leo-leo compatibilityA Leo-Leo couple always draws a lot of attention. These two stunning, gregarious, and creative individuals just seem to deserve one another. People hold their breath and take notice. A Leo-Leo love match is an unbeatable combination when it comes to inspiring others in the ways of romance, socializing, or heading a group. This pair was immediately attracted to their mate’s good looks, and neither was coy in revealing their desires.

As Kings of the Jungle, this combination roars with the enthusiasm, and energy of two natural-born leaders. However, it is this same bossiness and passion that each must tame to remain compatible. Wholeheartedly devoted to the House of Pleasure, this pair enjoys the finer things in life, and will never think twice about showing their partner a good time. Each feeds off the other’s need for constant attention, and things do get dramatic.

Leo is the perfect symbol of it’s ruler The Sun. The Sun’s position at the center of the solar system is Leo’s perception of self, and like the star that illuminates the earth, Leo’s light, strength, power, and heat can be strongly felt by those nearest as it guides them on their journeys. Leo, like the Sun can also scorch people in its path. And, the lion’s sense of self-centeredness, dramatics, and exaggeration can make them irksome to their partner and to others around them.

These two, red-hot Fire Signs together display unstoppable passion. A reliance on physical action (rather than intellectual or emotional) makes their relationship highly dynamic. All this intense fiery energy can be wonderful if it averts catastrophe.

It can either be the “best of times or the worst of times” as their pendulums swing between sheer love and total thoughtlessness. It will take the combined efforts of both to give this relationship some sort of fluidity, but the Leo need for constant admiration and attention will draw them together.

There will always be a power struggle when two Fixed Signs join together. The social and rational sides of Leo enable this pair to resolve their differences (if they really want to). Both will make concessions, but only on occasion. Leo’s fiery temper explodes quickly and often, but conflicts are quickly forgotten as the lion is more interested in keeping the “good times” rolling.

What’s the best feature of Leo-Leo compatibility horoscopes? It’s their awesome fun-loving capacity and marvelous creativity. Entertaining, socializing, and amusing one another make this love match a knock-out, and the good times just keep on coming!

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