leo horoscopesLeo Horoscopes, July 23 – Aug. 22 reveal the most dominant and extroverted sign in the Zodiac. Leo has a flair for the dramatic and loves to play. Impossible to miss, making an impression is this sign’s job #1. Everything about the Leo horoscope is hot, hot, hot.

Masculine (Yang), Fixed Sign, and Fire Sign, this proud and energetic sign, ruled by the Sun, loves the spotlight. Its color is gold, birthstone Sardonyx or Peridot. Leo shares traits with Chinese Monkey Horoscopes.

Motivated by a need to gain power and personal recognition, along with the urge to make a mark on the world, Leo is creative in the broadest sense of the word. This big cat loves to be at the center of attention and in the limelight. At their best, they are self-assured, self-confident, out-going, sociable and companionable, but they can also be proud, status-conscious, arrogant and susceptible to flattery. The lion is subject to over-exertion and stress and is ruled by the back and the heart. Tending to overindulgence, it must avoid becoming a “fat cat”.

The Cancer stage of life, with its emotional highs and lows, can be draining, since its wearing to cater endlessly to other’s internal needs. Still, Cancer brought a deeper awareness that we’re all overflowing with potent energies that let us impact one another strongly. We can awaken hidden feelings in people that at the same time help us get in closer touch with our own feelings. It thus profits us to extend ourselves sensitively to others to understand their personal lives, since their needs often reflect our own.

Water penetrates even though it ignores the barriers intentionally created by the ego to keep everyone unattached and apart (such ego defenses took effect way back when Aries was the only game in town). The watery Cancer phase gave us a sense that, though we may seem to be separate individuals contained in our own personal and private space, we’re invisibly bound to one another by an inner realm we all share. An unseen psychic networking going on all the time, as we are all carried along in the same river of energies. This expansion of a distinctive sensitivity to one another prepares us for Leo who also wants to have a major impact on others.

Fiery Leo realizes that it can energize people by its striking presentation, and so it becomes larger than life in its behavior and actions. A strong individualist who has a clear sense of self, Leo must thank the ego-building experiences supplied by all four previous zodiac signs.

This 2nd fire sign also belongs to the fixed mode, meaning that its flame is more enduring and steadier than what cardinal Aries develops. The Ram constantly fights the limitations of its blazing fire, while Leo learns to make those limitations work to its advantage. It offers the world a more radiant, reliable, heat that warms the heart while also lighting up the stage. It’s a charismatic, appealing form of fire that has learned how to get noticed. The lion is determined to receive desired rewards, and positive attention from an adoring world.

Leo doesn’t spend a lot of time questioning what’s wrong with itself, since it’s rarely troubled by insecurity or self-doubt. Fire doesn’t avoid taking gambles in life, even when success isn’t guaranteed. Leo’s confidence in its abilities is strong. Such self-assurance leads to dignity and inner pride. We anticipate this much from fixed-fire. However, Leo’s feelings of self-honor aren’t automatically earned through its achievements. The Lion senses that it was born to enjoy elevated status, and shine brightly. It feels that first-class treatment from the Cosmos is its birthright. This is the first zodiac sign to think about its place in society, although not with any genuine perspective regarding collective needs. Leo still feels that, at this stage, Its all about me! The ego is comfortably entrenched in this sign and it sees no reason to loosen its tight grip anytime soon. Fire, however, represents the start of a brand new elemental cycle, and in this case, we are beginning to feel more important to those around us who look for our dynamic involvement, even if in a leadership role.

Leo, therefore, cannot live and breathe solely for itself. It must share its vitality with others, preferably an audience of devout fans, to help them animate their own creative energies and thereby elevate their spirits. Leo, a terrific morale booster, is a radiant example of one who has tremendous faith in itself, and has the will power to accomplish much. What’s occurring at the Leo stage of life is that we are beginning to become more socialized.

At this stage of social interplay, the Lion soon realizes that it needs applause, but also that its goals will never be sufficiently met if it only basks in its self-created eminence. To get a lot out of life, one must give a lot in return. With Leo, we learn to be liberal with others regarding our positive outlook on life, and spirited energy. If we can energize people and make them feel good, they’ll turn around and pump us up with joy, as well. Leo will play this game because it needs to feel big and important.

