goat horoscopesGoat Horoscopes (also refered to as Sheep and Ram) belong to those born in 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, etc. Goat horoscopes are Yin, associated with the Element of Earth. Its colors are pink and purple, and gemstone Emerald. The Goat share traits with Cancer Horoscopes.

The most feminine and creative sign of the Chinese Zodiac, it is artistically talented and expressive with a great sense of fashion. A very considerate creature, it always looks before it leaps – not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings. This side of its character helps it maintain a healthy social life as well as enabling it to deal with life’s ups and downs.

Wise, gentle, passionate, elegant, warmhearted and honest, it also has the ability to solve problems and make money. Pessimistic, timid, shy, disorganized, and vulnerable, it needs plenty of time alone for its day-dreaming.

The eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the Goat, is one of open possibilities, appropriate timing, and new beginnings. Those souls born into Goat years learn the lesson of “propriety” – they sense the correct time to act, employ moderation, and have an aversion to extremes. Goats are gentle and reflective, constructively applying their intelligence to the prevention of harm.

Goats are artists in both temperament and character. Those born into Goat years are animated, creative, and articulate. They are entertaining people who have many friends, some from very diverse walks of life. Goat souls will be found at social gatherings in the most breath-taking environments, engaged in stimulating conversation with extraordinarily fascinating people.

Sympathetic and honest, Goats are well-liked and known to be financially fortunate as long as they utilize their intuition and allow a more practical associate to take the helm. They often feel anxious, overwhelmed, and insecure, but have faith in their own intuition. The most favorable time of day for the Goat is between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., after a busy morning and a good lunch. This is the time when the yang power begins its decline and needs to be conserved by taking things slow and methodically. Work in the afternoon is more peaceful and productive for Goats than the morning hours, with their calls and crises. The Goat will gather energy during this afternoon period to carry them through the rest of the day.

Goats tend to rely on other people. They avoid conflicts and hate to be put face to face with responsibilities that they have no desire to assume. The sign of the Goat has universally represented abundance, an understanding nature, fertility, and new beginnings. Those born under this influence cannot live without beauty, and they strive for tranquility. They also don’t appreciate having to choose sides between friends.

With strong spiritual leanings and an artistic flair, Goats are happier in a relaxed, creative environment. When something inspires a Goat, be it love, art, or a project, they are capable of almost anything. The easygoing Goat takes life at a slower pace than others. Goats are like strolling minstrels who roam freely through life, singing their own kind of song. This gentle soul is compassionate and loving, but tends toward moodiness and finds it difficult to work under pressure.

The capriciousness of this sign is a Goat trademark. Goat people are some of the most changeable, yet creative, individuals around. A Goat will seem to float in and out of situations in life, changing the texture of the general mood by their presence alone. The Goat can vary its attention, starting one project, and then moving off to another, quickly and on a whim.

Goats have a reputation for numerous talents. While this versatility is an artistic blessing, if not channeled constructively, it can cause the Goat to be scattered. The Goat needs security and other people to depend on, and they desire to be looked after in loving, comfortable surroundings.

The Goat doesn’t like schedules and never works well under pressure or hardship. The actors, artists, and musicians of this sign are known to exhibit a “garbage–in garbage out” syndrome. A disruptive environment or a heated argument will inhibit any creative effort and motivation. Goats are known to be adaptable and well mannered, but they mean what they say. Although they have a subdued outer appearance, the Goat can respond passionately and firmly. The pouty silence of a brooding Goat achieves more than angry words.

Goats can be irresponsible, undisciplined, and unreliable. An impulsive Goat can easily squander a small fortune or run up astronomical expenses. Dysfunctional Goats are dissatisfied, malcontent, and not good at making decisions. They prefer to be followers and will complain bitterly when matters don’t go their way. Self-indulgent and inconsistent behavior represents the Goat’s energy being directed in its most unproductive form. Expressed in its darkest form, this energy becomes extreme laziness, procrastination, dependence, pessimism, perpetual tardiness, and a victim mentality. The choice lies entirely with the individual. Taken to extreme, impulse control problems and obsessive-compulsive behavior may develop.

