gemini Gemini Horoscopes, May 21 – June 21, are dual-natured, elusive, complex, and contradictory. Geminis’ color is green and birthstone the Emerald. Gemini shares traits with Chinese Horse Horoscopes. One of the easiest constellations to locate, sailors have long sworn, “By Jiminy” their patron saint.

Masculine (Yang) and Mutable, quick and lively Mercury is their ruler. As an Air Sign, the Twins are quick-witted, superficial, fickle, and often frustrated by things moving too slowly. Gemini finds it difficult to bind for long to other people, things or activities. The Gemini Man is free, restless and never makes a boring lover. The Gemini Woman is brilliant, sporty, well-informed, dynamic and pleasant. Not considering marriage a main goal in life, the twins are party animals, no doubt about it…grrr!

A dual sign, their horoscopes present both a down and an up side to their personality. Being acutely interested in what’s fashionable and new, and having a healthy dose of skepticism allows them to view both sides of any situation. In a heart-beat, Gemini can become biting, moody, cynical, and quickly angered. Ruling the nervous system, lungs, shoulders, arms and hands, they are generally of a “nervous” disposition, and don’t manage well under pressure.

While all Zodiac Signs possess their own inherent intelligence, what Gemini astrology brings to our consciousness is quite different than what has already been exhibited in Aries and Taurus, who blessed with their savvy, animal instincts are primarily concerned with self-preservation. However, staying alive also calls for a lot of things we must learn to do again and again. Instinct is vital, but it can’t actually plan ahead or analyze past events or mistakes. Simple, structured thought becomes the key to carrying out life’s necessary chores on a day-to-day basis.

Monitoring cause and effect in practice, and making mental notes helps us to understand better how the world functions, and habits save us valuable time, as we’re not required to spend our lives relearning again and again how to drive a car or put on a bra. In the scheme of life, Gemini had to follow Taurus if humans were ever to get anywhere (both mentally and literally), since Gemini was born knowing how to talk, chew gum, and twirl her hair at the same time.

In fact the gabby Twins knew that human life just had to be more interesting than their horny predecessors imagined, and figured that it was time for some Cosmic … brainpower. And, to catch everyone’s attention they came up with their own little trick – two, highly stimulated minds for the price of one – split in half, and headed off in totally opposite directions. This bit of genius was something that neither the focused and single-minded Ram nor Bull could ever imagine. Coming up with bright ideas is basically what the Twins do best.

Being both airy and mutable, no other sign is more adaptable. Like the wind in a mischievous mood, changing currents, direction, and speed at whim, Gemini loves scattering important papers all over the place. They have little of the irresistible force of Aries or the physical endurance of Taurus.

Lacking the focus and impetus needed to push strenuously in any one direction, Gemini pursues no fixed course of action. Aries’ primitive life-force propels itself outward and assumes that the “big bang” will never end. Taurus does slow things down, though, and even stretches out in the shade to chew its cud for a while. However, this is only Zeus recharging his batteries in preparation for the mad charge to come. He has colossal plans for the host of young lovelies grazing in yon meadow. But, to airy, mutable Gemini, Taurus has already become airlessly predictable, since the Bull rarely strays from the beaten path, and is never eager to face life’s unknowns.

Well-established habits, although they maintain a safe and stable lifestyle up to a point, eventually become deadening due to a want of variety “same old same old”. Yet life profits, even if only in transitory and minor ways, on unpredictable change. Gemini’s task is to keep energy in a fluctuating state so that nothing or limits us or grows insipid. The Twins open the door to energizing activities that depart from Nature’s established formula, and this helps accelerate evolutionary progress. Besides moving sideways or diagonally (an urge perhaps triggered by fleeting distraction), Gemini is also intent on rising into the air and spreading itself over a range of local space.