Feeling like a exalted child favored by the gods, Leo often acts like an obnoxious Very Important Person, displaying a few unattractive traits, those usually associated with privileged rank. Arrogance is a thing that this fire sign indulges in, often unconsciously (Leo doesn’t give itself bad reviews). Acting vain can get the Lion in trouble with others, who would love to divest this sign for being so full of itself.

A stumbling block to real social integration for Leo is its inclination to feel superior to others. However, even though Mussolini, and Napoleon were such Leos, most Sun-in-Leo people shouldn’t habitually be seen in this light, since there are a host of other modifying astrological aspects to offset the Lion’s capacity to be a royal snob. Still, any egotistical perception of self-adulation for feeling extraordinary, in a kingly or queenly manner, derives from the essence of Leo. Fortunately no one is a pure, living, overblown epitome of just any one sign.

As a member of the same element, Aries stokes the fires of self-interest in Leo. The Ram’s way of looking at life fascinates Leo, who easily draws on Arien energy when needed. Gemini inspire Leo to be creatively flexible while encouraging playfulness. Taurus poses a problem for the Lion. Square to each other, they bear less compatible elements, but share the same mode. The quiet humility that comes instinctively to less-assuming Taurus is not what the lion thinks will help it light up the marquees on Broadway. Perhaps a slice of humble pie should be on its menu, yet Leo would rather roar its way to stardom, just to let everyone know that it’s alive and present to dazzle the world. Don’t even think about telling Leo to “cool it” just so others can feel more comfortable and less intimidated by such an overpowering fiery force. Leo is only interested in showing off its grandness in an honest, self-validating fashion. “Don’t you dare try and put out my eternal flame, above all when the cameras are rolling!”, says the lion.

Leo may seem brassy and bold to those who find such self-glorifying behavior irritating. Yet others are captivated by the Lion’s ability to enjoy itself completely in all its endeavors. Leo has managed to shake off the crippling inhibitions and fears that sometime make the Cancerian phase of life so painful. Maybe it pays not to be too concerned about what others think. Just let our hair down and take pleasure in and have fun adding color to our personality. The lion wants to engage in a rich life adventure without anything or anyone dampening its spirits.

Because of the fire it exudes, it does a good job preserving its youthful vitality. If it could, fixed-fire would fancy burning brightly forever. Leo has a knack for staying vibrant and young, partly because it doesn’t permit itself to grow up completely and load itself down with somber outlooks. Capricorn-style maturity curtails the lion’s joy of living a more carefree existence of self-admiration. Another youth-ensuring characteristic is Leo’s willingness to face its future with enthusiasm and optimism. Although not ardently philosophical, Leo is an idealist who is persuaded that we can make fabulous things happen by permitting a sense of high self-regard to enable us.

Leo refuses to think little of itself. The lion is positive that the Cosmos didn’t place us all on Earth just to suffer, by being refused our rightful opportunity to display our special talents to the world. Like the spirit of youth itself, the lion willingly takes risks to get what it wants. It’s blessed with courage and a firm belief that the Universe will award it its heartfelt desires. At times too strong willed and impetuous, Leo is willing to chance all on a golden dream, never foreseeing anything less than a magnificent outcome. When loss or failure occurs instead, Leo is heartbroken and crushed (it will roar with anger and hurt when it doesn’t win the top prize it desires). Still, unlike emotionally green youth, Leo is self-assured and big-hearted enough to know that its competitors also yearn to feel like winners, now and then. And thus, the lion, after swallowing a bit pride, will allow others their moment of glory (just so long as Leo doesn’t remain out of the limelight for too long).

For the lion, the principle of love, which began to develop first in family-oriented Cancer, is not universal in sweep, as this sign’s fixed ego-focus is on personal fulfillment (the universe is to revolve around Leo, who acts as if it’s the authority in charge at the center of it all). But to evolve, we do need to grasp the importance of self-love and of being truly good to ourselves, without apology or guilt. The lion symbolizes the stage at which were permitted to have a romance with the creatively vital person we’re becoming (this sign naturally excels in self-promotional, high-visibility activity). In doing so, Leo is listening to its heart when it says, Give everything that you’ve got if you genuinely want to be loved.

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