libra compatibilityLibra Compatibility revolves around Venus, the skilled lover. Famous for her beauty and aversion to everything unattractive, she is endowed instinctively with good taste, fine manners and elegance. Enjoying exquisite, expensive perfumes, spectacular jewelry and fine dress, she surrounds herself in luxury. Admiring beauty in all its forms – music, art, architecture, and especially people. You may want to leave the lights off while making love, if you are not in the best physical condition.

Libra compatibility runs to actors, singers, writers, artists, musicians, and other free-spirits, and not to businessmen. In her mind, the businessman was created for the boring, monotonous work of earning money, and does not have the necessary imagination she craves.

Charming, multi-faceted and irresistible, she is not interested in men as such. Focused entirely upon herself, she needs an admirer to constantly indulge her vanity. She is the jewel and men are just the setting around her. She will flirt with any attractive man and once he is conquered quickly move to another. She forgets a face faster than her reflection disappears from the mirror. Except in rare cases, her affection is shallow and brief.

She became interested in sex too young, and it is an interest that she keeps for life. The Libra horoscope is one of partnership and marriage, but she never quite understands the difference between love and friendship. Falling in love (for however short a time) is her constant state – she is in fact in love with Love.

Narcissistic Libra will reveal her beauty to anyone who can appreciate it. She loves her body and believes that is created for admiration and delight. Inclined to exhibitionism, she is unashamed to parade naked in her house (even in front of open windows). She delights in stoking flames of passion in complete strangers.

Like the beautiful feline that she is, she cannot be rushed. It is useless to remind her that you are invited to dinner at seven-thirty, that it’s already a quarter to eight, and that she only has on lipstick. Unimpressed, she will hardly respond to your cues as she continues to “gild the lily”.

Any social event for her is only an opportunity to be a star. Perhaps she is right, since she will decorate any party. Entering the room in fireworks, her radiance and infectious enthusiasm inspire everyone. If things go horribly wrong and she fails to achieve the desired effect, she will become exacting and querulous with her partner.

She is particularly irritated by a man talking about money. Money is to use, not talk about. This just elicits a yawn from Venus. The only thing that interests her about money is what it can buy – diamond bracelets, designer dresses, expensive dinners. Cash itself leaves her indifferent.

She loves “light reading” (fashion magazines, recipes, etc), movies with happy endings, flowers, and music. Quiet and restrained, she can suddenly become manic and lively. This euphoric mood gives way to depression as soon as she notices an imperfection or disorder in her surroundings, that will send her off “straightening deck chairs on the sinking Titanic”.

This kitty will not take orders. The harder you push, the more stubborn she becomes. Only sweet words and soft persuasion move her. Very feminine, the lady may become completely helpless in a difficult situation. And like a blind person in need of a guide dog, you will find her passively sitting, waiting for rescue.

Libra is governed by sex and the keyword “play”, and her bedroom is the stage. Carefully placed mirrors let her watch the action. Appearing in transparent ensemble with strategically placed back-lighting, she loves to see the reaction of her excited lover, and to hear him tell her what’s going to happen in the engagement. She prefers that it happens slowly. After all what’s the hurry? The entire night is for love.

She enjoys the foreplay, and tender, metered words of a love sonnet, if done convincingly, will start her throbbing. She understands that seduction is an art – and not a physical attack. She makes love in unusual ways and will easily say “yes” to anything (and anybody) when approached with finesse. But she will say “no” to those who crudely pounce. Although her body craves sexual extremes, her soul requires moderation. She is not a fortress, that must be taken by force. Count on the fact that you will not get less pleasure than your partner. Sex should be a source of pleasure and satisfaction for both parties. Patience is necessary (you may only get one chance).

Refrain from rudeness and vulgarity, and you will find her willing and eager. She of all creatures is most easily seduced by flattery and cleverly chosen compliments. Afraid of offending, she becomes easy prey to persistence. She cannot resist a man who knows what he wants, and nothing excites her more than an excited partner (or potential partner).

Seeking pleasure and ready for anything, she needs to be lead by a strong hand. Well acquainted with anatomy, she has an active erotic imagination and the necessary intuition. Slow, and steady is her mantra, and the rabbit is exhausted long before the turtle finishes. Mostly she likes to make love with tenderness.

Confident of her sexuality, she will fire her partner in unexpected ways. Everything in preparation of the act is meticulously planned – ointments, incense, whipped cream, honey, flavored douche, toys, garters, satin sheets, soft music, and shaved pubis are the tools of the trade for Venus. Do not wake her for breakfast. She likes to sleep late, and then brunch with champagne, followed by an encore with her lover in the shower. No need to draw the shower curtains, she likes to watch in the mirror.

Libra is especially popular among those who have fetishes for certain body parts. She understands well people whose attention is fixed on her hair, hands, fingers feet, knees, or anywhere else. What’s so surprising? All parts of her body deserve adoration.

