libra loveLibra Love spotlights the sensual, artist of seduction, of beauty, charm, an easy laugh, a mini-skirt, and no panties. She is easily approached, and always available (if you’ve got the time). With her, its all night of soft music, candles, aromatic massage and body worship.

A Libra love match makes the creative quest of the beautiful life an art, and the Libra Woman defines beauty and pleasure broadly. Plain, vanilla sex doesn’t rank very highly on her Libra Compatibility scale. To turn on sexually, she needs to be juiced up verbally along with some expert fondling, and cozy if not luxurious surroundings. The vibes must be positive. She wants a sex-mate who is agile, vigorous, alert, and socially conspicuous – one who takes the lead and then follows through with imagination. The desirable partner must have a flamboyant erotic fantasy life, a gift of gab, and superior techniques to match her own.

It seems natural that a hedonistic, feminine woman like Libra would relish sex, and it is accurate that the sounds, smells, and revelry of sexual interaction are delightful to her. But the verbal foreplay to erotic romp is essential to stimulate her. She is also aroused by a romantic video, a candlelight dinner, music by the hearth, erotica, and sexual fantasia. Cries of passion coming from next door also arouse her.

The Libra woman is inclined to be most roused by an articulate, smooth, refined, crisp, well-dressed partner. Her perfect man never forgets to open the door for her and invariably takes her to the nicest places, to a stylish restaurant rather than to a bar or dump. He must always have clean nails and hair, smell good, smile, speak properly and make love elegantly.

Libra wants to be hotly pursued, graciously courted, and loved like a lady. She likes to be persuaded into the sack, for she is part demure virgin. She likes to taunt, for she is part temptress. She is a goddess of love and beauty, a modern Venus who needs to be admired by mere mortals. She likes pretty things, for she is part young girl. She likes being indulged with gifts as part of the courting, and she in turn pampers her lover. If she were living in classical times, she would expect the total romantic formalities. Ancient Pompeii may have provided Libra with a suitable venue. Theirs was an erotic society in which sensuality was revered, not degraded or maligned. The cult of beauty, the natural admiration of the body, the accepted rituals of social and sexual interaction, would have delighted her.

The ambiance and interaction prior to sex determine whether she wants to complete the act. Intercourse is not necessarily her favorite pursuit. She may prefer a rich picnic in bed before or after coupling, and never mind the bread crumbs. It is extremely important for Libra to look good. Though she struggles with overweight all her life, she does take care of herself. She has regular dates with the hairdresser and a routine at the gym.

She knows intuitively how to keep sex exciting. She is lovely, smells good, walks gracefully, and has a special brand of femininity that turns men on. Her understanding of sexual techniques is awe-inspiring, even though she may be reluctant to divulge this information to hung up lovers. She wants to eliminate the banality that renders sex dull, and to get rid of the sloppy habits that result in an insipid feeling and a deadening of stimulation.

She panders to the man in her life, though she is not quite certain how far to go. She is hesitant to give herself totally, for in her mind there is always a detectable fear of dependency. In her early years especially, she wants her man to worship and make love to her as a sex goddess. She wants to be spoiled, and idolized.

At times, she wants total control of the situation. She is terrified to give up this control and be dwarfed by her passion. She shares with Pisces a deep, intense fear of being consumed by her partner, though she is usually not cognizant of this fear herself. To open up utterly to a man sexually means the threat of emotional vulnerability. She is afraid of losing her identity. Her actions might be construed as embodying the male idea of cool reserve.

It is often said that the sexiest looking women are the most sexually unsure. Many Libra women have a poor self-image, a unfavorable body image, and profound sexual fears. For women, the enjoyment of sex is tied to ease with the female body, with her own sexual reactions as well as with the male erotic response, and above all, to her self-love. The Libra woman relies excessively on the media, especially on women periodicals like Cosmopolitan and Vogue, to establish the standards of beauty and sexiness. She often judges herself deficient by comparison. Because how she appears strongly influences how she feels, this sense of inadequacy pervades her entire self-image.

