Libra-Scorpio Compatibility tends to make a very emotionally connected and mutually satisfying union. Though Scorpio is moody and can get lost in the confusing jumble of their own emotions, Libra’s propensity for balance and harmony helps keep Scorpio flush. Scorpio can reciprocate the favor to Libra with their special powers of focus, a quality that Libra, as a rule, lacks.

Libra-Scorpio compatibility horoscopes are very well-suited due to their similar needs in a love connection. Libra, the sign of Union, is happiest when in a well-balanced and warm relationship, while Scorpio thrives on intense, emotional shagging with their special someone. These two make for a very close and satisfying synergy.

They would do well to take on some sort of joint project aside from their love relationship, as they have enormous capacity to get great things done. They integrate the power of emotion with the force of intellect, an extremely fey duo. Scorpio tends to be more serene, but is also more controlling than Libra.

Despite any conflicts, both partners love playing with fire and taking chances. This is not a boring alliance. These two are genuine charmers. They know how to romance and seduce one another and take great delight in doing so. Their different approaches (Scorpio is intense and cagey while Libra is direct and open) sometimes give them trouble understanding one another. They may need to pay strict attention to their lines of communication.

Libra is ruled by love (Venus) and Scorpio by passion and power (Mars) and (Pluto). Libra’s love of beauty and romance counterbalances the strife that arises in Scorpio’s life because of their deep, and tangled emotions. Scorpio’s Mars effect at least promises an vibrant, exciting relationship. Also, neither sign wants to squabble. Scorpio sidesteps arguments in favor of secret revenge. Libra hates conflict and will do anything imaginable to avoid it, including backing down and surrender.

Libra is an Air Sign and Scorpio a Water Sign. The best resolutions are made uniting the intellect and the emotions. Using both head and heart, this pair can meet almost any challenge, figure out almost any puzzle. This is all dependent, of course, on the two signs functioning together, not against one another. Scorpio is an expert strategist and can help Libra focus their frequent ditziness. At times, however, Scorpio’s over-the-top emotionalism can drag down and depress Libra, and Libra can from time to time rattle Scorpio and get on their “nerve”. It is at these times when Libra’s innate diplomacy comes in most handy.

Libra is a Cardinal Sign and Scorpio a Fixed Sign. Libra is always pondering something new to try, a different restaurant to check out or art gallery to drop in on, or a new location to visit, but it’s Scorpio who has the drive to follow through on these brainstorms. These two have the potential to be the most loyal and committed of partners, as these are properties that are important to each of them.

What’s the best feature of Libra-Scorpio compatibility astrology? The potency they find in unity. They can achieve a lot, whether they come together in business or romance. They are both champs and they won’t give up, making theirs a love affair that takes care of business. Find out how Libra compatibility squares with the other Zodiac Signs. Back to the top of Libra-Scorpio Compatibility.