libra horoscopeThe Libra Horoscope reveals its character in justice, poise, balance, order and objective judgment. “The Balance”, second Air Sign, and third of the Cardinal Signs, is the Zodiac’s great “equalizer”. Remarkable for their powers of association; they are able to weigh and measure all things mentally, as though inspired. Cardinal signs are exceptionally prone to extremes, but sooner or later occasions arise for impartial and dispassionate thought. Loving harmony so, they feel thoroughly raw until the whole of their being is in a state of balance.

They always maintain a kind and genial tendency, expressing the Venus side of their nature more than any other. This renders them courteous, friendly and pleasing. Conspicuous for their powers of perception. Libra realizes that there is an invisible as well as a visible world. This makes them remarkably intuitive, as they can draw on both sources. Their psychic gifts are acquired from the mental, and not from the emotional realms, and this enables them, when fully personalized, to calmly detail the hidden knowledge contained spirtual truth. They can accept fate in a way that others can’t, and see the justice of all things.

Possessing the most perfect aspect of any of the zodiac signs, their soul is best able to express itself. Astrological signs are best studied by exploring their opposites, and in Libra we get the balance of Aries, which delivers the keenest spiritual perceptions and the most evident. They have the power to obtain occult knowledge through inner sensing. The Libra horoscope exists more in the mind (as befits air), and becomes exceedingly accepting and sympathetic. Rather impatient and inclined to carelessness, these personal faults may be easily forgiven, as they are usually very even-tempered and responsive to the positive influences that surround them.

When “unbalanced”, they suffer from complaints common to the cardinal signs. The kidneys are the most sensitive parts of their body. Their best medicine is music, harmony and retirement, but they possess the instincts on how to exactly bring their physical conditions back to a state of equilibrium. Libra does best in positions where they can quietly and calmly manage affairs through their insight. They make excellent librarians and secretaries. They are good stage managers, musical directors, and any profession where they can conserve harmony in themselves and others. Adept in things artistic, they excel as decorators, arrangers, etc.

The Libra horoscope is inspirational and perceptive, always inclined more to the spiritual side of life than the purely physical. They are sensitive to “personality” when not fully self-conscious, but are always fair and generous. Ever striving to demonstrate compassion, they possess knowledge that surpasses the mental characteristics of the preceding sign Virgo. The balance of their identity brings them closer to the highest form of mind that we can conceive, expressed as a refined mental state not dependent upon the brain alone. The Libra horoscope presents many paradoxes. Said to be one of the signs more difficult to understand, it is the only sign that has no human or animal symbol. Holding the balance is the figure of justice, a woman blinded, blinded perhaps by objectives outside view, requiring inner, intuitive vision that must guess where is the justice.

It is a pause similar to silent listening in meditation, a time of accessing the past. In this quiet sign, we find the issues of sex and money, both good servants and bad teachers, according to the use made of them. Sex is a spiritual gift, a compensation of men and women, yielding fruit for the prolongation of life and evolution of soul. Money is a medium of exchange, of sharing. Either hoarded by the miser or the shared from a golden heart. The balance of the pairs of opposites is sharply defined. The scale can range from bias and prejudice to justice or discernment, from callous stupidity to wisdom enthusiastic. How unusual and delicious combination of words is this. In common parlance we symbolize wisdom with the stupid, blinking owl, and those who think they are wise are too often filled with solemnity and are somewhat heavy.

Libra can be characterized by either materialistic attitudes or spiritual. Again and again in their rounds, the constellations are harmonious, and good, and this is our purpose – to be responsive to and make good use of them, which determines what we say. This is related to painful impressions accurately achieved by the occasional tourist and the man who lives for some time in a country, and really knows his people. Sometimes one thinks that an intelligence test should be taken before granting a visa.