This sign will soar above ground level in order to survey a wider territory, one that offers a more all-inclusive view of things. Gemini is less confined by the dense perimeter that Taurus has constructed, plus it can feed the flames of adventure in Aries (Aries and Gemini fire each other in reciprocal ways). Taurus feels uneasy with the Twins obvious lack of purpose, direction, and staying power, but the Ram senses that Gemini branches out further, in ways that involve a fiery vitality to life. Gemini, willing to explore the strange, excites Aries. However, to balance Taurean heaviness and Arien intensity, Gemini introduces a bit of needed levity (or leaven to keep the muffin light).

Maybe the secret to staying airy and light, and getting things off our backs (or chest) is by talking out our problems, before stress gets the better of us. Gemini may have started talking to themselves first because, Aries, by nature, is more action than talk, and tight-lipped Taurus just doesn’t feel the need. The Twins thus enjoyed, by their ruler Mercury (the planet of communication), the Cosmos’ first social dialogue.

However, this early level of communication is not as sophisticated as it will become later (with Libra for example). Gemini is more apt to talk at than talk with someone in any kind of a sensible, give-and-take manner. The first three zodiac signs are still very me-oriented in viewpoint. Gemini, clearly charmed and enthused by their clever ideas, tends to chatter too much and unconsciously hog the conversation, although delightfully so. Gemini needs to understand how much can be learned about people and life by merely being a good listener (which Libra is skilled at doing). Otherwise, Gemini becomes much too excited by the workings of its own manic mind, and after all is verbally vented, everyone finally becomes bored, not so much with the quantity or quality of information the Twins deliver, as with their style – yak yak yak.

Who else can get a word in when Gemini’s mouth and mind are going non-stop? It would appear that Gemini, engaging as it can be, expresses the mentality of toddlers who are first learning language and using words for the very first time. They blabber on as they flit quickly from topic to topic, never pausing to ruminate (uh, like Taurus).

Of common interest to a young intellect is why things are the way they are. Gemini is highly fascinated about the whys behind the whats in life. They quickly note how one thing can link to another (Gemini can merrily spend a lifetime perceiving or even creating such connections). This pliant mind is one reason why Gemini remains so youthful. Wherever Gemini is detected in our chart, we need to refrain from becoming too adult-like and too serious minded in our tendencies, if doing so means becoming unimaginative and stiff in our ways. Instead we need to remain flexible, loosen up, and be willing to try out novel ideas, even if only for brief periods of time.

The first three zodiac signs seem cozy living in the here-and-now of the present. They function consciously in the immediate and work directly on the surface of life. Although Gemini initiates a multi-level way of viewing reality, none of these three are truly involved in their own identities (things become much more complex for the last six signs).

Gemini’s attitude is a major departure from the deeply instinctual ways in which Aries and Taurus connect to the physical world. It’s also the zodiac’s first human figure. The Twins could just have easily been portrayed as two magpies, but the human representation is significant and intentional. It implies that Gemini expresses a number of character traits that are only to be seen in people, even though all creatures have means of communicating with each other.

One of these human traits is humor, particularly of the witty kind. Gemini enjoys poking fun at the everyday world. Also, Gemini adds more to the communication process than simply grunts, whistles, and body signals. They exhibit the ability to reason. Reason and logic have long been viewed as intrinsically human skills, although some scientists feel that certain mammals (such as apes, dolphins, and even elephants) may share these faculties, at least on a primitive level. Reason, ideally, helps us learn and profit from our mistakes, as we weigh our actions and look for explanations for what went wrong. Our reasoning may not be all that logical, but we do want to figure out how to avoid repeating disagreeable experiences.

Gemini shows us how to recognize the effects of actions taken by others and profit from their circumstances. The Twins are bright enough to understand that they don’t have to experience events first-hand to take advantage of such knowledge gained. Let Aries and Taurus be the crash-test dummies, discovering things the hard way, while Gemini, cool and collected, stand back and make mental notes of the results.

Some famous Gemini horoscopes include Isadora Duncan, Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe, and Patti Labelle. Gemini is compatible with themselves, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries. It is well for them to marry those born in Air and Fire Signs.

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