to its uncontrollably fiery nature). Libra must have cordial social contact on a daily basis and are rather unnerved when something pops into the picture to spoil an otherwise pleasant conversation between people. It believes in the cultural importance of courteous exchanges.

Since Libra is also learning about discord (the other side of the coin) inevitably somebody comes onto the set and causes a little counteraction that tips the scales, typically causing the Balancer to feel out of sorts. Virgo isn’t keen on such interference either, but then, this practical earth sign doesn’t entertain idealistic expectations about other peoples conduct – it anticipates that they’ll ultimately screw up.

Libra needs to be careful not to exhibit too much sweetness and light, since it becomes very difficult for them to easily sustain such an atmosphere of peace (and some who assay to do so are probably bottling up a lot of darker elements that then get tossed onto incompatible people in their lives). Libra can endlessly play the smiley-face game and feign everything is beautiful, as long as nobody rocks the boat or touches a raw nerve.

The ability to cope with the downside of being human is also a priority. Libra even has to discover how to be a fighter, and not only of social causes. It must learn how to defend itself against direct, personal assaults. The key is to fight cleanly and intelligently (something Aries doesn’t do).

Doing battle can be elevated to an art form, and in fact, military strategists profit by having natal planets in Libra. Its okay to be tolerant to others and to show compassion, but it’s not so great when Libra detects it’s always the one bending over backwards to amuse those who’d never think of reciprocating the favor. Why risk getting bruised again and again by practised abusers who only see relationships one way – their way. Libra needs to lovingly grant itself the pleasure to give back as good as it gets, and to hell with a nice day. (Scorpio zealously gives back even more than it gets to those who genuinely have it coming.)

Virgo is a sign that admires the merits of good grooming. Staying clean and looking chic and presentable calls for a degree of organization. How freshly things smell concerns this earth sign (it knows that anything with a foul odor is probably not in a healthy condition). Libra carries this idea of being well-groomed to a more fanciful level. Looking marvelous is more important, in fact, than feeling great. Appearance means a lot to Venus, and that’s because when we appear our best, we attract the right kinds of people. And, when we resemble skid-row rejects, we repel them.

Libra believes that life runs better if it takes the time to glam up and present itself as a class act. It’s a sign whose more cultured, polished image becomes a lure for social approval. Lt’s easy to see the weaknesses of only being affected by things having such surface attraction. Yet Libra isn’t fazed by this because they know they’re not trivial at heart. They just prefer to enjoy things that are pretty.

Let beauty and grace rescue weary souls everywhere. Libra is more than the sign of one-on-one relationships, which also suggests those of an antagonistic nature. It’s a symbol of devoted relationships, and thus it governs the conventional state of matrimony. In this area, Libra seems most comfortable with the conservative, legal framework. Polygamy will not work here (nor will the group marriage venture that eccentric Aquarius sometimes talks about).

Indifferent to sexual orientation, Libra needs an intimate union that society will sanction, and the Balancer is not embarrassed to admit that it does matter what others think (its like Capricorn in this respect). However, Libra also knows how prejudiced society can be whenever it attempts to regulate the private lives of its comrades (Libra may be at odds with rule-enforcing Capricorn in this case). Air supports freedom of expression for all, and therefore maintains a live and let live policy. But for itself, Libra prefers that its blessed union be fixed by law, if possible. So where’s the ring?

The ideal model in Libra’s mind is for two people in love, with much respect for each other, to combine forces as self determined human beings, each with a sound ego intact. Libra values most a marriage of equals (no previous sign imagined that possibility). This implies that no one play the parent, or one the helpless child. Nor is one person to order the actions that another is allowed to take. Libra doesn’t think that partners possess each other, just because of a marriage vow, and will resist the thought of being controlled or dominated.

Libran can have furious dialogues inside their heads that they dare not utter in any ongoing, troublesome relationship, at least not for a while. Sooner or later, however, Libra unleashes pent-up anger and rage over being unfairly treated. A colder side appears as all the grievances it has suffered are addressed. It’s virtually impossible to appeal to Libra’s sweet side once this degree of alienation has been reached. Yet until that day comes, Libra is inclined to forgive its loved one over and over again. But, it never dismisses or forgets abuse, and always keeps score. On D-Day, (usually when least expected) Libra will deliver an ultimatum, or else abandon the relationship for good), even though it would have preferred that the honeymoon go on forever.

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