horse horoscopesHorse Horoscopes belong to those born in 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954,1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, etc. Horse horoscopes are Yang, most closely associated the the Element of Fire. Its color is red, gemstone Beryl, and it shares traits with Gemini astrology.

Physically active, this beautiful animal is quite irresistible to the opposite sex. Friendly, cheerful, and self-confident, enjoying music, entertainment and large crowds, our Equine is also selfish, cunning, quick-witted, inquisitive, determined, short tempered and demands a lot of liberty.

With its yearning for independence and freedom, this impulsive nomad of the Zodiac roams from one relationship, place and project to the next. Incessantly activity, this sign might well learn to relax and appreciate the green grass in its own back yard.

Exuding a raw sex appeal, love connections come easily to this pony. It spends much of its time falling in and out of love. This emotional adventurer will leave behind a trail of many broken relationships before a long-term partner is found.

Friendly, intelligent, and independent, noble quests and searches for greener pastures are common traits of those born into Horse years. Always cheerful and gregarious, Horses are usually everyone’s favorite party guest. Horses generally look terrific, have plenty of sex appeal, and know how to dress elegantly. They are comfortable in either a tuxedo or blue jeans.

Bold and blessed with outstanding strength of purpose, as well as vigor of the body, mind, and spirit, the equine will pursue its goal with a zealot’s conviction. Humanists to their core they are fascinated with the esoteric. From extraterrestrials to auras, astrology to reiki healing, all are to be explored.

The Horse’s thick, coarse hair shines with health. With the robust physique of an athlete, the face is cheerful, and mannerisms are straightforward and frank. The most notable feature however, is a rich, voice. Their laughter resonates.

Incessantly restless and unable to stand inactivity, the greatest obstacle is his excesses. They love good food, good wine, and beautiful people. He has been known to push his body’s limits beyond good sense.

The Horse loves traveling, and is able to make himself at home just about anywhere, and there is a bit of the “nomad” in him. One can readily picture him wandering about through exotic locations, making legions of new friends on his journeys. Constraints on his freedom imprison him. Independence of thought, freedom of speech, and defiance of outmoded traditions define him.

Akin to his Dragon-year brothers, utopian images and future progress is where his attention is focused. He looks ahead rather than behind him, and seeks out novelty and new ways of thinking.

Horse souls seek any occasion where there will be plenty of people and social contact. Concerts, theaters, sporting occasions, and parties are activities they especially enjoy. The most harmonious time of day for Horses is between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., when the sun is brightest and the yang force is at its peak. Symbolizing strength and vitality, the Chinese word for Horse is “Wu,” which literally translates as “high noon.”

Throughout their lives, Horse souls are instinctively aware of their talents. From childhood on, they prance along life’s paths confidently albeit egocentrically. When challenged to obey an order, Horses do so at their leisure. If what is requested seems reasonable, Horses will carry it out with grace and flair. If they have neither time nor respect for an idea, they simply will not do it. They offer neither an excuse nor an explanation. They openly do as they please.

Horses are quite open-minded and generous. They are the most hospitality-conscious sign in the Chinese Zodiac. They thrive on entertaining and often like to cook. When Horses are busy with a project, they are oblivious to time, events, and others around them. Distraction through activity is the Horse’s key to emotional health. Horses need to keep busy. They do home repairs, write plays, audition, play sports, cook, or engage in any project that holds their interest.

A Horse’s home is their castle, and they do not take kindly to busybodies who snoop, investigate, or pry into their private lives. They are possessive and good-hearted toward their spouses and children, but must have authority and respect in their household. They work long and hard to provide amply for their families and, in return, they expect utter fidelity and the freedom to be the king or queen of said castle.

The Horse adores voyages, change, and diversity. The Horse often prefers the homes of close friends and hates to be hemmed in or cooped up. A possessive partner can turn their home into a type of domestic “prison.” A Horse soul values freedom above all else. They also can be impatient, irritated by wear and tear, and infuriated by teasing that goes beyond certain limits. Horses pay little attention to insincere praise, unrealistic schemes, impossible lovers, and people on power trips.

Horses are perceptive and instinctive, and alert to movements and trends. They are fond of cultural pursuits such as galleries and museums, but sporting events, theaters, and glittery nightspots are their preferred activities. Always the talkative one in the group, the year of the yang Horse spouts many actors, performers, and famous attorneys. A Horse’s idea of fun usually involves competition (whether intellectual or physical), and they are both generous winners and gracious losers. Akin to their Dog brothers and sisters, Horses truly comprehend the meaning of fair play.