Living in a world of whimsy and fantasy, the Goat prefers to avoid physically strenuous work. Being somewhat of an eccentric, Goats love the comfy life, and would do well to have an inheritance left to them. Early adulthood for this soul may be romantically stormy, but middle age and beyond is financially prosperous and lucky. According to Chinese tradition, the Goat will enjoy maturity, and in old age will want for nothing.

Two elemental qualities found in Goat-year souls are their peaceful and adaptable nature combined with an easygoing character. Personality weaknesses of the Goat include causing frustration or unnecessary delays, negative thinking, spending too much money, feeling dissatisfied, or being tardy. Happiness will come to the Goat when they are able to see through the ironies and contradictions of ordinary life and feel more confident in their own middle-of-the-road path.

Regarding health, Goat are delicate and susceptible to illness, being especially prone to diseases of the stomach and intestinal system. The ears, nose, and throat can also be problematic at times. To avoid illness Goats need plenty of sleep and should avoid too much exposure to the sun, because their skin is sensitive. Physical exercise should not be too demanding; instead, it should be moderate and enjoyable. Activities such as daily walking, gardening, dancing, and swimming are ideal to promote good health.

The Chinese believe that good fortune smiles on the Goat because of a pure nature and kind heart. Sometimes referred to as the “Good Samaritans,” Goat souls are generous with their time and financial resources. The Goat will rarely turn away a friend who needs food, shelter, or clothing. A person of this sign will make it a point to marry well and be cherished by their mate, as well as their in-laws.

Goats attract favors from others, and their admirers enjoy presenting them with gifts and comfortable accommodations. Goats are happiest and most fulfilled when their talents are appreciated. They crave love, attention, and approval in that order. The Goat will excel in any creative field where they have the freedom to work in a medium that inspires them. Goats have the soul of a connoisseur, and their mood is dependent on the environment. Beautiful environments are uplifting to them, but ugliness has a depressing effect.

Childhood is a precarious time for the Goat, and these children require harmony and security to thrive. Whimsical and insecure, these children need a realistic and solid ground to stand on. As a baby and youngster, the Goat child needs extra sleep to ensure strong health. Stock up on the crayons and paper, as the parent of a Goat child may have an artist on their hands. Inconsistent yet imaginative, Goat children excel in unstructured environments. Montessori schools are advantageous to Goat children. Goat children float from one project to the next and are wonderful friends and conversationalists. Getting to school on time can be a problem for Goats, as they cannot adhere to schedules and other people’s time constraints.

The most favorable time of year for the Goat is between mid-August and mid-September, when the hot days alternate with cool, crisp nights; crops are harvested; and livestock begin to grow protective winter coverings. This is a time of celebration in China, as families gather together contemplating the abundance and beauty around them.

The most harmonious career choices for Goats are those of artist, painter, stage/screen actor or actress, musician, landscape artist, weaver, or potter (all crafts). Intelligent, patient, and quiet, those born in the year of the Goat can fit into many different careers but will be happiest in the arts. As educators and medical professionals, the Goat shines.

Sympathetic understanding combined with acute intelligence make them invaluable in these professions. Other favorable career choices include geologists, jewelers, dentists, chemists, veterinarians, scientists, programmers, fashion specialists, and public relations. Neither especially active nor particularly ambitious, the Goat finds little value in the competitive spirit. It is a form of rivalry that will, in their eyes, involve them in conflicts and disputes. A spirit of “live and let live” will always be more important than the pursuit of power.

This is not to say that Goats can bloom only in the arts; it’s just that they will lack enthusiasm for other professions. Possessing a distaste for the mundane, the Goat is charming but “absent” behind a desk. Without an aesthetic or artistic contact, these souls wilt like plants deprived of water.

Some famous Goat horoscopes include Bill Gates, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Joe Pesci, Billy Bob Thornton, Michelangelo, Rudolph Valentino, and Mark Twain.

Its insecurity requires plenty of love, support, and open reassurance from its lovers. It will shy away, either physically or emotionally, when faced with conflict. Goat horoscopes are most compatible with Rabbit Horoscopes, Pig Horoscopes and Horse Horoscopes. Explore Goat Compatibility and Love Matches.

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