Libra-Virgo Compatibility resembles 2 inter-locking puzzle pieces. Each fits beautifully into the other and settling snugly in place. Both Zodiac signs in Libra-Virgo compatibility horoscopes look for security in a relationship, and they share a delight in beauty and culture.

They can work together effectively and smoothly because they enjoy similar rewards. The Libra-Virgo relationship may dribble along in the beginning, but it will gush once both partners come to respect one another. Both Libra and Virgo appreciate everyday pleasures, and they are often fond of collecting bone china, art or photographs. They also love the theater and all types of art.

Utility and pleasure are important to both, and they flatter one another in many ways. Virgo values Libra’s charm and diplomacy, and Libra can smooth things out when Virgo doesn’t get their way. Libra respects the Virgo love of order and the real rewards that come with it. Additionally, Libra and Virgo are compliant and able to see the different sides of a controversy, and together they make decisions only after looking at all the facts.

The Planet Mercury rules Virgo and Libra is governed by Venus. Virgo is a splendid communicator, analyst and thinker. These partners share a delight in good, honest conversation and discriminating taste. Libra, above all, is about balance, and both partners share engaging personalities and a potent desire for balance. Together, they bring culture and symmetry to the world around them. Owing to Venus’ influence, Libra can be lazy, and both partners can be seen as a bit high-hat: Virgo with their high demands and Libra accused of an intellectual superiority complex.

Virgo is an Earth Sign, and Libra an Air Sign. Libra goes about hypothesizing on many different subjects, while Virgo is more practical. Virgo asks, “how will this serve to achieve my goals in life?” while Libra simply centers on whatever occurs to them, unconcerned of how useful it is. At times, each partner may find it tough to understand where the other is coming from. Differences can arise in this relationship if Virgo appears too particular or Libra seems designing. Both partners need to understand that they view the world through contrasting filters.

Virgo is a Mutable Sign and Libra a Cardinal Sign. In this relationship, Libra will govern their direction. Virgo is comfortable and easy-going, and Libra can be a tender, guiding force without crossing the line into tyranny. Libra’s indecision may annoy Virgo, but Libra is skilled at considering all sides of a problem, and is often able to support Virgo’s decisions. If Libra can be the spring in the relationship, Virgo is elastic enough to keep their projects going.

What’s the best feature of Libra-Virgo compatibility astrology? It’s their shared love of form and structure. Aesthetics are vital to both partners, and they share a pleasure in the finer things in life. Their similar appetites and styles make theirs a relationship of great balance. How does Libra Compatibility balance with other denizens of the Zodiac? Back to the top of Libra-Virgo Compatibility.