Justice with mercy is the blessing of God. If in cold severity, everything that’s wrong is noted, who can stand?” For all who take the work to be done in Libra, the fumes of pleasure must be dissipated before the larger task of self-control is to be undertaken. Pleasure-seeking Venus finds unpleasantness and distress necessary experiences for the development of the soul. Without such tragedies, the unrealized potential of Libra results in a life and personality that has lost its appeal. Brute force is not part of the Libran character, but instead the art of avoiding a direct encounter, spending no more force than necessary, and achieving its ends gently. Theirs is the ability to find unusual solutions, and to perceive the value of the incongruous. Situations of great consequence in the history of mankind are determined by unusual approaches to common problems.

The perception of inconsistencies is one of the largest weapons given to mankind in its perpetual struggle against the illusion. It is the source of laughter which disrupts and destroys the glitz of outdated institutions. Many of the terrifying life experiences can be transformed by a beneficent sense of humor. Much of what people look at with grave and serious implications is definitely ridiculous. The Libran is handled by weighing and balancing all things. This attitude makes him appear frequently fluctuating and uncertain. Knowing that there are many gradations between black and white, he is rarely likely to be an extremist. He knows that many of those who are regarded as pillars of society are not, and the modest and humble are the salt of the earth. That those who most vehemently declare their excellence may be the least deserving, that the wisest in word can act as fools. Truth may be manifested on earth in many unlikely ways.

The search for truth, then, changes with the development of discrimination. In a sense, the truth does not exist for humans, since all truths are but part of larger fractional sets. Inclusive search is more important than the insistence on an isolated fragment of a limited segment separately. As an industrious spider, the Libran is perpetually spinning threads of relationships, creating a sensory network of meanings. The result of such activity is the synthesis. Staying between the concrete and the abstract, trying to relate the two. Whenever there is a discrepancy, providing the gap between their intended purpose and the goal achieved, and yet the fabric shines brightly and assumes a model of intricate beauty.

Halfway between Heaven and Earth, Libra recognizes high ideals, on the other, sees the corruption of men. If he rises to the ideal world, loses touch with ordinary things, if it descends to the level of activity materialistic, you lose the precious insights that are the main cause of being. It remains suspended in equilibrium between these two worlds in order to achieve understanding, an understanding that includes high and low, good and bad, the sublime and the insignificant. This is compassion.

Knowledge gained causes disappointment. Peering into the hearts of men, reveals dark shadows, and the sediment of strange passions. It contemplates the long road ahead of the human race, with its occasional successes and failures multiplied. What is the result of such reflections? First, substantially weakened illusions that so often leave man chained to the ground. He learns that the man lives in a swirling mist of illusion, clinging to life as if it were an end in itself, often fleeing from the truth as a disaster. This description of defects does not mean that human kindness is overlooked, without a sufficient amount of it, the world could not endure.

The Libran is not at all sure he wants to take part in the fight aggressively to achieve a way of life, and move forward belligerently toward a place of power and prestige in the world. If he only had to worry about himself, he probably would retire to the library, and spent his days there. However, there are other human beings that make claims.

The reason the service is well rooted in his life, a sense of service based on a realistic assessment of human nature. It really is very difficult to serve the incredible species called man. Tell a man of a truth that, if accepted it would change its stereotypical way of life, and he will condemn you as if you were a radical, reason with him, and he stubbornly insist on the supremacy of his instincts on the other hand, show indifference their condition and denounce you for being insensitive to their suffering. Whoever serves the human race must be prepared for the misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and perversity that supports the opposite of what is said.

The Libran is not inclined to be fanatical or tyrant. Seeking to persuade rather than force, he understands the art of spiritual commitment, this implies a complacency that the sky is achieved through a series of separate steps rather than a simple hop savior. Serving others requires a fair assessment of their capabilities they expect that they are incapable of giving is both foolish and frustrating.

The aid given to a person must find expression within the context of its limitations. If this is not done, the aid can be an impediment. It should make a careful distinction between too much and too little help, if given too, the individual will not be encouraged to use their own resources, while too little can cause sinking in a sea of despair. In other words, the support given must be carefully adapted to the needs of the individuals involved. In many cases, aid is only a nuisance, therefore, it is often better to allow a person to form their own spiritual certainties of their own bitter conflict.

