leo woman madonnaThe Leo Woman has a fabulous legend to live up to – the legend of the ultimate sex symbol. Her horoscope reveals an early enchantress, a Lolita with much more sexual power than she herself can manage. Men react to her before she herself can reciprocate sexually without confusion or guilt. Her sexuality hardly ever blossoms until well into her twenties. She responds well sexually, but does not feel deeply. She may perform to a full house and give an animated performance while staying a semi-virgin at heart. The Leo woman likes to be involved with and connected to those around her, but she likes to be craved, admired, and flattered even more.

Leo is generally kind but selfish, scintillating but lazy. Contradictory, she may dislike vulgarity but find herself attracted to men who pressure her to drop her inhibitions. She makes a cult of beauty — her own. She wears jewelry to bed and perfumes her sheets. On her initial sexual encounter, she may behave modestly, insisting on a nightgown and night light. In reality, she is impatient to overcome the restrictions of civilized behavior and wants her man to take the lead.

Although she has a strong sex drive, she doesn’t expend much energy attracting men. Born with an inner arrogance, she makes the most of her looks, and is comfortable lying back in splendor, waiting for her next Prince Charming. The Leo Woman is well suited to sex and wants it combined with the materials that money provides. She never considers making love in a shack as stimulating as shacking up at the Ritz Carlton.

The Leo woman falls in love often, but rarely loves. She prefers the drama of courtship to a permanent nesting arrangement. When she finally decides to love, her decision is usually willed and rational. Once her choice is made, however, she is loyal and stubborn about it.

Three important keys to the Leo woman’s sexuality:

  • Pay her undivided attention, and express to her desirability. She feels happiest when she can outdo the ex-wife, lovers, childhood fairies, imaginary playmates and Marilyn Monroe, in capturing and holding a man’s loving devotion.
  • Be prepared to give more than you receive. She feels that the world owes her something extra and that she is not expected to pay it back.
  • Back your talk and attention with convincing vibes. Where her own interests are concerned, she has the most exceptional antennae that can pick up the subtlest sexual signals. A man’s desire is what really turns her on. If she is her man’s queen in company and his whore in the royal bed, she may post herself with him for life.
  • The Leo girl is well aware of the power of sex. She is sure to be a movie fan. As a teenager, she will spend hours in front of her mirror practicing how to behave and walk like a celebrity. Even if she is shy, she will learn to attract attention. Subtle as a teenager, she tends to be inwardly immature and outwardly confident. Too proud to reveal a normal sense of inadequacy or fear, she often veil herself with a charming bravado. She may be a tomboy, wishing for authority in the eyes of elders.

    She may develop powerful crushes on movie stars and have notable friendships with older people who can acquaint her with a world outside her own. She is quite social and may be a club leader, cheerleader, neighborhood sex expert, or everyone’s authority on girl/boy etiquette. She is open to peer pressure and must be cautious of fads, including drugs. She finds it difficult to say no and may become sexually involved before she truly feels the urge. Not likely to be introspective, her self-awareness may be detached and her relationships lack depth. Because of her strong-will, she is able to make good decisions, or to comeback after a bad ones.

    If she grows up in a cramped or restrictive environment, or an excessively permissive one, she goes through an acute identity crisis around age 18, when she attains adult-hood, and at age 28, which corresponds to a significant planetary cycle. At these times she must decide how to be feminine, how to satisfy her sexual needs, how to acknowledge the sense that it is her birthright (or her cross-to-bear) to have men always pandering to her.

    By eighteen, she is certain to have some man wrapped around her finger. She is learning what it means to be a woman with the power that comes from having a forceful will and the status of a developing femme fatale. How she copes with this personal potential, how she uses that power, will determine what happens in the next phase of her life.

    The Leo Woman is born to relish life and will embark on a path filled with fiancés, willing admirers, many friendships, and a marriage or two. Her goal is to find the most pleasurable and convenient combination of affection, love, adulation, fun and friendship — the very best of the comfortable life. It is hard to know how much of her experience results from action and how much is simply words. Leo talks a good game but may not always follow through. Nor do her facts automatically reflect other people’s viewpoints.

    She may dramatize everything and be impulsive. One day, she may see the man she is in love with as perfect. The next, she may be disenchanted with him just as completely, viewing him in a new light fed by disappointed romantic expectations. She is interested in variety in sex and love, but she has a hard time enacting behavior that promotes it. She expects her partner to be the catalyst, but he may have to be proficient in reading her body language (and her mind) in order to please her.

    She is possessive, but this does not stop her from maintaining a double standard for herself. She demands total loyalty and is loyal herself as long as she is pleased. Her man is generally the vulnerable party, for the Leo lady does not easily learn to open herself to the risks of loving. In early adulthood, she may find herself used by men who are more designing than she, those who have acquired all the right moves and have repress feelings.