She wears a see-through blouse (without a bra) that will “accidentally” come unbuttoned. The beauty sitting opposite you in a mini-skirt and no panties is Venus undisguised. She perfectly understands if you just can not help but “come on” to her. The art of love is nothing if not fun. Not interested in sports or competition of any kind, Libra keeps her body toned with exercise and diet. Her games are all played in the bedroom.

Expert in conversation and small talk, she will require that her partner stay mentally alert and culturally aware as well. If you are not familiar with the works of Picasso or Beethoven, get in the loop.

Famous for vacillation and postponing important decisions, the Libra man and woman find it difficult to confront unpleasantness. In a business situation, a third and impartial party may be needed to take control and finish a task. Hating a “scene” and not wanting to display excessive emotionality often renders them impotent. The reason for this hesitation is that they are diligently weighing all the pros and cons, afraid of making a mistake they wait for the perfect answer. A little doubt swings the scales in one direction then the other. This aspect of Libra compatibility can be pure torture.

A good companion, with a blind sense of justice – tactful, diplomatic, peaceful and loving, she is inclined to compromise, to adapt, and to accommodate conflicting parties. With a great intuition, she is not easily deceived. Well focused, her x-ray vision sees through everything.

Explore Libra Love Matches.

Libra-Aries Compatibility: Their relationship suffers from latent tension. Mars, persistent and restless, is too active for peace-loving Venus. The fundamental difference of temperament inevitably leads to quarrels. However, the sex will be good. The atmosphere in the bedroom will be more pleasant than in the living room. Romance is possible, but a successful marriage is unlikely.

Libra-Taurus Compatibility: Libra thinks the bull is too wrapped up in his feelings and lacks romance. Libra will not appreciate Taurus jealousy. Venus rules both so they find physical harmony. Libra can cope with the stubborn and explosive Taurus, but her fickleness will drive the bull mad. Initially there will be fun and games, but a long-term alliance is unlikely.

Libra-Gemini Compatibility: Love makes the world go round for this couple. These two somewhat neurotic creatures live “out there” in a world of feelings. Both are passionate, jealous and lack any sense of ownership. They have many features in common, and get along well in bed. This excellent match can expect a peaceful, happy marriage.

Libra-Cancer Compatibility: Cancer is house-bound, and Libra loves to mingle. Cancer is practical and thrifty, Libra is impulsive and a spend-thrift. Compatibility is minimal. Gentle, trusting Cancer forever suffers hurt feelings from Venus’ inconstancy. No hope here.

Libra-Leo Compatibility: These two are perfectly matched to satisfy the wishes and needs of each other. Passionate Leo allows Libra the whimsy she needs, and the goddess fills the lions voracious appetite for flash and show. The expected collision of egos will yield to Libra’s tact and charm. Hot sex to true romance and tender marriage. It’s all good.

Libra-Virgo Compatibility: Virgo lives by a set of rules, whereas Venus has none. Thrifty Virgo will not support Libra’s extravagance. The controlling virgin is an anathema to the high-flying scales, who loathes weights about her. Extreme weight typifies this union.

Libra-Libra Compatibility: With equal passion and much in common, this partnership is initially cheerful, sociable, and affectionate, Both love harmony and beauty, but unfortunately both are quickly bored. When the moonlight fades and harsh reality surfaces, they will fly away into the arms of the next dream lover. This relationship requires a more practical attitude towards life.

Libra-Scorpio Compatibility: Scorpio’s jealousy is too much for sociable, flirty Libra. And, Scorpio’s need to dominate infuriates. The physical attraction is strong but explosion. The sex will be noisy and passionate just like their marriage.

Libra-Sagittarius Compatibility: Sagittarius loves adventure and never tires of Libra’s flights of fancy. However Saggo’s propensity to flirt will turn tolerant Libra caustic. Well suited to each other in sex, the problem is Sagittarius’ independence and reluctance to settle down. Libra yearns for true partnership and the creation of a home. If the partners are able to cope with these differences, they can expect a satisfying relationship.

Libra-Capricorn Compatibility: Capricorn has a strong physical attraction to Venus, while Libra appreciates Cappy’s ability to make money. But Venus’ laziness will grate on industrious Capricorn, and the Sea-goat’s sober and practical nature will bore the extravagant goddess. Too dissimilar, this union fails.

Libra-Aquarius Compatibility: These two get along fine. Libra will yield to Aquarius’ leadership in every adventure. They are both fond of social life and engage in public affairs. Drenched in sex, neither has time to change the sheets.

Libra-Pisces Compatibility: A difficult synergy. Gentle, sensitive and devoted Pisces like Libra needs someone to take control. Without leadership, this relationship flounders as Libra begins to criticize the highly sensitive fish. Both are happy to escape this trap.

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