The constant weighing and measuring so characteristic of Libra, has a purpose, the establishment of equilibrium. The world is sustained by the balance, because it understands the Libran. In fact, the laws of karma can be seen as balancing activities that prevent the continuation of a condition of balance. The catastrophes that befall a man are designed not to punish, but rather to restore the balance in nature. Whoever gets the balance in your own life is not obliged to impose it through nasty, intimidating circumstances.

The side of the scales of Libra are easily inclined to one side or another, but the midpoint on the scale which some rest remains unchanged. This is the point of equilibrium, the safe haven that the fluctuating shadows earthly cataclysms and catastrophes can never threaten. It should be noted that the balance, as conceived here, is a condition rather dynamic than static. A balanced system of energy would be a better definition, expressed in another way, could be called an orderly distribution of energies directed and controlled by a very steep will the good. The man fully developed, or initiated, it could perhaps also be described in such terms.

Amid the discord, the Libran cherishes the dream of harmony in a distant country, he remembers his father’s house. In memory of this looks to be a point of peace in a sea of conflicting forces. That is the goal, but not always the achievement. However, this desire for harmony strengthens in him the desire to be a peacemaker. Ably both sides can understand a problem ‘and this ability serves him well to be a mediator and arbitrator. The energies that are used persuasion, courtesy, and cooperation, when they fail, more rigorous methods of disdains. Is naturally inclined toward group work, and is attracted by the action programs that promote brotherhood and unity.

There is a strong female element in the Libran, and this is natural since Venus rules this sign of the zodiac. The hard, impetuous thrust of modern life is too aggressively masculine grace and artistic beauty of the female component should act as an additional influence. The Libran understands this instinctively. Men know that dogmatism must be modified by more subtle taste of feminine sweetness, that the water will last longer than ductile stone relentless and rigid steel.

When the Libran has assimilated the gentle harmonies of Venus, begins to respond to another vibration, Uranus. The statement in the Bible that describes this impulse is expressed in these words, “Behold, I make all things new.” It means the old ways as being chains and fetters. They should be discarded. The broom of God is to drag the debris of the ages to the high ideals of brotherhood and unity, can be incorporated into the very structure of our institutions, so that men lead lives that could reflect the divine image that is indelibly marked in his essential being.

However, this revolutionary change is not changing the arrangement must comply with our appearance, forms or institutions, must originate from within the human mind in the silence of the heart of man, when he turns toward the light that shines on him and come from the rest of immortality that he dwells. The Libran is equipped to rally, knowing that this is the first step toward reordering the world.

The opposite sign of Libra, with which compensation must be made is Aries whose ruler is Mars, while the ruler of Libra is Venus. Esoterically, therefore, there must be a tradeoff between the Will and the higher mind, expressing itself through desire or love, depending on the state of evolution.

The esoteric ruler of Libra is Uranus, and Saturn in this sign is the ruler of that great creative hierarchy that is part of the third aspect of divinity. It is for this reason that Libra is closely connected with the hierarchy, and explains the third aspect of the Godhead and hence it is a sign ruler and a major factor determining where the law, sex and money are involved.

If students make a careful study of these three things: the law, the first aspect, the relationship between the pairs of opposites (sex) second look at, and condensed energy, called money, third appearance, as they expressed today and how they can express themselves in the future, would have a picture of the physical realization of the future human and spiritual expression would be instructive and would have greater value. The whole process is explained by the activity of the three rulers of Libra: Venus, Uranus and Saturn.

A unique beauty emerges when we consider the fundamental principles of Aries and Libra. The symbol for Libra is “calm”, but far from the tranquility of luxurious comfort. It is an expression of respect fully accepted, whether with an object, a situation or person. Men can only be free from fulfilling nature with nature, meeting with her quietly, with elegance. By grace we mean that quality which the mathematician has in mind when he speaks of the elegant solution of a mathematical problem – a solution that moves very easily, with the simplicity of means, with a minimum of intermediate steps, with inherent logic.

