libra man womanThe Libra Man and Woman (Sept. 24 – Oct. 23) can smile their way out of any situation and into any heart. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and “stuff” (money, clothes, jewelry, cars, beachfront property, etc), Libra is masculine, positive, cardinal, and air. What you lack in commitment, you make up for in charm. Your opposite is the guileless, tactless, and “unbalanced” Aries.

The Libra man and woman have a roving eye, especially when young, and often flunk the friendship versus love test. As the zodiac sign of relationships, you dislike being alone. Beautiful Venus sparkles with intelligent conversation, especially one-on-one, but large groups don’t offer the stage you enjoy most (the boudoir).

You need harmony to remain balanced, and this holds true especially for your love affairs. For you, romance is an inebriating adventure. However, when it comes to a permanent relationship, the faerie dust blows away all to quickly. You love being in love, but can’t seem to make the effort required for the day-in-day-out mundane world of “boring” permanence. You are endowed with a smiling, friendly wit, delight in debate and argument, and can easily accept all opinions. This results in an inability to take a “position” yourself.

Comfortable associations, in both business and romance, represent your deepest need. You are most contented when living with another person, but any friction leaves you wonky and confused. For the Libra female, being a woman is a career in itself, and she will ripen to perfection at some point in her life. Her womanly talent par excellance is talking.

Your zodiac love match is Taurus, also ruled by sensuous Venus and another lover of earthly possessions. With a mercenary streak, you will find your greatest happiness in a relationship that provides you with a real sense of belonging, stability and security. You delight in the good things in life, (especially raking in the money). You delight in things as diverse as the opera, fine food, wine, theater, art and music. You savor each moment of life to the fullest extent, and intuitively seek out and surround yourself in loveliness. All your liaisons are enchanted.

Your liberal outlook is a bonus in relationships and this quality makes you a pleasure to be with. You need to be loved and lusted after, although you disdain to take the lead in the beginning. In a relationship, you take turns being the dependant or dominant partner, depending on your evaluation of what’s to be gained from a relationship. Life needs to run on an “even keel”, and harmony is the key to maintaining the balance.

Gifts (expensive ones) light up Libra. They love surprises. A good courtship is all about sharing things (your things). They want to have a say in every matter, but, the inability to make a determination is Libra’s hallmark. A snap decision is impossible. First they pile stuff on one side of the scales, then pile stuff on the other, forever sometimes. Weighing issues is their art.

Frumpy is not in their dictionary, spontaneity is, so keep those surprises coming. Complaining about a Libra’s indolence is blasphemy. Libra is not much help with the chores, so don’t count on it. Never mention that Venus looks unwell.

Stunning in appearance, dazzling yet casual, they turn heads wherever they go (and they know it). And it all comes so easily. Beauty that comes from poise, good looks and powers of persuasion, make this the most irresistible sign in astrology. Graced with an innate charm and oodles of confidence, they automatically put their best foot forward – all the time. Go to the mailbox without makeup? …Are you nuts! The gods just decided to be kind and grant to Venus all that loveliness. Balancing greens and pinks, and warm, floral scents. The scintillating diamond brings you wealth and luck. Your number is 21. Colors are purple and royal blue. Tuesdays happen for you.

Truth, justice, and fair play drive the lady who holds the scales. You are a natural leader and work hard to prove it. With a hunger for the exchange of ideas, conversation and chatter, social situations are your forum. As a mediator you enjoy bringing people together, and far be it from you to venture into the world without a partner at your side. Impelled to keep your partnership sailing smoothly, your beautiful, balanced world makes for a bonny cruise.

Libra might consider a career as:
Academic advisor
Art dealer
Graphic artist
HR manager
Interior decorator
Referee or umpire

Beauty, harmony and living large are your ideas of perfection. Terribly indecisive, making the wrong choice is abhorrent to you. Venus craves comfort and luxury, and feels it’s a divine right. Although you love money and what it can buy, making financial decisions is oh so tedious. If you pay the bills on time (or at all) it’s only by sheer luck, or a sane partner. Extravagance is all part of the good life, and the beauty of perfection is when the bank account squares.

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