leo men mick jaggerIt’s not clear if Leo Men see others as anything but extensions of themselves, like props on a stage. Leo men may think, everyone’s meant to make “ME” look good, and those individuals who do so best get the most love. Love comes straight from the heart for Leos, a brightly burning kind of love full of high expectations, and idealism. Romance is also a special state of being for this Zodiac Sign, whose generous emotional character easily reveals itself whenever they have fallen ardently for someone.

Leo is a sign with all its eggs in one basket, and who doesn’t play it safe, when it comes to matters of the heart. No matter what or who is the beneficiary of its attention, the lion gives all its vitality to what it loves. It won’t even consider staying involved if it can’t maintain this degree of heightened elation, plus love must also be deemed to be a recreational experience, and fun. Leo is thoroughly committed to having a first-rate time when in love with a project, a concept, an ideal, a person, or a dream it knows will eventually come true.

A uncomplicated, simple display of ego-in-the-making is seen in Aries, who’s often totally unaware of how self-absorbed in action it is. The development of our individuality is based a lot on the strength of our egos. While its true that ego has been viewed as the eternal enemy of that heavenly state of “Oneness” mystics talk about (who then turn around and tell us that the ego’s power is altogether illusionary). Aries has certain personal needs that override everyone else’s, and it’s too bad if that seems selfish to others.

Aries is driven to survive, whatever the costs, and thus will first look to its own well-being in most situations. Without Aries, we wouldn’t have that fire in our belly – that innocent sense of daring – that urges us to go out into the world to conquer our fears, test our strengths. Thus, for Aries, ego is a good and most necessary thing.

leo men robert deniroIn Leo, where fire begins to function in a new mode (now from cardinal to fixed). The ego has refined itself up a bit, and we see more backbone. It has become a consolidated force. Leo’s ego power is at its peak performance level when it serves our individual needs. This is a turning-point in the zodiac process, when both our ego and will sufficiently developed to cope with the demands of the larger world around us.

Leo gives us a solid center, a core sense of self that helps us get involved in increasingly collective environments, without forfeiting our hard earned identity. This is important, since after Sagittarius, ego identity is challenged by more transpersonal states of awareness. But Leo, for now, needs to enjoy its “ME” and to brazenly celebrate its attention-grabbing individuality.

Although acclaim and fame become a serious quest for Capricorn (another “hustler” of the cardinal group), the lion is the first sign to need the recognition, approval, and even the idolization by others. Once we feel secure at the core of our being (Cancer at its best), we’re ready to dauntlessly express ourselves to an assembly larger than just our family. The Lion envisions, long before it has ignited its zealous nature, that it will someday make a name for itself in society. It studies people who have already made it to the summit in the world, and is positive that it too wants to enjoy an equally celebrated life.

Fixed signs work long and hard to attain well-defined goals. They are tenacious in unfolding their lives in a purposeful manner (they don’t just go with the flow waiting to see what happens). They instead take charge of their destinies, as becomes the control freaks that they are. The utterly confident lion will make all this look like loads of fun, but Leo is nonetheless serious about taking on prominent roles of great social influence. The lion aims to be a superstar, and one that outshines all the rest.

leo men antonio banderasLeo is magnetically drawn to the entertainment field, as it was born to please a crowd. Hollywood is full of Leo types. Many of them, however, will never receive the honors (or even the Oscars) they deserve, because of the extremely competitive nature of the film industry (where connections and luck play an even greater role than talent). Even in occupations that aren’t necessarily meant to entertain us, Leo will exhibit a flair for being conspicuous and even a bit showy (think of Leos happily selling Jaguars in fancy showrooms, or working at Tiffanys – the Lion is irresistible drawn to luxury items).

Leo may never sees itself on the silver screen, even though acting easily comes to this zodiac sign (Peter O’Toole and Dustin Hoffman are both gifted Leos). Another venue can be the equally theatrical music industry, or the Broadway stage. Dazzling a mesmerized crowd of fans (and the lion really knows how to work a room) is a dream come true for Leo. A natural exhibitionist, the lion will do whatever it takes to pour its creative pizzazz out into the world and solicit a raving, high-energy response. With its childlike awe of itself, the lion loves to make a big hoop-la when it announces, “Hey world, take a look at this fab thing I’ve just done!”

The Sun is the gloriously shining star of supreme importance to life that has been assigned to Leo by astrology (and lions fancy themselves to be so). Both sign and “planet” have much to say about our willpower, our need for recognition, our ego, and our ability to be brilliantly self-expressive. Both are astrological symbols of heat and warmth, that comes from our creative fires steadily burning within.

It’s almost impossible not to notice the Sun once it has risen. The same can be said for Leo men, once they have ascended the ladder of success. The Sun, in astrology, also relates to our pride and our integrity. Leo is a sign very much occupied with getting respect from others, and in it’s own self-dignity. Intensely solar types are not naturally gleeful, viewing themselves primarily as authority figures in commanding positions.

Thus, don’t hold back on being and expressing your radiant self if you want to be filled with the admiration of others. If you love what you do, and do it with all your heart, others will then honor and love you, too. The Leo man could actually be saying to his mob of autograph seeking well wishers, “I adore you for helping me adore myself so well”.

The Sun underscores much of what vitality oozing from all Leo men. Wherever Leo is in our astrology chart indicates where we need to give in to our impulse to show off our talents. We should let others see how individualized we are. Leo remains true to itself and won’t accept being dictated to by society on what to become just to blend in better. Leo refuses to get lost in a crowd. (Always sport something in bright red, says Leo, that way they can’t miss you.) The fixity in Leo will help us recognize our limits regarding just how much of ourselves we dare loose upon the world before we begin to stun others.

Leo’s unchecked fiery output can consume the energy of others, who at length suffer exhaustion from overexposure to the lion’s energy. Actually, we can begin feeling self-conscious wherever we find Leo in our chart. As we mature, our goal should be to develop enough self-esteem to radiate in front of others without giving ourselves bad reviews.

Without enough self-confidence, Leo men quickly burn themselves out. What they exhibit must come from their hearts as an representation of their essence. Honoring their individuality is as vital to Leo men as remaining playful throughout life, and together, will keep them young at heart.

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