The giant Redwood tree is a striking example, a perfectly easy and logical development of the possibilities inherent in a tiny seed. The natural growth of potential, inherent ease and logic of evolution, the elegance of development. These are gems of the art of living. It is hard to imagine a more promising concept of growth, than the blossoming of a flower, effortless and without tension. Here we might note that Libra represents the plant kingdom, sex and natural affinity. In that realm is said that three rays vibrate in unison. This results in service, color and fragrance. These words are not mystical poetry. They are rooted in biological facts, where creative energy, the immanent God is working.

Returning to Aries, we find that the fundamental principle is “fitness” that indicates a method by which the peace of pounds can be obtained. We all know men and women in history and around us now, moving calmly and power in the midst of tragic events. And what a spectacle terrible and inspiring is that! We also found camouflage adaptability in the animal kingdom, the colorful birds and beasts that helps them protect their lives. The man in dangerous circumstances is an equal need of disguise, where appropriate, to increase adaptability.

This immediately raises a doubt as to the dangers of compromise, the abandonment of the principles for safety. But just as the Tibetan has said that “the spiritual commitment” may be a recognition of time and evolution, not implying any betrayal of the goal. This kind of social adaptation should not be such as to divert or disturb the flow of the release of power. You shall not alter the quality of projected images, or obscure the vision they convey.

This is a difficult discrimination task. Be adaptable, but retain the purity and integrity of our total vision of our ideal, but not lose the direction of the goal. Be understanding and accepting to those who need spiritual awakening, but not to distort or reduce the character of the message. Use the values born of the past, but not dismiss the uncertain future in exchange for this. Be kind to men, but inflexibly true to the spirit, these are the problems constantly presented to Aries in one form or another. The individual who is truly dedicated to the spirit, acting as the spirit in terms of human needs – tranquility and adaptability. Libra is balanced by its opposite, Aries.

There are three constellations in Libra, all of special interest. First is the Southern Cross that has not been seen in the northern hemisphere since the time of the Crucifixion, when it was seen in Jerusalem. The Cross now visible in the southern hemisphere is moving away. Let us try to understand the dramatic presentation of this great symbol. Four bright stars form this cross. Four, the number of the material aspect of man, the “Quaternary” is moving away. The same symbolism is seen in Gemini, Castor and Pollux. Castor, symbolizing immortality, is becoming brighter and Pollux, mortality is darkening. The cross is retiring, and this promise is in Libra, called the door open to Shamballa (“the narrow path”), like the “razor’s edge” that leads man into the realm of soul.

The second is the constellation Lupus, the wolf. Through the ages, the head of the wolf has been the symbol of the initiate. But it is a dying wolf, and the nature of the wolf which has eaten the soul’s nature is disappearing, because as man achieves balance, the activity and power of the wolf disappears.
The third is the Crown, the Crown held in front of the man working in Libra. The symbol is based on the story of Ariadne, the mother, who gave Bacchus a crown of seven stars, symbol of the second aspect of divinity that glorifies the subject, and making it the expression of the divine mind.

In Libra we have the man who does not speak, symbolic of the interval in the life of Jesus between the ages of 12 and 30 years when the Bible records nothing of him. Those were years of silence, as he passed among the Essenes in Egypt or the carpenter’s workshop in which, that great son of God was preparing for his ministry as a son of man. The great revelation is not that we are spirit, but that everything is God’s reflection, everything is his power in different forms, and Christ was the perfect expression of that divinity – perfectly balanced spirit and matter. And, that is the work that we all must do.

Control of the emotional nature of desire, in whatever form it may take is the test of Libra. You can not control or guide the nature of desire through physical force or by thought. It may succeed for a while and then reappear again. Libra horoscopes demonstrate paths of initiation. Again the mysterious veils render it difficult to understand. But the fundamental principles are clear and simple: to talk straight to the heart without darkness. For the average man, with undeveloped spiritual knowledge comes the word again and again over the eons: “And the Word said, the choice is made.” The answer eventually returns as a result of the evolutionary process of the soul. “I choose the path that leads between the two great lines of force.”

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