leo horoscopeThe Leo Horoscope, in the middle of the “maternal trinity”, defines the second of the Fire Signs, as well as the second of the Fixed Signs, therefore it holds the central point in the Zodiac, and when joined with the following sign Virgo contains the essence of all twelve Zodiac Signs. Leo rules the heart, therefore it will be from this center that the nature of the Leo horoscope must be judged.

Being at the center of the zodiac, we find the lion’s consciousness centered in the heart, but only in those who are fully self-conscious or individualized, as it is termed. On the whole, the emotions are fully active in the Leo character.

Leo men are highly magnetic and forceful, possessing an abundance of vitality, and carry with them an aura that everyone can profit by. Warm-hearted, loving, genuinely kind, the Leo woman likes to show her love in action, her emotional identity being deep and of the heart. Leos can be diffusive and impulsive, but it is the impulse of a generous nature. They are blessed a very attractive individuality and are invariably conspicuous characters. Very practical with regard to their ideals, they prefer to live them instead of talk about them.

While Aries spins wonderful ideals in thought and seems to be ever straining after the unattainable, Leo silently and quietly seeks to make them realities. This comes from their phenomenal faith, which they inherently possess, and their motto is, “Whatever is, is best!”. But, this only comes when the Leo nature has been awakened, and their desire is to unite the Supreme Will with the individual will.

As the center of the fiery triplicity they have a very powerful love nature, which makes them sincere and very ardent in their affections. Being the second fixed sign they have more unity of desire and will, and contrasted with Taurus, act more with will than with desire. Leos rule more from the heart than from the head. They are philanthropic and obey the movements of the heart where sympathy is involved. Lions are more thorough than any other sign, and combine the philosophical with the practical, and the real with the ideal. When self-controlled they are admirable individuals, being able to influence large numbers. They radiate from their centers a beautiful and glorious warmth like their ruler the Sun. And when living to the personal side of life they are very sexual, with strong passions.

It is often found that the strongest and the weakest of individuals are of this sign. The weakest being those who are easily led by their feelings, which is often the result of associating with those who take advantage of their nature. They then fall into licentiousness and become profligate, but inside, the true spiritual fire is always burning, and phoenix-like they can arise out of the dead ashes of themselves to nobler and greater things.

Known as the house of the Sun, it is in this sign that the Sun becomes more powerful and more fully infused with potent energy and life. When lions seek to become self-conscious they make greater and more rapid strides than those born under any other signs, and endowed as they are with very sensitive natures, they easily respond to spiritual influences. Their faith then becomes tremendous,

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