In contrast to their many admirable attributes, unenlightened Horses can be easily infatuated, hotheaded, and incredibly selfish. The shadow side of the Horse is far from their cheerful and self-assured lighter side. Tactless and ruthless behavior represents the Horse’s energy being directed in its most unproductive form. Dysfunctional Horses believe that this world and everything in it belongs to them. Whether it’s their house, their car, their school, or their spouse, it’s all about them.

Expressed in its darkest form, this energy can become egomaniacal behavior, aggression, rashness, and fanaticism. The choice lies entirely with the individual. Taken to extreme, narcissistic and oppositional/defiant personality disorders may develop.

Within the core of this active and charming soul lies a myriad of magical gifts. There is nothing that the Horse cannot do well. The independent Horse is a possessive and sensual lover, making amorous alliances a critical part of the Horse’s existence. Any hint of discord or threat of foul play can throw the generally positive Horse into a major spiral of self-doubt. Horse souls are proud and powerful creatures who can fall rapidly in love with another. Silence and lack of communication disturb the Horse, and they need to be emotionally supported, encouraged, and complimented. A little audience approval now and then wouldn’t hurt either.

The Horse is an energetic, clever, and physically swift individual. Those born into Horse years are forceful and bold in their actions, moving quickly and confidently through life. They are offensive players with strength and intelligence who advance ambitiously toward new positions in business, investments, and romance. Both male and female Horses are brave and straightforward in communicating their preferences and form strong bonds with other people. Idealistic and humanitarian in character, the Horse is one of the strongest communicators in the Chinese Zodiac and a natural public speaker or politician.

Perseverance is not a Horse’s strongest point, so when their interest wanes or the project fails, Horses can fall into despair. However, not one to participate in a “pity party,” they will quickly move on to something new. Their disappointment can be soothed by a new interest, a trip, or at the very least, physical exercise. Although attempts to repress anger generally fail, Horses are quick to forgive and forget, and remain eternally optimistic.

As a baby and young child, this active little tot may well be the family favorite. Little charmers and communicators from the earliest years, they possess the gift of “attractiveness.” Horse children are born leaders, and eagerly help out in times of need. Brave and straightforward, the Horse child adores being the center of attention, debating, lecturing, and performing.

Gregarious and extroverted, Horse kids are physical and enjoy all manner of sports and the outdoors. These children love their own home, but prefer to be “on the go,” with new places to visit and interesting people to meet. Horses love to go visiting, and neighbors will sometimes joke that they “have an extra child” at times. Horse children, with their sunny personalities, will have legions of friends and move freely and successfully through school life.

As a parent, The Horse will always have an active household. A Horse parent is sentimental and does not believe in corporal discipline for their offspring. Instead of punishment, the Horse parent prefers to talk to their children, explaining and reasoning verbally. Eloquence and cajolery find their way into every aspect of the Horse’s life.

The most favorable time of year for the Horse is between mid-July and mid-August, when all life is at its peak of growth and has not yet begun the fall/autumn descent toward hibernation. It is at this time when the Horse should make their major life decisions.

The most favorable career choices for the Horse involve close contact with people and plenty of variety. As a sportsperson, athlete, politician, or public speaker, the Horse will be at the top of their game. A person born in a horse year will also do well in politics. The Horse loves to make speeches, has a way with the crowd, and can always sway opinions. In the theater, as both actor and writer, the Horse can find tremendous personal satisfaction and expression.

The Horse is an extrovert, needs to be surrounded by people, and enjoys work outdoors. They make good business leaders; they are decisive, and their instincts are sound. Horses speculate wisely, and they know how to turn a bad situation to their advantage. Horses will also be especially successful as artists and craftspeople, adventurers and explorers, designers, lawyers, teachers, professional athletes, skilled technicians, long-distance truck drivers, supervisors, land and geology surveyors, diplomats, travel agents, or public relations specialists.

Some famous Horses horoscopes include Kevin Costner, John Travolta, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Isaac Newton.

A relationship between the Horse and the Rat is said to be the worst in the Chinese Zodiac. The most compatible is with Dog Horoscopes, Tiger Horoscopes and Goat Horoscopes. Explore Horse Compatibility and Love Matches.

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