    The Leo Woman prefers love and sex to mesh, but they do not consistently go together in her experience. In her fantasies, love is as eternal ad perfect as the Taj Mahal. In real life, love may fall far short of her ideal, and she will take this as license to play around. When she is in love, however, her will and power to comfort, to boost her lover`s ego, and to arouse him completely are hard to match. She knows how to make him feel like a king, and how to remind him of his good fortune at having found his queen.

    The Leo Woman likes heavy foreplay, but may consider the word itself an insult. She wishes simply to touch, hug, play, lick and experience two bodies intertwining, and she considers these just as exciting as penetration itself. Once the sexual preliminaries are done and she feels protected, she has the ability to be mind-blowingly passionate. She may even surprise herself at the intensity of her sexuality. Until now she may have felt that she promised more than she could deliver, but when she is truly aroused and can at last dig deeply into her feelings, she discovers otherwise. Where the kitty used to purr, the lion may now roar. She may bite, kick, and scratch with abandon. As if a new door has opened, she may now go far beyond earlier coquettish arousal and mere image-making games.

    She becomes sexually dominant, and may prefer the woman-on-top position, and milk it for every single drop of mutual desire. Suddenly, she has tapped into a primordial knowledge of sexuality and found the best breathing techniques and Tantric positions. Sexual passion makes her cast away her passivity. Every trace of her hesitancy vanishes as she gets lost in her own world, in the burst of new sensual sharing. She is now the great cat, closing her eyes, shaking her hips, tossing her famous mane – a primitive dervish doing a wild exotic mating dance.

    If she delves into sadomasochism, she will often prefer the dominant role. She discovers that she likes wearing garters to bed, or various leather and vinyl outfits. She likes oral sex very much, and enjoys watching herself make love. Once she lets go, she may turn into a grand exhibitionist, and engaging in group sex.

    If her naturally conservative instincts keep her within the mainstream boundaries of sexual behavior, her fantasy life is prone to be extra potent. Her fantasies spiral around themes of sexual variations she may consider “abnormal”, exhibitionism, bisexuality, sexual scenes with celebrities, adultery in various forms, and romances set in various historical eras, featuring herself in erotic costumes. She may enjoy pornographic films, and experiment with incest and bestiality.

    The Leo woman is constantly aware of her affect on men and is often on a pleasurable but tense edge of anticipation. She enjoys setting up a situation in which she can play and flirt, and in which a man has many opportunities to turn her on and build her ego. She usually controls the sexual interaction. She calculates, often semiconsciously, every hip movement and glance. She generally turns her man on more quickly than she becomes aroused herself. Slow to arouse she needs a steady buildup. A leisurely sexual feast is right up her alley. “Quickies” tend to be with men who mean little or nothing to her. A proud performer, and a pleasure to make love with, the Leo woman is sensuous and delectable. As an avid spectator of her own lovemaking, she reduces her emotional intensity and involvement. To be wholly satisfying, sex for her must engage mind, body and spirit, here and now. She focuses so entirely on the atmosphere or on her lover‘s technique that she does not recognize her own feelings. Orgasm leaves her untouched on a deep emotional level. If she is able to overcome the excessive detachment and self-involvement, she becomes a lover in the deepest sense. Ideally, she needs a lover who provides her with luxuries, flatters her enough, is generous, and her number fan.

    Sure ways of turning off a Leo woman is by being poor and without prospects or ambition, talking to much about yourself, being stingy, taking her to cheap places, disinterested in art, jewelry, interior design, not noticing how she decorates her place (and herself), forgetting important dates (her birthday), lacking manners, mentioning other women in your life, nagging, criticizing, publicly ridiculing her, making unfavorable comparisons of her to others, and satisfying your sexual needs and ignoring hers.

    Leo must learn to feel. She is generally so involved with her image and living up to it that her inner self is overlooked. She must make concerted effort to really know herself. She will nag her partner about his inadequacies without considering her own. She may not enjoy being feminine in the traditional sense, as she would prefer to be catered to rather than serve a man. She may not like taking care of the everyday aspects of her relationships. Defining what about being female is important to her personally is something she must do. She also needs be open to her mate, who may have significant things to teach her about balance in the relationship.

    A proud reluctance to admit failure is an aspect of her personality she should overcome. Acting is fun, but not as a way to constantly discount feelings. It would be wise of her to examine, and to reduce, her romanticized expectations, learning to love herself in a new way. She is proud of her looks, her power, and her gifts of creativity, but is she genuinely content? Is she responsive to the subtle feelings that tint the spectrum of love and self-love? Only she can answer this, and only if the Leo woman knows herself well.

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