In bed she may dwell on images of ideal beauty and sex appeal, thus obstructing her feelings. She may try to adopt positions that she imagines are most flattering to her, thus minimizing natural response and interaction. She may also experience the fear that at the moment of orgasm she will be regarded as unfeminine, or even unattractive. Finding this unpleasant, she will often suppress her sexual feelings, and as a consequence she may not experience the total release that is necessary for a fulfilling climax.

So the Libra woman may look great, but she is often unhappy and frightened. Because she is too self-conscious to discuss her sexual insecurities, she endures in silence. Sex, she determines, is simply not as great as it is cracked up to be. A considerable problem in her sexual relationships is the development of unspoken tension and rejection. Because she is intent on maintaining a tranquil exterior and pleasing her mate, she may pretend calm where a tempest is brewing. Erotic ferment should be unleashed. By containing herself, her sexual responses may become more pathetic, and she may crave new partners for greater satisfaction. She should look within and begin confiding in a partner who can give constructive feedback and support.

One of her favorite sexual reveries is that of being a kidnapped princess. Another is being the number one wife in a harem. The perfect fantasy is to play the part of a madam, operating a call girl ring and sadistically dominating everyone under her while she herself is surreptitiously dominated by an invisible, supreme chief – of unknown gender. Her quest for pleasure may lead her to participate in group sex in order to confirm her tastes or sustain her sex drive. She feels that association with a number of people might render her more sexually confident. She tends to shun the choice of a male or female partner on a permanent basis, and group sex furnishes her with freedom from commitment. She might also take pleasure in voyeurism. She is a flasher, and given the right atmosphere, enjoys dancing on tabletops, stripping in a friends living room, and playing hide-and-seek in the dark.

Murmuring erotic words of affection help her to let go, as does lascivious, pornographic language, grazing fingernails, feathers around her hips and thighs, and perfumed back and foot massages during sex play. She likes watching the act in mirrored ceilings and is inflamed by beautiful and beautifully abandoned people in X-rated videos. She may very well have her own X-rated room in purple motif, complete with a soft rug, incense, stereo, special lighting, and video equipment. Her closet is well stocked with Victoria’s Secrets, oils, and sex toys. Cross-dressing also stimulates her. She admires transvestites, homosexuals and anyone of liberated sexuality. One of her frequent fantasies is that she is a man. This fantasy encourages her to be a more dominant sex partner. In this mood, she becomes primitive and animalistic, and may suggest a bondage/rape scenario with her and her partner changing roles.

The Libra woman has a powerful bisexual element in her personality. She is incited by the soft touch and the mystery of the female body, and she finds security and acceptance with another woman. She may also be impelled to switch roles, going back and forth between domination and submission, and she feels that it is easier to take on these personas with a woman than with a man, who might be more inhibited. She has decided ideas about sexual etiquette. She is not an early riser and is not normally inclined to morning sex. Her peak arousal span is mid-afternoon through midnight, after she has had sufficient time to psyche herself up and make the necessary preparations. Warnings to the lover who would appear sloven and rumpled. The goddess will have him banished from the temple of delights.

Although Libra eschews deep emotional commitment, she is scrupulous about remembering what her lovers like, and she insists that they remember her favorites too. She believes in equality and balance, but these are merely abstractions to her. Actually, she expects to be wined, dined and adored.

The Libra woman is an exciting lover and highly desirable. The way she looks, feels, and walks give her partners intense pleasure. But she may gip herself as she sates her lover’s sexual needs and shelves her own. She often resists the pleasure that comes from feeling intensely in a sexual relationship. She must master the balance of thought and feeling, and giving with taking. She may frequently take too much and give to little of her heart.

The point she needs to grasp is that sex with real feelings allows her to fully let go during the experience. Body image acceptance, fundamental communication skills, and physical and mental relaxation techniques may be all she requires to unblock herself sexually. Dominating a relationship emotionally leaves Libra feeling victorious, but her partners eventually disappear humiliated and hurt.

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